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Snooki Puncher -- In the Army Now

3/6/2011 9:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who infamously punched Snooki in the face back in the early days of "Jersey Shore" has had such a tough time finding work since the incident ... he's had to hit up Uncle Sam for a job.


Brad Ferro pled guilty to one charge of simple assault, paid a $500 fine and served six months probation back in 2009 for the Punch Heard 'Round the Shore.

His dad tells the NY Post Brad hasn't been able to find work, so he's now in training to be a Cavalry Scout -- which, according to, means he's "the commander's eyes and ears on the battlefield."

If we ever invade Seaside Heights, he's our guy.


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Damn thought we were raising our standards guess not. @ Linda hope you enjoy your ability to bash those of us that love our country and fight so that you don't have to wear clothes that cover you from head to toe and cook dinner over an open fire in a cave somewhere and not allow to talk except to say yes sir to a husband who wants to strap a bomb on your sons chest and go blow up people out shopping

1326 days ago


I am a Cavalry Scout & 6 year US Army vet and it is one of the most challenging and rewarding careers in the world...way to go Brad; good luck and welcome, my new brother-in-arms...

For those of you who support us troops, thank you- and you're welcome

For Linda & the rest of you hippies... enjoy your rights that my brothers have DIED to protect. You have no idea what the military is about; no we don't allow FELONS; his charge was minor; it was provoked and he is trying to move on with his life after paying his debt... YOU now owe HIM a debt of respect for the path he has chosen. Say what you like; you are what is wrong with America.. if you don't like it here, move to Iran or Libya and see how far you get running your mouth like that...

1325 days ago


Its not alright to punch tiny women. well at least we know snookie can take a punch. she is my home gurl. i love her!!!! no homo!!!!

1323 days ago

Ford Fairlane    

Gotta do what U gotta do... And yes they let people with criminal records into the army... It's been going on since Vietnam... A friend of mine's dad was caught in a stolen car and he was given a choice Vietnam or jail... He chose 'Nam... Also, a lot of cops have criminal records... As long as U don't have any indictable offenses, u can become a cop... Something to think about...

1321 days ago


Ok i see all the people saying that it is cool that this ***got hit a girl you people are nothing but jealous losers wishing that you were italian your and famous but instead your broke losers who the world doestn care about and if you hate the show and the people soooooo much then how do you know who they all are!!!!????? yeeeaahhh thought so!!!! Italians know were the **** and people who arent wish they were so keep hatin and keep being jealous it only makes me proud to be a GUIDO!!!

1321 days ago


What kind of a man would hit a woman!!!!!!!He is such a jerk an a LOSER!all the haters on the Kardashians need to stop with all the negative they are awsome so is Snooki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1319 days ago


#11 Denny, That sort of talk will get you cancer in _your_ c*nt, hombre.

You're a despicable and narrow-minded individual, or a very uncreative troll.

Please.. please please don't breed.

1318 days ago


OMG! How could they let these guy have a gun he punched an innocent Snooki and didn't care u think he's gonna care if he hurts any more innocent people hells no this is why so many people are dieing he does something wrong and what do they do they give him a gun and leave innocent's people's lives in his hands...

1317 days ago


No man has no right to knock out a girl! NO MAN!! No matter what! Brad, the boys will take care of your sorry ass!

1309 days ago

Just a Random Turtle    

Floyd, do you even know what the Purple Heart is for? It's for those in the U.S. armed forces who are wounded by an instrument of war in the hands of an enemy, not civilians who punch other civilians.

To everyone else, Brad Ferro committed a misdemeanor, which is a less severe form of a crime. He did not commit a felony, which is more serious.
Assault is when you cause severe bodily injury, and is marked as a felony.
SIMPLE assault, which is what Brad was charged for, is that of which leaves no lasting injury, and is therefore marked as a misdemeanor. It's like when you hit a kid at school for pissing you off and you get suspended.
For misdemeanors you pay a fine, and possibly could spend up to a year in jail.
Brad paid his fine and served his probation, so leave him alone.

From what I'm hearing, Brad was drinking also. You don't think when you're drunk, you just do. Snooki was asking for it when she kept bitching at him. His brain was messed up at the time and didn't think. It happens to everyone, so go cry in a corner.

Linda (and whoever else), those in the U.S. military aren't "brainwashed". They are human beings and deserve to be treated as such, just like anyone else. They have lives too, and families. Many join the military because they are desperate for money, and need to feed their families. It's not like they kill innocent people because they want to, it's because they have to. Do you think they enjoy killing? Many of them don't, and it leaves them scarred. They never are the same again after being in the military, because they have seen the horrors that we don't have to see. While they are out there, risking their lives, we're here, safe in the luxury of our homes, taking all their hard work for granted.
If it weren't for them, we probably wouldn't be here.

1294 days ago


Men that hit women are bitches. Women that agree with any man hitting a woman (yes, you dumb broads on here) are just jealous and pathetic. This guy is a sorry excuse to a man and its too bad the police were there, he definitely would have gotten his ass handed to him. He didn't even knock her out, she was completely awake (did you notice she was crying?). No huge cuts or major swelling, he is a weak bitch and should be completely ashamed of himself. I've seen gay men and teenage girl***** harder. Its a scary thought that a coward like him will be protecting this country. We have the best men and women serving this serving this country fearlessly and he doesn't have the right to stand next to them!!
OH!! And his DADDY said that the show owes him for making rating! LOL! HA! I guess he owes his father for making him the pathetic man he has become. He needs his DADDY to speak up for him.

1216 days ago


For any of you to say that she deserved it or you would of like to see him finish the job, makes me ill!!!! That MR deserves nothing good coming his way! If he can't get a job, it's his own fault. He's probably an alcohlic and trying to blame someone for him not being able to get a job! I'll pray for him and for the rest of you who think violence is okay...

1123 days ago



Wish he had killed Snooky with that punch.

986 days ago
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