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Charlie Sheen on Firing -- 'This Is Good News'

3/7/2011 6:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a statement from Charlie Sheen on his firing from "Two and a Half Men" today:

 "This is very good news. They continue to be in breach, like so many whales. It is a big day of gladness at the Sober Valley Lodge because now I can take all of their bazillions, never have to look at whatshiscock again and I never have to put on those silly shirts for as long as this warlock exists in the terrestrial dimension."



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I hope he gets the help he desperately needs.

1335 days ago



At first I might have agreed with you about Charlie being able to win a suit against CBS because I thought I heard him say once that there is no morals clause but after the way he's been sounding off with such violence, I think CBS has a very strong case as to why they would not want someone like this representing their show now. If he would have just kept his trap shut, he might have had a shot AND as far as your remarks regarding his ex-wives and the kids, it sounds to me like Brook is trying to work with him and anyone in their right mind can understand why she would want supervised visitation at this point. You sound very angry and so I'm not surprised you support charlie. You are the one who is p.i.s.s.e.d. Charlie claims now he is just being a character....WELL his character is about to lose him everything....see you in court!!

1335 days ago


Its sad because no more new shows. For Sheen, winning! He gets paid for not working. Warner Bros tried to bring Sheen down so they wouldn't have to pay him, didn't work. Winning! The trolls
lied. They knew they wouldn't win in court. They didn't stop the show after Sheen was arested XMas. He had a history of wife
abuse when they started Men 8 years ago. Sheen has always had a history of being not to nice to his wifes. Don't know thats true
or not, but its there. Both ex 2 and 3. Trolls. Liars. He said he was going to cut Mullers head off? Someone threatens me like that I'm calling the cops. Wheres the report? Richardards. He mollested his own daughters? CPS called? Cops called? No and no.
Wheres the reports? As far as Bree in Indida? Didn't hear that, so what. And if you don't like Sheen, don't follow him. Duh!

1335 days ago


now he has the time to do "erectile-dysfunction-medication" porn!!!!!

1335 days ago


Clearly, after reading his statement, Charlie is off in never, never land. Space cadet Charlie has warped off to "Bizzaro World". It's sad really.

He's a bit like the character in the movie Pink Floyd "The Wall" when he shaved his eyebrows and hair off. Brittany did something similar with her hair. I bet Charlie's family will intervene soon and get him into rehab.

They better.

1335 days ago


Sadly, this is the beginning of the end. Episode 2 of sheens korner, was an awkward journey into weird ramblings.

1335 days ago


He could always apply for the Celebrity Intervention show!!

1335 days ago


Psychotic Disorder = Charlie Sheen
Most likely induced by crack cocaine reaction.

1335 days ago


How is this degenerate going to take care of his children with no job? Looks like he will have to sell his left-over crack, heroin, and his hookers to pay his bills. Maybe he can sell his Tiger Blood? DUH- TROLLS WIN!

1335 days ago


I lol'd

1335 days ago


The wacko needs a frontal lobotomy.

1335 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Oh he was just playing a character...and he was playing a character on television and radio deriding his boss...and he was playing a character and kept playing that character when the cops showed up to take his kids away...and he was playing a character when he said he was going to slit peoples' throats on his web show...and playing a character when he got fired? Total Doosh.

1335 days ago

moe l.    

To say he's lost his mind is an understatement. I hope he wastes millions on Marty Singer and loses his pathetic suit.

1335 days ago



In the middle of the night go to Les Moonves' house and BEG for another chance. To go from making 1.8 million dollars a week to operating your little homemade webcam show that collects revenues via PayPal does not = WINNING.

1335 days ago


Sheen you have 5 beautiful kids. They wan't their Dad.

1335 days ago
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