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Sheen's Korner -- The Disturbing New Rant

3/8/2011 11:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

His hair was a mess ... he couldn't sit still ... his rantings were more maniacal than ever ... but still, Charlie Sheen got in front of his webcam for a very disturbing edition of Sheen's Korner last night.

When he wasn't burying his head in his arms ... or chain-smoking away ... Charlie once again lashed out against the "trolls" ... this time, blaming them for bad telephone service.

Bottom line -- this isn't fun to watch. It's disturbing.


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All of you people saying he should "die" should be ashamed of yourselves!! If someone you loved where having a breakdown, as Chalie is, would you tell them to die? Have some compassion! This is not funny at's not's watching someone who badly needs help. What pisses me off is all of the "enablers" around him...His lawyer, knowing he won't win against CBS, but taking Charlie's money anyway. The two whores living with him, will end up writing a book for money, the guy on the phone "Bob" who is appeasing Charlie by laughing with him...All money hungry leeches...Dear God..can't SOMEONE step in and help this man?

1326 days ago


It is obvious that the alcohol has affected his liver due to skin tone. His cheeks are sunken in due to cocaine and not eating. I feel so very sorry for his children; what could have been a sitcom legend has become a sick com legend.

1326 days ago


Damn Charlie, you lost your job, now you need to ride this wave of momentum properly, and not do things like this.

I am sure there is tons of work out there but wont be for long after stuff like this.

1326 days ago


what did betty die from?

is it legal to carry a machete in california?

rabblerouser, someone said bree had gone to indiana i think to take care of a dui court date. don't know if she's still there.

1326 days ago


He needs to be placed in a psychiatric hospital. He is no longer winning. Now, he is just whining and losing.

1326 days ago


Okay after taking all of this in...We ALL owe Tom Cruise an apology.

Posted at 7:10 AM on Mar 8, 2011 by cjs


1326 days ago



that's just me...???

Posted at 7:08 AM on Mar 8, 2011 by thestones

Won't reprint what you wrote...but if "that's just you?" than you're one big sack of pathetic loser.

1326 days ago


I think he's just ****in' around now. Probably did something to get himself amped up (drugs, exercise, red bull, whatever) on purpose before this video so he can do his stream-of-consciousness thing full of adrenaline.

He is just parodying himself in this one. Faking and exaggerating. He's doing **** that sane criminals do in the (usually failed) attempt to plea insanity.

He's still mental, but he's probably still laughing over the fact that everyone is eating it up.

Or what improv comedians do.

1326 days ago

The dude with Tiger Blood    

Here is some more wonderful Charlie Sheen

1326 days ago


Chuckles Crack Korner!

HA! What a foozball!

Jim Carey should sue, he stole his "Ace Ventura Pet Detective" persona!

1326 days ago


Looking and sounding more and more like Charles Manson every day.

Posted at 7:11 AM on Mar 8, 2011 by M

So right

1326 days ago


I think he's been staging his solo performance because he got sick of this show, and because he is now making money out of it. I can't believe he is that reckless. CNN said they loved him for his intelligence.

But this shi
t can take him to the point of no return.

1326 days ago


Hmmm Not so many people commenting on what a rockstar hero he is now. Fantasy meet reality.

1326 days ago



I posted the same earlier..was on Radar reading/watching Oksana's attorney and Van Der Sloots plea...guilty (3-5yrs). Blames victim enraged him when caught reading emails pretaining to Natalie Holloway.
Video of Natalie's mother pleading with Sloot breaks your heart.

Reminded TMZ earlier.

1326 days ago


He's apparently 8 years old.

1326 days ago
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