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Charlie Sheen's House -- Security on Red Alert

3/8/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's exclusive L.A. neighborhood is officially on lockdown -- TMZ has learned, the gated community where he lives literally QUADRUPLED security last week ... and it's all because of him.

Neighbors in the Mulholland Estates -- where Charlie lives -- tell TMZ, the Home Owners Association is paranoid about intruders snooping around Charlie's house ... so they've bumped the number of guards at the front gate from one to four.

But have you SEEN THE SIZE OF HIS HOUSE!? Forget a couple security guards -- damn thing needs its own military.



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Are the house keepers still there? Or have they been deported by now?

1291 days ago


Oh, he's trashed it pretty bad. The upper class have left the building.

It'll be on the market soon enough, "men" residuals are going to be eaten up by Great White Warner Brother fangs dripping tiger blood!

1291 days ago


They need more security -- to keep Sheen IN, and the rest of the world safe.

1291 days ago


That is not his house. his house is on aubrey rd and its not even the same layout. c'mon Harvey!

1291 days ago


"Sreamin' Sheen Butt Cream" For the times you know you have just fkd yourself.

1291 days ago


The intruders that they are speaking about are (Surprise!) the papparazzi! Guess it makes it hard for TMZ to figure that out, huh?

1291 days ago

Jaime Schatz    

Im so sick of hearing about Charlie Sheen, who gives a f***.. No one is perfect and just cause the are"Stars" There liv=fe is on blast. Its stupid and wrong.. How would u all like to be followed and pointed out on everything u do wrong??
Like Brintney Spears, the poor girl had severe Postpartum and Noone could see that... and on top of it her husband leaves her and she gets mentally and verbally abused by the oublic! Your all sick people!

1291 days ago


I bet the neighborhood would buy Charlie a ticket to go any where. Take his low life friends and hookers with him to some place other than there neighborhood. Crash and Burn more every day.

1291 days ago

Davey Boy    

It's good to be the king.

1291 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

Big house on a tiny plot of land. Emblematic of Sheen's personality.

Looks like they never finished tiling the roof! Oh, well, Charlie has some free time now and he can just do a strafing run on it.

Check out his latest UStream video.

1291 days ago


when he loses it the realtor will have to hire hazmat to go in an clean it.

1291 days ago

Staceyann Dolenti    

I would love to see a photo of Charlie on top of the house. Work on that TMZ :)

Staceyann C. Dolenti

1291 days ago


Are you ppl looking @ the same picture as I am??? There IS a fence around the pool & it is clear plexiglass ... DUH, WINNING

Leave Charlie alone - he is a very sick man & let him heal!!!

1291 days ago


Are you ppl looking @ the same picture as I am??? There IS a fence around the pool & it is clear plexiglass ... DUH, WINNING

Leave Charlie alone - he is a very sick man & let him heal!!!

Duh...Dumba$$...when they first posted the story it was a series of 10 photos or so from when he first bought it...not the single photo you see now...Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

1291 days ago


Too bad his kids will never get to use the playset.
Very nice pad indeed; too bad it belongs to a nutjob.

1291 days ago
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