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Nancy Reagan PRAISES Obama

3/1/2011 3:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama has at least ONE famous Republican supporter ... Nancy Reagan.

Nancy Reagan

The former First Lady of the United States was leaving Spago with her Secret Service team yesterday when a paparazzo asked, "How do you think Obama's doing now?"

Reagan simply replied, "He's doing well."

Obama recently announced that he read a book on Ronald ... we're guessing it scored him a few points with the Gipper's wife.


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OMG!!! Could SOMEONE PLEASE get her a new pair of glasses! This poor lady looks ridiculous with those gigantic glasses! My 98 year old mother looks better!

1296 days ago


There's a big difference between being polite and "PRAISING" Obama. You guys have been drinking the MSNBC Kool-Aid too long.

Obama isn't worthy to even speak the name of Reagan and Nancy and all the rest of us know that. Lose the spin.

1296 days ago

And thats the truth    

She certainly has more class in her pinky then Obama does in his entire body. I am surprised Obama is not blaming Bush for the Democrats walking out on their job in Wisconsin

1296 days ago


What's she going to say? "I think he's awful." C'mon. Dumb question to even throw at a former First Lady in this context.

I'm 40 and hope I look as good at her age.

"Just say no!"

1296 days ago


She has no idea who the current President is! Seriously people!? Someone probably told her to just say yes, instead of just say no!

1296 days ago

He's Crap    

Hey, redneck b****: Four more years. Get used to it.

1296 days ago


Looking great Mrs. Reagan.

1296 days ago

Heidi Vanderhoeven    

She was being polite. I'm quite sure her opinion of President Obama is the opposite. But taking her time to tell what she really thinks of him would have taken time and it's tiring when you're that old.

1296 days ago


Why are we still paying for a 'Secret Service' detail. For what?

Posted at 11:21 AM on Mar 1, 2011 by janet
------------------------------------------------------------------If ignorance is bliss, you must be elated. The least amount of research would have answered your own question.

1296 days ago


What Nancy Reagan has said about our President is far more than what she has said about $arah Palin. In fact, she refuses to comment on her which means, in other words, she has nothing nice to say about her. Now, if only Palin could learn to keep her mouth shut!

1296 days ago


“He's doing well (for a islamo-marxist trying to destroy America)."

1296 days ago


"All this loser cares about is basketball, chicken, watermelon and being a celebrity."

Is that the best you can do you slackjawed moron? Put both of your brain cells and your last three teeth together and try to be something besides hateful. Watermelon? Really? So you don't consider him a real human, but you feel like you can comment on events in our great country?

I don't mind that they let stupid people vote, but hateful racists who aren't even dealing with reality?

1296 days ago


@ the person who stated... "All this loser cares about is basketball, chicken, watermelon and being a celebrity" (Do you eat any of the items mentioned? I'm sure you do, so now I guess you too are black!)

ARE YOU SERIOUS???!!! In 2011 do you really think comments like that have any real meaning other than displaying Your LACK OF EDUCATION. I can always tell those that were raised in a trailer part based on their comments. All you know is that the President is Black. I'm certain YOU couldn't answer ONE question outside of his skin color. You poor thing! Read a book! Education for children is still free, maybe when you drop your children off at school you should sit in on a few lessons and learn a few things! Here's a thought get a GED! UGH... People like you... Yulk!

1296 days ago


Ronald Reagan was one of the worst presidents we ever had. He began our dissent into debt. He believed in trickle down or (voodoo) econmics as George Bush Sr rightly called it.

And im a republican. I hope my party wakes up and stops re-writing history about this horrible President.

Bill Clinton was the best "conservative" President we ever had. He left us in the black,,and got rid of welfare!!! The Bush and Reagan era destroyed our country, our credibility, our economy and added more people on welfare than ever. Wake up Tea Party people., Wake up.

1295 days ago


Her "ballet dancing son" coached her well.

1295 days ago
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