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Rips Natalie Portman

Over Pregnancy

3/4/2011 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fox News host Mike Huckabee claims Oscar winner Natalie Portman is a bad role model for America -- all because she got knocked up before marriage. 

Huckabee went on a radio show Monday and said, "One of the most troubling things is that people see a Natalie Portman or some other Hollywood starlet that boasts of, hey look, we're having children, we're not married, but we're having children and they're doing just fine."

Portman is engaged to her baby daddy -- co-star Benjamin Millepied.

Huckabee -- a Republican who could make a run for the White House -- added, "There aren't really a lot of single moms out there that are making millions of dollars each year by being in a movie"

"I think it gives a distorted image that not everybody hires nannies and caretakers and nurses. Most single moms are very poor, uneducated, can't get a job, and if it weren't for government assistance, their kids would be starving to death and would not get healthcare."

So far, Portman has yet to respond.


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I have a 7 and a half year old son and another on the way... my boyfriend and I have been together for almost 6 years, and the way we see it is why do we need to get married to prove to people that we are in love and are happy? Don't get me wrong I would love to get married one day, but in all reality, it's a peice of paper. And why is it that is is the woman's fault for being a single mother? There are way TOO MANY deadbeat dads in the world who dont claim their kids. This also applies to married men as well... they leave too.. and also isnt the divorce rate something like 50%? What is that teaching your kids?? People need to think before they speak..

1298 days ago


OMG, apparently his IS smarter than a bunch of idiots on here as most of you aren't understanding the article. Like a bunch of rabid dogs you are. Foaming at the mouth to regurgitate the garbage that the libs have fed you for the past many years.

1298 days ago


Welcome To America!!!! Its not up to her to show your children the way.....Its up to You!!!!

1298 days ago


he's right

1298 days ago


78 - They got married because they felt like it. For a lot of people these days though, marriage seems like more of a religious thing, and if they're not religious, why do it? You can still have a stable environment without getting married.

1298 days ago



oh what about Angelia Jolie? She has children and she is not married. Yes she is with Brad Pitt, but they are not married.

What about Nicole Richie, she was not married when she had either of her 2 children. She is now, but she was with her kids dad.

there are a lot of single mothers who have great jobs and are not on public assistance. And are very successful.

So this man just needs to sit back and shut up already.

Posted at 8:26 AM on Mar 4, 2011 by timmsa
================================================ just made his POINT...lok at the names you listed...RICH, Hollywood who can afford (how many nannies does Brangelina employ?) as they drag them around the world with them like ACCESSORIES...Think...people... THINK.

1298 days ago


@82 What don't we understand about this article?

1298 days ago


He's right. Teen girls need to know the facts of how difficult it is to be a single mom! It's about time that kids stop being tax deductions. If there is to be a reward, it should be for good moral behavior!

And I might add, another case of "it's just acting" leads to another leading man and woman hook-up! Mark my words, Natalie Portman's career is headed downhill now. Nobody will respect her now (after being nude and doing sex scenes) and her movies will most likely be busts.

1298 days ago


Fox News is a NAZI Revival. Those damn Republicans are just so damn self-righteous on every topic that it makes me sick...They are just pissed that there is a Democrate in office TRYING to clean up the mess they left behind for 8 years..Jesus, get with it Mike! Being a pregnant unwedded mother is pretty damn common. Welcome to the 21st Century and get out of the dark ages plus Natalie seems very capable and mature to handle it so stuff that elephant up your a**!!

1298 days ago


@stella, that's just it. Very hard to catch. They know it. Doesn't make it right but it's done all the time.

1298 days ago


This is your good ol Christain attitude.....pathetic!!!!!!!!!!

1298 days ago


from the article...

starlet that boasts of, hey look, we're having children, we're not married, but we're having children and they're doing just fine."


"There aren't really a lot of single moms out there that are making millions of dollars each year by being in a movie"

That about sums it up.

Most single moms can't afford to live like this. Portman makes it look easy, tempting girls with the glamor of having it all.

1298 days ago


If everyone in this country wanted to imitate how the celebrities live - we'd be in even bigger trouble than we are now. Pre-marital pregnancy has always been, and always will be. It just is what it is.
I sure wouldn't get pregnant just because some hollywood actress did. I don't think women are that stupid. And I don't think you should run for anything Huckabee. You won't get elected. Government needs to stay out of peoples private lives.

1298 days ago


He only used Portman's name because she's one of the most recent starlets to get knocked up. Kate Hudson's name could easily be substituted, as well. He wasn't attacking her, just commenting on the trend and the media's glorification of it. He has a good point. But of course, the media twists it and turns it into, "Oh look, he's picking on poor little Natalie Portman."

1298 days ago


And how about the show teen mom....I think that show with the "stars" on that show actually glamorize teen pregnancy than a successful woman nearing her 30's who already has a Harvard education and a successful career. I believe I read on another website that he actually supported that Britney Spears sister kept her baby and "did the right thing by keeping it" and she was a single teen mom... soooo this guy obviously is just saying stuff to get noticed and add shock value.

1298 days ago
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