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Michael Lohan -- I'm Ambushing Lindsay with 'Rehab'

3/8/2011 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan won't just be attending Lindsay's court hearing on Thursday -- TMZ has learned, he'll have an entire crew of "Celebrity Rehab" cameras in tow ... but not if the Lohan Clan can stop him.


Michael told reporters last night about his plans to have the "Rehab" crew film him being a supportive father in court -- when Lindsay will either plea to grand theft or go to trial -- but we're told Dina and the fam found out ... and now they're trying to stop the whole operation before it happens.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, the family is FURIOUS -- claiming Michael is making a mockery of Lindsay's court date ... turning the entire thing into a spectacle ... and now they're scrambling to find a way to shut him down.

There's a precedent though -- cameras have previously been allowed in Judge Schwartz' courtroom ... so Mama Lohan and co. might be S.O.L.


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john talone    

Tell that A-HOLE to be a good father instead of a A-Hole!Also tell to grow up and get a life!

1326 days ago


Yea...because it's only been the douchbag dad that's been a "Spectacle" huh Dina? RIIIIIIGHT...your daughter is the "Spectacle" of the year...and daddy dear wouldn't have a platform to take his 'show" to if YOUR DAUGHTER WASN'T BEING TRIED FOR GRAND THEFT! sheesh...reality check please.

1326 days ago

Brittany Teal    

Dr. Drew continues to tell the rest of the Medical Community that he is not expoitive. I wanna know why he NEVER asked the names of the other Doctors that expoited SuperModel Amber Valletta?
Doesn't the hypocratic oath's "First do no harm." include not screwing up every other aspect of your patients life for your own self glorification? He should have his license taken away.

1326 days ago


Maybe it is time for Dr. Drew to check himself into his own rehab. Better yet maybe Charlie Sheen's rehab. Or Clowns-R-Us. He is NUTS for even thinking Michael Lohan is a celebrity. What difference does it make Drew's success rate is maybe 1%. Get a real job Dr. Drew & M. Lohan.

1326 days ago


COME ON!!!!!! You crapped out as a father... just stop embarrassing not just yourself but your family...I don't like Lindsay but I actually feel sorry for her to have to have this guy as her Father!!

1326 days ago


He's just as much a moron as the rest of the family. WHY would anyone think he was any different? I wish there was a way to just VOTE people out of Hollywood. Life would be so much more peaceful.

1326 days ago


Wow - that's way low ML. Hope you burn in hell for doing this to your own daughter. It's one thing for the rest of us to poke fun of her or talk crap but you're her father.

1326 days ago


Let's be honest. Celebrity Rehab is a menace, a nasty blight on the recovery community. Dr. Drew, like his media pal Dr. Phil should be ran out of town for the exploitation they offer in the guise of 'care giving', total BS; Celeb rehab eats people up and spits them out, which is actually not to far removed from a description about the entire 'for maximum profit' rehab industry that pollutes, and manipulates recovery in this country.

1326 days ago


Father of the year right there.

1326 days ago


I wanted Micheal loser of the decade ,that we think he is a f#@#head in Australia too ,why would anyone waste their film on this guy ,talent 0, looks 0 , personality 0 BIG 0

1326 days ago


Poor Lindsay; when will he leave her alone???

1326 days ago


The "family" thinks Michael will cause a SPECTACLE? What about LINDSAY! She has been a SPECTACLE for MONTHS!!!! She needs NO help from Michael. She can cause her own SPECTACLES day after day after day!

1326 days ago


Not sticking up for Lindsay - but the entire Lohan family needs to DIVORCE eachother... I think if I were her (ugh), I would be half tempted to change my last name just to totally disown any connection to him. I'm thinking this is the lowest he's gone yet towards his family. There is NO way to explain this one as being a caring way. One sick excuse of a father.

1326 days ago


This guy is a piece of **** .....

1326 days ago


Sitting Bull eats **** on Tuesday's and then eats more **** on Wednesday

1326 days ago
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