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Rips Natalie Portman

Over Pregnancy

3/4/2011 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fox News host Mike Huckabee claims Oscar winner Natalie Portman is a bad role model for America -- all because she got knocked up before marriage. 

Huckabee went on a radio show Monday and said, "One of the most troubling things is that people see a Natalie Portman or some other Hollywood starlet that boasts of, hey look, we're having children, we're not married, but we're having children and they're doing just fine."

Portman is engaged to her baby daddy -- co-star Benjamin Millepied.

Huckabee -- a Republican who could make a run for the White House -- added, "There aren't really a lot of single moms out there that are making millions of dollars each year by being in a movie"

"I think it gives a distorted image that not everybody hires nannies and caretakers and nurses. Most single moms are very poor, uneducated, can't get a job, and if it weren't for government assistance, their kids would be starving to death and would not get healthcare."

So far, Portman has yet to respond.


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He makes a VALID point. Also, look at so many people who took aim at Bristol Palin (liberals especially) always mocking her..
At this point, who cares what people in the movie industry think or do, I surely don't consider any of them role models... many are nut jobs..

1331 days ago


I doubt her pregnancy was planned.

I'm so glad she didn't kill her 'little dancer' by abortion.

Best to be married when having a child, but I'm not thinking about Natalie's "role model" status, but about her beautiful child.

There needs to be some attention paid to the other individual involved in this situation: the baby in Natalie's womb.

Huckabee has a point, but it needs to be balanced on the side of the culture-of-life..........which maybe he did, and TMZ just isn't showing it (because TMZ likes controversy......cut and paste........context much?)

Again, the little child had no say in this matter. Leave him/her in the conversation. Charlie's prostitute, Kacey Jordan, did not include life of her child in the conversation. And. Now the little one is decaying in some dumpster in a red hazardous waste bag.

1331 days ago


Finally someone is ripping her instead of gushing over her. Portman, Palin and MTV's brood of unwed mothers have been getting a pass for a long time now.

And you can forget sticking a fork in his presidency, these comments are the kind that will get the religious right going again.

1331 days ago


I like Mike Huckabee but I think Natalie's situation is none of his business. History has also shown that when politics make comments about individuals like this, it doesn't really work out for the politician.

1331 days ago


Read this earlier today - pretty much says everything that needs to be said - Huckabee and the Republicans are jokes:

1331 days ago


If someone like this wants to run for a position a the white house maybe he shoudlnt put down single parents. THose are the people that elect idiots like this. Does he think that everyone that is registered to vote is married and living a great life, there are married couples out there that are struggling and on government assistant. Does that mean they are better than a single mom or dad that is struggling,no. And not all single parents are unducated or jobless. I am single parent with no help other than my family and my son is great. Were not struggling thank god. There are many sinlge parents out there that are living great life's with their children that are not on any assistance and thier millionaires either. So maybe someone that wants all these "poor" people to vote for him should stop and look at the facts beore he talks.

1331 days ago


uh, he's right.

1331 days ago


Yet HuffPo reports he thought Jamie Lynn Spears decision to have a baby at 16 was the right choice.
This guy is nuts.

1331 days ago

ladee da    

What a jackass.

Perhaps the sperm donors, I mean "fathers" should step up? I am a single mother, not getting court ordered child support and I have health coverage for my kids that I pay for out of my pocket.
And if marriage is so important, why are there so many divorced Republicans?

1331 days ago


@45, how do you know? If it looks glamorous, and someone high profile is doing it, then you bet your ass that, someone, somewhere is doing it too!

1331 days ago



I'm rather liberal, but Huckabee indeed has a point.

There's a pervasive Hollywood "vogue" perspective that it's cool/acceptable to get knocked up, then subseuently deal with the "relations" of the mother or father.

I hate the radical right, but Hollywood is drunk on its own radical-left mentality of irresponsibility.

It's getting really old, and DOES NOT represent America. Affluent, middle, poor, or anything in between.

Posted at 8:24 AM on Mar 4, 2011 by nemesis26

Excellent, well thought out, balanced post. Many thanks.

1331 days ago


I can see the other side as well. Alot of kids out there get pregnant just for the welfare check, food stamps and full healthcare and housing. The Father is always "unknown".

My friends sister pulled this with 4 kids. Same father for the 4 kids but "unknown" on the birth certs. They were making a killing. Her housing was beautiful in addition the father was living in the house big time no-no. She was lucky she was never reported. People do take advantage.

1331 days ago


Does he have any thoughts on Rielle? Kourtney?

1331 days ago


hey huck - my wife became prego when we were engaged and we are married now with 2 kids - we are very happy! stuff happens you verbal diarrhea spewing dirtbag - politicians should really just shut up -

1331 days ago


*******!! Ruined your presidental chances calling single mothers poor and all on welfare!!!! Im a single Mom and yes im poor, I work fulltime and have medical issues but the goverment wont help me!!!!!!! This country has gone to hell, what happened to helping your fellow neighbor? Now its all about who we can slam in the media or who is better then who. Screw all that. Lets all just come together and love, instead of putting down real americans who try to work and survive in this country.

1331 days ago
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