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Oksana Grigorieva -- Plea Date with Baby Lucia

3/9/2011 4:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva just took baby Lucia to a children's activities center in Sherman Oaks -- hours after we broke the story that daddy Mel Gibson is copping a plea in his criminal case.

Oksana was mum on the whole Mel issue while walking inside -- but her attorney Dan Horowitz told us she "trusts the District Attorney's office with their decision."


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Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    


Possible crime List

Witness intimidation
Child Endangerment
Illegal use of electronic devices
Obstruct of Justice/Hindering an investigation
Illegal recording
Submitting false charges
Falsifying an affidavit
Contempt Of Court (releasing tapes and ignoring gag order)

What is the DA to do with these....

1290 days ago

Mr Baxter    

She's just very happy she wasn't charged with extortion. Well, now I guess it's on to Dancing with the Stars, Celebrity Fit Club, Celebrity Rehab, etc.

1290 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Or maybe, wish any luck, Death by Botox.

1290 days ago


What is the DA to do with these....

Posted at 7:13 PM on Mar 9, 2011 by Sam

Hopefully he'll charge her with some of them. Friday is when the charges are supposed to be announced by the DA.

1290 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Stacy: he SHOULD. But so far nothing is making any sense. :( Only good thing is Ox looks stressed out.

1290 days ago


Sam -- the Red Cross wants to know what type of gravy to stock in case you slit your wrists tonight.

1290 days ago


Sam -- the Red Cross wants to know what type of gravy to stock in case you slit your wrists tonight.

Posted at 9:00 PM on Mar 9, 2011 by TMZgossip

@9:00 PM on Mar 9, 2011 by TMZgossip The ASPCA wants to know where to park your carcass for the barbecue? Spit roasted or use a brick for more direct grill contact?
Sam is more resilient than you are...

1290 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

TMZg as the oniky...sure I like it, Anonymous. Fitting. A big dumb ass dirty hog. Hogs are nasty creatures. Very fitting....

1289 days ago


picture of baby Lucia
It's All About Money - Part 33: Therapy instead of jail
Thursday, March 10, 2011 15:41 ( link )

Mel Gibson will not sit in jail for Oksana Grigorieva: he made a deal with the justice system, like most of the accused Americans.

Mel Gibson has admitted something that is not recognized in all

Mel Gibson no longer deny that he struck Oksana Grigorvu at his home in Malibu on January 6 last year. Тhus, it is recognized that the broken bits of Oksana - this is his handiwork.
Oksana Grigorieva has suffered at the hands of Mel Gibson

According to Gibson's lawyers, he took the blame in order to avoid a lengthy trial and prison term, that is, made a deal with the so-called justice.

The deal with the justice system, or a plea agreement (English Plea bargain) - is allowed under the deal in writing of the accused and counsel from the accuser, which are often in exchange for a plea to a lesser crime, the prosecutor refuses to fully study the matter, which would clarify the truth, as well as maintenance charges to more serious crimes. By law, the transaction may be proposed by either party and must be approved by a judge. In America, on the basis of transactions with justice shall be made 90% of all sentences.

According to the lawyers Gibson, he took the blame to avoid a lengthy trial and prison term. With the term it is clear - Gibson threatened to 4-year prison term, and as a long trial, it is already a fact. I would understand that, if Gibson took the blame from the start then in June last year. And he did it , when the trial against him is over, and all the materials were handed over to prosecutors. It seems like they were going to reach a verdict this week, anyway. But I can not be right. (I had to go to study the law, as advised parents, not the journalism faculty of Moscow State University)).

Blair Berk, a lawyer Gibson, said she is confident that her client is able to prevail at trial. However, he does not want to and so protracted litigation had a negative impact on the psyche of his children.
Daughter of Gibson and Grigorieva Lucia - she was about one and a half years (she was born in October 2009)
And this photo was taken 10 years before the birth of Lucia and her Gibson with Robin, and their six children. The younger son Tom was not born yet.

The deal with the justice system assumes that the Gibson though not to go to prison but would like to probation for one year, and that its mandatory program will include sessions of psychotherapy.

It is expected that Gibson will come to Aeroportovskiy branch of the Los Angeles court on Friday, and I'm sure this will shows more details of this transaction. In the meantime, the district attorney is very angry with Gibson's lawyers that they gave the press too much.

According to recent reports, Gibson will not attend the festival SXSW (March 1911 - 20) in Texas, where his film "Beaver" is considered one of the greatest prime minister. On the eve of the festival premiere of the director of "Beaver" and played the leading role of Judy Foster confessed to me in an interview: "I have no idea how Gibson's scandal with his former girlfriend, who was widely reported in the press to influence the perception of film viewers. But I know that he is very well played a role. "

A producer of this film, Mike Medavoy said Gibson's future career will depend on how it will comply with the agreement deals with the justice system.

Regarding the decision on charges of extortion from Grigorieva Gibson's money, it is still pending. In fact, the decision on the case promised to bring the same day that a decision on charges in Gibson's domestic violence. But the deal Gibson has with the justice system seems to change this scenario. While parents are suing, Lucia is currently growing, and it will soon be one and a half years. They say that she looks like a Gibson, but I do not see physiognomist.

I do not know whether similar Lucia for her father. The main thing that she is in good health

1289 days ago
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