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Sean Penn & Scarlett Johansson

The Lunch Date

3/1/2011 5:20 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

With her foot in his lap during lunch, Scarlett Johansson, 26, got friendly with Sean Penn, 50, at Cuban restaurant Versailles in L.A. on Monday.

We're told the two were seen smiling and laughing together during the meal -- and one source inside the restaurant tells us Scarlett covered the bill.

Rumors of their "fling" have been swirling since January.

FYI -- Scarlett and Ryan Reynolds filed for divorce in December, while Sean finalized his divorce from Robin Wright Penn last July.


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That's disgusting.
Sean Penn is a loser. Scarlett deserve to be with someone even better than Brad Pitt.

1333 days ago


Ignoring the obvious and trying not to be catty ... oh the hell with it: he's old enough to be her father!!!! Are we even sure it's him?? I thought he was single handedly saving Haiti - how is it that St. Sean of Port Au Prince is in L.A. noshing on Cuban food while Scar Jo plays footsy under the table with his man parts???? Honestly, this is all kinds of wrong ...

1333 days ago


@EM, better than Brad Pitt? You mean anyone who wouldn't cheat on her? Ryan is much better than Mr. Pitt these days. Pitt screwed himself.

1333 days ago


oh and it figures they are at a cuban restaraunt....he's such a d-bag and she's a dumb twit for leaving that gorgeous man.

1333 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

How can anyone be attracted to Sean Penn??

He's not good looking.

He beats women.

He is wacked in his head with his conspiracy views.

He failed at being a big brother, yes Sean it was your responsibility to have intervened.

I had thought so much more of S.J. before today.

1333 days ago


AHHHH, nothing better than old fool sitting with a girl who needs a car seat.

Please, at 26 she should know better than sit in a public space with HER FEET on his lap at the table, with her shoes off!!Come on! Beisdes, WHO does this? Not 'just friends' I see why she was married for 15 days. Ryan thought she was a grown up....guess he was wrong.

Now that is class for ya! Carry yourself like a lady will ya?

1333 days ago


EWW... i've lost what little respect I still had for him. she has no class. or talent. just saying. soon he'll realize shes not on his level and she'll be humping the next "cool" guy that pays attention...

she is exactly like her crappy character in that movie vicky cristina barcelona that she single handedly ruined... am i the only one that sees this?

1333 days ago

MusicMaven about BAD table manners!?! LOL!

( class--or sense--At All...)

1333 days ago


guess they are discussing how they are going to save the world

1333 days ago


Sean you're doing the young a disservice, friend.

1333 days ago


Is Scarlett Johansson really doing a movie with B Movies on Dvds or

1333 days ago


She could not possibly be that desperate.

1333 days ago


To 38--Let's Be Honest:

Okay, lets. You just hate yourself so you need to insult people who have more success than you. That makes ya feel better, huh? Sean's responsibility to intervene with his brother? Wrong.It was Chris' responsibility-- he was an adult, not Sean's child. When you understand things like that, then we shall take your perspective seriously. But till then, keep the ugly insults going. If you're a guy and saying how can anyone be attracted to him, WTF! What, you don't find him hot? haha. He's not trying to attract men. lol. Anyway, keep the hatred going -- just a reflection of what you think of yourself.:( Chin up.

1333 days ago


Is it me, or is her foot on his privates?

1333 days ago


luckiest guy in the world ... oh , can we get out 20th charlie sheen update ??? i heard he may have gone to the bathroom in the last 10 min...

1333 days ago
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