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Jon Cryer

Hey Charlie, I AM A TROLL!!!

3/10/2011 10:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Cryer just went on the Conan O'Brien show to fire off a mind bullet at his former co-star Charlie Sheen ... trolls DO exist ... and Jon is one of them!!!! Duh ...


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Cryer is the man!

1321 days ago


glad to see that Jon cryer has sense of humour

1321 days ago



10 points Jon!

1321 days ago


Charlie's a lot more entertaining.

1321 days ago



1321 days ago


I love Cryer! Sheen's lines wouldn't have been nearly so funny if he didn't have Cryer to play off of.

1321 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Best possible response.

1321 days ago

D.D. DEETS    

See, that's what I am talking about. Jon is so flipping funny.. Toushe CS (charlie sheen). How ironic, my bosses initial's are CS as well and he is a **** too.

So here is my suggestion as in what direction the show should take. Check this out, I think it’s pretty funny and a great idea!

Evelyn (Holland) being the wild cat that she is and was, never told Alan (Jon) he was one of triplets. Evelyn was so overwhelmed by the thought of taking care of 3 babies at one time; she decided to only keep 1 child and gave the other two up for adoption. Low and behold, the two brothers have finally decided to contact their long lost brother Alan.

His long lost brothers are played by Sean Hayes and Mathew Broderick (you’ve got to admit they all could be brothers in real life!) Of course Sean is the gay brother who sells real estate in the famous Martha Vineyards and Mathew is a successful OBGYN for the movie stars. Sean and Mathew are obviously Evelyn’s ideal, perfect, loving, flourishing, rich son’s she wished she always had. It’s obvious to Evelyn, she kept the wrong son!

Now imagine the countless stories that can derive from these scenarios!!!!

Anyways, I truly believe that by bringing on these two actors could take the show in so many different directions, including bringing more guest stars that could possibly be in the need for an OBGYN and of course, the countless stories that can come from the very hilarious Sean Hayes character.

Oh yeah; and I don’t think that Sheens character should be replaced, just send his butt of to rehab or France .

I hope that you have found my idea’s funny, as well as, a great casting idea. If you know of someone may be in need of this idea for Two and Half Men, I would appreciate it if you could pass it along. Sincerely, NCTRBUD@YAHOO.COM

1321 days ago

Tom L    

If Charlie can do a law suit to get a lot of money than at least John Cryer should get a lot of money too from a law suit too in my opinion. A good lawyer should be able to help John get as much money as Charlie.

1321 days ago


Good for you Jon! Too Funny! Love you and the rest of the cast and hope the show goes on, you are the MAN!

1321 days ago


How come Conan didn't stand up and admit he's also a Troll? Any relations to CoCo Crisp? He's a Troll too!

Although, he does have a good sense of humor. Cryer should've just left it alone and let Charlie sink his own ship.

1321 days ago


Jon your are my hero! Sheen is a couple beers short of a six pack.

1321 days ago


Now THAT was funny!

1321 days ago


Jon Cryer, "winning"

1321 days ago


You think that was funny ? I guess Americans really will laugh at anything.

1321 days ago
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