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Sheen's Goddess Gets 2-Day Trial in DUI Case

3/8/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bree Olson -- one half of Charlie Sheen's goddesses -- will get the chance to prove she wasn't driving drunk in Indiana last month ... but she'll only have two days to do it.

Bree Olson DUI

TMZ has learned Olson -- real name Rachel Oberlin -- appeared in a Fort Wayne courtroom today and requested a 2-day trial to battle misdemeanor drunk driving charges.

As TMZ first reported, Olson was busted on Feb. 3 after allegedly crashing her Lexus ... and then blowing a .19 when cops arrived on scene -- more than twice the legal limit.

Olson's trial is scheduled for June 8 and 9.

Stay tuned.


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Sociopaths are Sad    

You could add a 3rd Goddess as a backup if you're worried. I think Kubla Kahn had a different woman every night of his adult life.

Posted at 8:07 AM on Mar 8, 2011 by calvin Broadus

Kubla Kahn was sane.

Posted at 8:10 AM on Mar 8, 2011 by jim

Kubla KHAN is a POEM you fat pigs. And NOWHERE in the poem does it mention a man "having" a different woman every night you misogynistic pimply-faced fatties. No wonder you think RACHEL OBERLIN is hot. She's SHORT, SQUAT, and looks like a Polish washerwoman. The only way she gets ANY action is she's willing to take it up the butt multiple times by multiple men ALL AT THE SAME TIME. And she thinks that one of those men must "lover her dearly". LOL. Disgusting kum bucket pig she is.

1288 days ago


Haha,,,, say bye bye to one goddess.. If she would have plead guilty she would have got a lighter sentence. Now she is gonna get slammed. Haha! think your a goddess? wait till you in a jail block, them girls are gonna funk you up!! haha

(she pro did this so she could be out longer and spend more time with chucks... thats my guess)

1288 days ago

Brian B.    

OH NO SHE DIDN'T!!! Bitch just said when asked if she's going back to Charlie's place: "Of course I am, that's home now"...and to say that with a smile...WTH is WRONG with this girl??! LoL...The camera guy said "you look gorgeous"....FLOOZY pig!!

1288 days ago


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TMZ Cares.........for revenue.

1288 days ago


Send her ass to jail..

1288 days ago







But I just don't want to azz- f*ck for it. Call me old-fashioned!

1288 days ago


Should read: She blew 19 cops when they arrived on scene LOL dirrrrty sluuuut!

1288 days ago

Brian B.    

LOL...This girl's real name is Rachel Oberlin, yet she still goes by her former PORN name--Bree Olson?? How sad and pathetic. I hate porn bitches...They are NASTY.

1288 days ago


I think she actually said, "that's him and I's relationship." Is that how the white trash speak these days?

1288 days ago

steven katona    

how dare they condemn the innocent before trial shame! shame on everyone! i heard the equipment has a probability rate of 16% 9 times outta 20 that it reads incorrectly. tmz better start reporting. this equipment that was used was troll made. tmz better get on it! i heard in cases like this those batteries were low.

1288 days ago

Brian B.    

Bree's face looks smushed in...Not attractive in the LEAST.

1288 days ago


Bree Olson Tweeted "To set the record straight- Charlie and I are doing great and we are very happy. Nat is a doll too. All is well :)"
Yeah to bad he won't see that tweet he's not following you anymore..... all is well? Sober Valley Lodge needs more than just an intervention it needs Divine Intervention.... duh!

1288 days ago


I am keepin' my booty nice and tight, even if I am forced to drive a lime green Gremlin.

I am not, just sayin'


EXIT ONLY , you filthy porn skanks...ewwww

If you f*ck good, you should not even need that, learn some boundaries!


1288 days ago


Tiger Blood:

1288 days ago

Brian B.    

LoL...The other Marijuana Magazine beyotch is even NASTIER than this troll. She's TORE UP lookin'...Charlie's a loggerhead!! LMAO.

1288 days ago
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