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Eric Clapton's Dirty Laundry -- CAUGHT ON TAPE!!!

3/3/2011 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eric Clapton doesn't just WAIL on guitar -- he also fluffs and folds -- and yesterday in L.A., TMZ spotted the rock icon washing his clothes at a PUBLIC LAUNDROMAT!!!

Eric Clapton Video
There have been reports of Clapton sightings at laundromats in the past ... now, we've got the proof -- Clapton DOES HIS OWN LAUNDRY!!!!!!!!

... and if Eric Clapton can find time to wash his own clothes, your college kid has NO EXCUSE!


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Good Try.....that's not Clapton.

1273 days ago


Hey All: Clapton is known to do ordinary stuff like this, learned in treatment that it helps clear his head. Around London people let him alone when he's out shopping. Photo is him or an incredible likeness (that's his scared look when he feels exposed), and those are his usual shoes. Eric has no 30-person house staff, he's a privacy nut - his wife loves to cook, while they both tend to the kids. His travel entourage consists of roadies, techs & driver/bodyguards. Really doubt he was on the bus at San Jose or Sacramento, only the advance concert team. Something nobody brought up: EC is quite web saavy. He knows people wd sell a celeb's dirty napkin on eBay, so maybe he's doing damage control. Item in hand isn't clear but looks like a kid's blanket. EC used to come to NYC a lot. When people wd ask him to sign a guitar he'd firmly say "NO" after he figured out they weren't always fans or musicians, just looking to re-sell. He felt they used him. Imagine his kid's blanket on eBay. Ucch.
Posted at 12:38 AM on Mar 4, 2011 by Frankie
Thanks for that post, Frankie!

Makes me luv that guy even more for some reason!

1273 days ago


I read an interview w/Eric in the 90's where he said he does his own laundry on tour and finds ironing "theraputic." He has also commented on Jeff Becks ability to go out and do normal things without being noticed, he said he was envious of that ability.

Clapton is the man!

1273 days ago


Ran EC's laundry day video again. Notice how he looks up, sees camera, then turns back to folding. Only way he'd do that is if a bodyguard was discreetly nearby holding back camera guy. Seems like daytime judging by incidental light - so, where are the other customers? Not my business, but I'd be compelled to tell him to ditch the elbow-length cotton shirts. Nothing says "old man" like loose-sleeved elbow-length shirts. lol.

1273 days ago


Those jeans look just like the ones he wore the next day at his show in San Jose.

1273 days ago


Can get a CHEAP washing machine on the Penny Saver advertisement paper and you won't get other people's
"PUBIC HAIR'S" and "DIRTY DIAPER RESIDUE" on your clothes.

1272 days ago



In 2009, Philip Beresford, compiler of the Sunday Times Rich List, estimated Clapton's fortune as £120 million from his assets, including a £9m yacht, Va Bene, previously owned by F1 racing supremo Bernie Ecclestone, his back catalogue, his touring income and his Marshbrook holding company, which had earned him £110 million since 1989, making him one of the 20 richest residents of Surrey, England.

1272 days ago


Big ****ing woop TMZ. How much do you pay your lackeys to photograph and put "thought" into writing words for a "story" on this? The look of pure shock on Mr. Clapton's face in the fact that someone is actually photographing such a mundane daily event explains it all in how this became a "story" on the internets.

Good job guys~! Thanks for littering up the internet some more!

1272 days ago


That is NOT Eric Clapton! He has been on tour CONTINUOUSLY since Feb 11. He was in Asia until Feb 25, then in Canada / the US northwest until March 2. CHECK HIS WEBSITE for the tour dates if you don't believe me.
And the look on that guys face says it all: "Why is that guy taking a photo of ME???"

1272 days ago

Oliver Linden    

In fact it is Clapton, if you really check his tour dates you would notice, that he's been in California from March 1st.
I don't see the problem here: The man wants to lead his own life also on tour and these little things are probably part of his recovery program. Would it be too much for the devilish paparazzi to leave this great man alone?

1271 days ago

Joy P.    

Leave him alone! Yes that's him, no he is not broke!

1267 days ago

johnny Angel    

Bravo Eric!
From one guitar player to another.
Clothes makes the Man.
And maintaining them is.. Makes Him an Iconic Bigger Human
Keep up the great playing....
Johnny Angel

1267 days ago



1267 days ago


Looks like he either works there for a wage or he was stealing someone's clothes.

Perhaps he like to listen to the music of the dryer drums; the humming of the machines is quite relaxing.

I would like to see if TMZ can get these stories up soon: Jerry Garcia doing his own car wash; or Carlos Sanatana spraying shoes at a bowling alley; MAybe John Lennon and George HArrison valet parking?

Yes, even if they are dead!!! TMZ has connections and can find anything!

1267 days ago


if I had known he was doing his laundry I would have tossed in a couple of shirts.
come on eric, email me next time you do that.

1267 days ago
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