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'Chipped Warlock Fang'

Caused Spat with Bree

3/5/2011 7:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chipping your warlock fangs is a very painful experience, so when it happened to Charlie Sheen last night ... he took out his frustration on Bree Olson. Wait, WHAT?!?!?!?

Charlie and Bree had a little fight last night -- which Sheen tweeted about, saying she had "left the building." As we previously reported, things are all good now.

Charlie explained the tiff to us this way: "I chipped one of my warlock fangs on a great white shark I had to murder. Pissed me off and like an ass I took it out on her."

Hope that clears things up.


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He really missed her too! (NOT)

Here is what he tweeted when she left:

"Update: Sober Valley Lodge: Rachel has left the building... We're sad... Over it... Applications now being accepted!"

1295 days ago

Sad sad    

NYeratheart Exactly, people think this is a joke. He is not stable enough to control himself. So if he can't control himself with his Goddesses (he so loves, past girls and wives) how is he able to control himself with his children? Verbally/Mentally abusive.

1295 days ago


Wow... I can't believe that living with Charlie would be anything but bliss for his " godesses " !!! It's just a matter of time for them. Charlie is an abusive person in both his personal and business lives. Look around you girls and get out before they carry you out on a stretcher. This is a guy that promotes loving & hating " violently " and words like violent, assassin and muder continue to show up in his delusional ramblings. Helllloo... " spinning " duh....... out of control.

1295 days ago







1295 days ago


Quick somebody send him an 8 ball of crack to finish the girl off while he's on a roll.

1295 days ago


Translation: I need my drugs but can't get to them so I took it out on her. LOL...this is just the beginning.

He uses a lot of euphemisms when answering a question or explaining something and no one knows what the hell he's talking about. Wonder what he's really covering up.

1295 days ago


Charlie Sheen dissembles (lies) because he's savvy enough to know that making himself look crazy works for him, legally. He can always claim he was "just kidding" and trying to be comedic when asked about his off-the-wall statements. That's what's so terrifying about Sheen.

Is he sick, or merely slick? We'll never know.

1295 days ago


Sad sad - We may be saying afterwards, wow - he showed "all the classic warning signs. Why didn't anyone do something????" It's a shame...where are those people that can do something about it now?

1295 days ago


yea and if those names i listed above come on you will know its him espically team sheen or the puzzled. bye all work out time. and love ya rock .

1295 days ago


Good to know he hasn't lost his preference of violence against women. He's an abuser in every form. Sad.

1295 days ago


Topco Sees Surge in Sales of Bree Olson Sex Toys
Charlie Sheen's sex goddess' line of sex toys is flying off the shelves
Mar 04th, 2011 04:26 PM

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Leading sex toy manufacturer Topco Sales is seeing a huge increase in demand for the Bree Olson line of sex toys due to the recent surge in media coverage of her new housemate, Charlie Sheen. The sex goddess has an entire line of sex toys available, many of which were molded directly from the porn star's body.

"The Bree Olson line of toys has always been popular here at Topco Sales," explained Desiree Duffie, Director of Marketing and Public Relations. "The recent Charlie Sheen exposure has put sales through the roof."

There are 15 products in the expanding line of Bree Olson products. Some of the most popular include a replica of her buttocks in the popular doggy style position and a full-sized Bree Olson blow up doll. Handheld strokers of her lady parts are also top-sellers. There is one made of her vaginal entry and one of her anal entry. Additionally her vibrating vaginal toy is also high on the list.

"I am blown away by the detail on these toys,” exclaimed Bree. “I'd totally do me!"

"The replica Bree Olson pieces were molded from the sex goddess' body," said Vanessa Pellegrini, Director of Product Development for Topco Sales. "Almost every part of Bree Olson's body was molded to make various kinds of CyberSkin toys. CyberSkin is the material we use to make the toys feel amazingly realistic. We've even made replicas of Bree Olson's face and breasts. Since the sex toys are molded directly from her body, guys actually can feel what it's like to be Charlie Sheen!"

The internet is rampant with news of the threesome lifestyle Bree Olson and Natalie Kenly are now sharing with Sheen. The Huffington Post, TMZ, Eonline, and so many others are reporting on the story. A popular retailer, Castle Megastore, is even hosting a contest to win free Bree Olson sex toys from Topco Sales.

"Charlie Sheen's infatuation with Bree is obvious,” said Duffie. “Though we can't guarantee you'll have tiger blood coursing through your veins or feel like an Adonis with Bree Olson toys, I know for sure they won't melt anyone's face!"

Pellegrini added, "Topco Sales is looking at increasing production of the popular toys to meet demand. We see a lot of savvy customers stocking up on the Bree Olson line to satisfy consumer need and we want to meet that need."

As a manufacturer Topco Sales does not sell direct to the public. However, the products are available from many adult shops and online stores.

The complete line of Bree Olson toys can be seen on the Topco Sales website.

Photo: Bree Olson (with cell phone handy) and friends, Courtesy Topco Sales

1295 days ago


This is getting more depressing. All these wealthy Hollywood types, buying 10mil apartments in NYC, Maybacks for 500k, mercs, houses, ranches, jets, islands, boats, villas... while we all struggle and try to make ends meet..trundling tired off to work, because we stayed up late watching the glitter of the oscars.
We love them, yet we hate them.
How many of us TM Z fans would be happy with a fraction of what these people squander away in one week.
Charlie is rock star, and makes gold by the bucket... I just wish more of us hard working shmucks could do the same.

1295 days ago

Sad sad    

yo: I know. That's totally what a mature loving and caring adult would do. ~sarcasm. The fact that she stayed is worrisome. Her self esteem has to be dirt low.

therock- Just because she does that for a living she's still a human being and is not deserving of being abused. What type of ****ed up thinking is that? Her mom even showed some concern the other day. I'd wish she would go and take her out of there. He'll **** on her any chance he gets. He has a history of doing so. That girl doesn't know what love is and he is taken advantage of her. Period. No one with any ounce of dignity would be with him. None.

1295 days ago

river rat    

Charlie Sheen 47, is all over the news because he's a celebrity drug addict. While Andrew Wilfahrt 31, Brian Tabada 21, Rudolph Hizon 22, Chauncy Mays 25 are all soldiers who gave their lives this week with no media mention. Honor THEM by re-postin this status! Support our troops!!!!!!!

Posted at 9:35 AM on Mar 5, 2011 by Lori

Thanks for moving this along, Lori!

1295 days ago


LOL Idiot N.O. Lady, I posted that to show WHY Bree is with Carlos... for money and PR, not to mention the book she will sell afterwards

1295 days ago
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