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"Sheen's Korner" -- Torpedoes of Truth

3/7/2011 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen decided 50 minutes was too long for his rambling, non-sensical, anti-troll Internet talk show -- so last night he unveiled a 13-minute version ... that was just as bizarre.

Caution: This edition of "Sheen's Korner" is definitely R-rated.


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Chuck, you are so amazing us mortals just can't process you. You are a true rock star. I can't process Ozzie either. You are the 2nd coming of Gary Busey! You are a genius (even though you flunked out of high school), a supreme athlete (since you did a movie about baseball), and a rock star in the bedroom (since you try and bang a lot of hookers with your pinky finger sized whiskey ****).

We love you,

Your True Fans

1325 days ago


Now, if TMZ has ANYTHING to say about Brooke Mueller or Denise Richards being bad parents or "druggies" or whatever...and IF I had no other choice....I'd rather have my kid stay with a druggie than a loaded gun like this tool box!!

Brit Spears did soooo much less and got a 5150....what the heck is anyone waiting for?? And this guy is stupid enough to put it all on tape!! At least Brit's "real" crazy was just word of mouth behind closed doors or just bizarre behaviour and dress out in public.

Charlie....It's actually sad and pathetic...not at all funny anymore. At the start it was amusing and it's just plain obnoxious, creepy and VIOLENT!!
Where is a line drawn when the threats and ramblings on the videos become illegal, or at least a charge for there one for stoopid?? LOL
Except, everyone...myself included...keeps watching this crazy runaway train....I hope really hard that this is just him yankin' everyone's chain.

1325 days ago


He just doesn't get it.... His brain is so fried, he can't comprehend reality at all. Only thing left for him is to make his big exit.

1325 days ago

northern gypsy    

ummm...i could only watch 5 min of the original and i got a bored...
this version i didn't even watch...can you say "verbal diarrhea" ???
he seems to have a incurable case !!!

1325 days ago


Sheen can bad mouth anyone he want's. He's still not been asked back to the show. Lorre and CBS don't need him or his crap regardless of the money they loose. They have cut their losses.

I think that's what's really pissing Sheen off. He's not asked to come back. They only put up with his crap because the show is a hit.

Farrah Fawcett
Shelly Long
Suzanne Sommers
Valerie Harper
Roseanne Barr
David Caruso

Without me there is no show, threats to quit, want's more money more control and so on, and their careers tanked.

It's still known in Hollywood as pulling a Caruso. Now it can also be known as pulling a Sheen.

1325 days ago


#33 How does Charlie say he loves his children and then put this on the internet for eternity? I feel so sorry for Denise. She has spent years working to get along with him and insulate the girls from his erratic behavior and escapades, and in one or two internet broadcasts, he is putting his insanity and violence out there for his children to see forever. Denise can protect the girls from the media, paparazzi, and stalkers, but not from their own father.
People ask why Martin has not gotten conservatorship, or why Charlie has not been put under a 5150 hold. What about Charlie's mother? His parents have been married for 40+ years. What happened to their son?
If I was the judge involved in custody issues this video referencing cutting off someone's face in front of their children would cause me to order a psychological evaluation.

Posted at 8:04 AM on Mar 7, 2011 by acorn
You're right. I don't know why they can't, esp. after what Sheen was saying this time, take him in against his will. This guy really needs help before he kills somebody for real. I learned when my aunt committed suicide, if people are talking about it, they're only one step away from doing it. He has so much anger inside him. Guessing he drank to drown out the demons. If I were the judge, I'd be doing exactly what you were saying. I'm surprised the police haven't picked him up already except there isn't, at least on this, one particular person he wants to hurt or kill and Mueller already has a restraining order.

1325 days ago

get real    

CS. Your Brain is Gone! Their is No way You will EVER get The Show Back Now. The Fictional Charlie Harper would Never be the same. People would watch it once and Think of Your Real Life Crazy Rants. Charlie Harper could be no more. Your 1.8 Million a week is Gone!!!! You Are as Mentally Ill as some Homeless man that are on the streets. Their Mind is Fried and they cant Function in the Real world. They Cant help it. Its Mental Illiness. Your Veins are popping out of your face and Neck as you talk. You are a Raging Human being. You ahve got so Much Anger Built up. You are going to Explode in to pieces soon. You Need Help. Your Father and Mother Janet need to committ You now. You are a walking time Bomb. Its going to be Sad to Hear about the Grand Final. 5150 Now... Someone Help This person.

1325 days ago


Seriously!...Does nobody love this guy enough to 5150 him?
so sad :(

1325 days ago


Sorry Charlie, I think it's time you asked your doctor about Propofol.

1325 days ago


Sheen's lost it...and I don't think he'll ever find it again...

1325 days ago


He just lost me. I posted on the CBS forum...thanks for the link.
This video will be show to medical students for decades to come as a perfect example of a paranoid delusional rant, as the effect of continual meth and coke use on the brain. It's pretty clear his gray matter is swiss cheese, and the holes are gaining on the gray.
Very sad. It's hard to imagine what Brooke and Denise must be thinking. The fear for their children must be overwhelming, and you know this video will be exhibit one.
He is a typical dumb actor, with more money than sense. (Ever been to a party filled with actors? Lots of great voices...making no sense.)

1325 days ago


According to Sheen's earlier statements, "Sheen's Korner" was supposed to be a project with a major network. I guess that fell through and he decided to do his own version of Sheen's Korner. Well, I guess this is what this "winner's" talent comes up with when left to his own devices. It was too painful to watch all the way through. But, it was proof that the reason "Two and a Half Men" is such a success is the combined efforts of great writers, producers, directors and cast and not soley based on this overpaid, egotistical, dillusional, sad excuse for a human being.

1325 days ago


Between 9:03 and 11:44, this guy sounds exactly like Charles Manson. Creepy.

Hey Charlie
For a guy who makes $1.8 million dollars a week what could be so terrible in your life for you to come to this? Can you comprehend how lucky you are?

Just stop and before you throw it all away.

1325 days ago


The only thing left to crash on this train is the locomotive.
Is his dad or anyone else in his family (not porn ho family) even talking to him at this point? This man needs help

1325 days ago


He's so on crack! why would anyone give him the time of day..and his "goddesses" are on crack as well..nothing but a bunch of gold diggers!

1325 days ago
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