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Barack & Michelle Obama Get Schooled

3/7/2011 4:27 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Taking time out from dealing with the economy, wars and the situation in Libya, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama showed up to a parent/teacher conference at their daughter Sasha's private school in Maryland this morning.

The Obamas have class.


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Take a look at her lower half! Man she is thick! Maybe she should stop eating all those high calorie ribs!

1325 days ago

my opinion    

President Obama is doing a GREAT job considering what he was GIVEN...BUSH left this HORRIBLE MESS for President Obama to FIX. President Obama or any president would have a DIFFICULT time trying to get this country on the right track at LEAST 8 years.

President Obama and the First Lady Michelle are truly a class act...instead of speaking negatively, try helping to make this a better world for US ALL...Lift up our President & First Lady... why would anyone want to send negative thoughts or stressful feeling to the people that are running OUR COUNTRY, it doesn't make sense!!!! It truly says something about the people that leave negative comments.

LOVE,PEACE,KINDNESS & RESPECT makes a better world for US ALL!!!

1325 days ago

Carter Andrews    

First of all, the Obama children are educated in the District of Columbia NOT Maryland. And secondly, if you're worried about having a low-class president then having a president that have been in rehab for alcohol and not to mention graduating last in his "class", then YOUR cowboy is your man.

1325 days ago


$4 gas.

3.6 million less jobs than on 1/20/09

Record Debt

Record Deficit

Record Foreclosures

Record Food Stamps

Record Unemployment

Yep... He's a cool cat! Wake up TMZ Sheep!

1325 days ago


They are lovely family! So sweet how do normal things like we do. Best Prez ever!

1325 days ago


They are a lovely family! So sweet how they do normal things like we do. Best Prez ever!

1325 days ago


I thought their kids went to Sidwell Friends, which is in DC, not Maryland.

1325 days ago

Some random guy    

Hahaha all the tea-baggers on TMZ. "Obama is the worst president EVER!" lol, nice.

1325 days ago


Hey Harvey, just want to give you the heads up on this disgrace of a president. He will sell out Israel in a nano-second! He is in fact nothing more than a sham, hell bent on destroying the United States of America. The US and all the rest of the world has gone into complete chaos since he is at the helm because he is percieved as weak and he is!

1325 days ago


Oh really Michele (#88)? When is the last time you had Kobe beef? These 2 are a disgrace with the state of this country and how people are struggling and suffering under his presidency. All they do is vacation, campaign, and party!

1325 days ago


Oh and this one is for you, Johnny Lopez. How's that amnesty working out for all the latinos since your guy was elected along with the commies that WERE in control??? They could have passed anything if they REALLY CARED!

1325 days ago


They look great! When is the last time you seen Bush or any other president go to a Parent teacher conference? Don't worry I'll wait.....Blink Blink..Never

1325 days ago



"When is the last time you seen Bush or any other president go to a Parent teacher conference?"

If you check any elementary grammar book #94 kisses, you'll find that your usage of the verb 'seen' is incorrect. You should have used the word 'saw.' The word 'seen' needs a helper to be used correctly.

You know #94 kisses, it's obvious you are a product of our wonderful public school system and you make a perfect case for getting rid of collective bargaining and basing teachers' pay on merit. The Democrat party and Barack Obama want to make it easy for teachers to not do their jobs in the public schools so that they continue to churn out ignorant voters who can't use proper English, but who always vote Democrat.

The Obamas do everything for the sake of appearance and don't care how many people have to be inconvenienced for a presidential visit. The Bushes had too much class and good taste to parade themselves before the press for private meetings. They didn't even attend their daughters' college graduations because of the unbelievable inconvenience that all the other attendees would have had to endure for presidential security.

The Obamas think of themselves as superstars and have the mistaken notion that the adoring public wants to see them several times a day. They are in for a rude awakening in 2012.

1325 days ago


# 40. Cause you are. Daah. All you low life, stupid ass, white trash, racist are STUPID. Go back to the caves that you come from. It's hurt doesn't it. It has to hurt to see this wondferful black/white man and his queen lead the free world and it ain't **** you can do about it.

1325 days ago

Shanan Li    

Which one is the first "lady?" Oh, the fat one ape looking one!!

1325 days ago
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