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Eric Clapton's Dirty Laundry -- CAUGHT ON TAPE!!!

3/3/2011 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eric Clapton doesn't just WAIL on guitar -- he also fluffs and folds -- and yesterday in L.A., TMZ spotted the rock icon washing his clothes at a PUBLIC LAUNDROMAT!!!

Eric Clapton Video
There have been reports of Clapton sightings at laundromats in the past ... now, we've got the proof -- Clapton DOES HIS OWN LAUNDRY!!!!!!!!

... and if Eric Clapton can find time to wash his own clothes, your college kid has NO EXCUSE!


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Harvey's Momma    

TMZ, you guys are idiots. That's not Clapton. I met him recently, and his hair is very short, thin and completely grey. Hope you didn't pay too much for that video.

1295 days ago


That isn't him! Ha! That's some poor random guy staring blankly at a photographer wondering why the hell they're taking his picture.

1295 days ago

Tsk, Tsk    

That's just wrong....TMZ.....the guy should not have a camera in his life when maybe this is his one spot in life that he was able to be like "just another guy." Now his comfort zone has been destroyed. =-[

1295 days ago


That is NOT Clapton!

1295 days ago


Always loved this guy...

1295 days ago


Lindsay Lohan was turned away from this very laundromat the other day. No amount of whining that she was just a regular person would work.

Posted at 6:28 AM on Mar 3, 2011 by dreamon


1295 days ago


I agree with #5 but also with #15--I don't see why he finds it necessary to go to a public one when he MUST have one in his mansion--if it's broken, can't his publicist or maid take care of it and if he is on the road which I am guessing is probably the case here--remember Eric and other music stars are on tour so much of their lives it's unreal--but STILL--doesn't the hotel have one or couldn't they send it out--I mean really! But on the other hand like #15 says--imagine what it is like to always have a camera up your ass no matter what it is you are doing at least in THIS country! I am waiting for Beverly Hills or Hollywood or somebody in S California to pass some laws to keep these annoying idiots out of people's faces--they cause accidents--all types--they create all sorts of hazards and it needs to be legally addressed but I know--I may be waiting a looooong friggin time--right?

1295 days ago


I've toured in the past with some big names and yes, it happens. Just sitting around in the hotel, it's a crappy day outside and then a couple of guys just decide to go do some laundry.

No big deal.

Eric isn't broke. He only decided to get out of the hotel room for a while.

Also happens when you're boating. It's all nice to anchor every night but when you get to a marina, running out of clean clothes and have time, what the heck, do some laundry.

Some on here are too melo-dramatic.

1295 days ago


@Jackazz #35


TMZ you suck

1295 days ago


Clapton - Hard Times from Journeyman album. FANTASTIC album!!! Buy it if you don't have it.

1295 days ago


he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. if he used a service someone would report he's a conceited azzhole. if he does it himself, he's weird.

give him a break.

1295 days ago

HarlotO'Hara - Running On Faith

1295 days ago


Could you you imagine going to do laundry and Eric Clapton is there? OMFG! That would be so cool! What a classy guy. He does his own laundry. Total respect for this man!

1295 days ago


ok. how is this news?

1295 days ago

Northern Lights    

And HE is the ONLY GROUNDED and down-to-earth person left in Hollywood!! I APPLAUD him for being real.... ALL THE TIME!!

Anyone ever hear of a song called "Tears In Heaven"??? You dee dee dee's know HE WROTE THAT when his son accidentally fell out of a balcony window and was fatally killed??

Go find a story to comment on about Speidi rather than a musician that OBVIOUSLY keeps it real.

1295 days ago
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