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Charlie Sheen: I Twitter for Cash!

3/3/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen told TMZ ... the reason he's taken up Twitter is simple -- it's a "cash cow."


Sheen told us ... his primary motivation behind the new ramblings is that he can score a fortune through advertising.  To give this some context, Kim Kardashian is reportedly pulling in $10,000 per tweet.

We pressed him more, and Charlie interrupted by saying, "Mike, I'm unemployed!"

In just 48 hours, Charlie has attracted 1.1 million followers. 



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I think I just threw up a little.

1332 days ago


#110 is brilliant!

1332 days ago


I am sure that is yet another thing Bob and Max will one day be very proud of...that Charlie joined twitter to make money.

1332 days ago


This man is in deep trouble and the media is not helping him and are making it worse and they don't care just as long as they get the ratings!! Shame on the media and TMZ who seems to cater to him just to get him to talk to them!!!!!!! I predict if no one gets to him he will be dead with in the week!! When TMZ says he is clean they are just saying it because they know if they don't Charlie will never talk to him!!!!!! Shame Shame!!!!!!!

1332 days ago


For crying out loud Charlie, take some of your millions & get a face & neck lift. If your going to act 18 & hang with girls young enough to be your daughters you need to look the part, dude. Your aging will excellerate by your lifestyle.

1332 days ago


Oh Bobo Frog...I'm a third shifter. If I were a daywalker, my drinking right now could be a problem. I've got 2 more hours till bedtime, so I'm just killing time.

1332 days ago


Sandy: charlie and only charlie is responsible for his pos lifestyle.

if he dies within the week...oh well. it's his choice.

1332 days ago


Is Charlie really WINNING?
Here's proof:

1332 days ago


He is a sperm donor (diseased) sperm at that.Sheen's sons neil and bob or is it Max and Bob ,I get confused..are pawns in his game. The Scoreboard doesn't lie brooke 2 Charlie-0

1332 days ago


He is a broken/troubled soul.

Everyone seems to forget that this loser is a woman beater/hater. He has a LONG LONG history, as well as pleading guilty to domestic violence against women. This goes back for YEARS. He is Charlie Sheen, he could walk into any bar any day of the week and get some pretty girl to sleep with him, but he would rather PAY WHORES and PROSTITUTES!

Why would anyone want HIM to endorse their products? He's a woman beater/abuser (on the record of abusing MULTIPLE women and he has plead guilty before), and he's a drug addict with mental issues.

Obviously this "tiger" didn't have basic moral values instilled in him as a child.

1332 days ago


Everyone that is following him on twitter are enablers.

1332 days ago




1332 days ago


I guess he got over losing his kids! The only reason people are following him on Twitter is to listen to anything else crazy he might say. I guess he figures he made lemonade out of lemons, only problem is he has just lowered himself IMO.

1332 days ago


So basically...all of CHUCKLES "FANS" (who he called trolls and tells them they're below him) and has said out loud that they think he's a GOD? And now these same people are being foolish enough to follow him on twitter?

You CHUCKLES twitter followers are being laughed at by the crackie, toothless, wife beater! Nice going, how are you feeling about yourself? INCREDIBLE.

1332 days ago


Response to the comment from 76. Charlie Sheen is a big boy and needs to be responsible for his behavior!!! TMZ is not enabling him...IT IS PEOPLE LIKE YOU THAT EXCUSE HIS BEHAVIOR AND BLAME OTHERS LIKE TMZ FOR HIS ACTIONS!!!!!!!!! If you do not like TMZ.. then why are you on the website??????????????

Posted at 8:44 AM on Mar 3, 2011 by Marcie

Why am I on TMZ....unlike yourself who follows the crowd, I choose to challenge it. Harvey Levin is riding Charlie's back all the way to the bank. He seems proud of this fact and laughs at Mr. Sheens expense.

I you do not think TMZ's constant interviewing and mocking of this poor guy is enabling.....then that is your choice. But please don't be a child with a naive view on the possible eventual death of Mr. Sheen caused in part by the constant hunger for Revenue that Mr. Levin will go after at ANY cost.

1332 days ago
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