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Justin Bieber


'Possible Riot Situation'

3/10/2011 2:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber is currently holed up in his hotel in Liverpool, England -- with hundreds of screaming girls outside ... and cops have warned Bieber that it could turn in to a "possible riot situation" and have even threatened to arrest him.

Justin Bieber Liverpool
Sources connected to Bieber tell us the pop star and his entourage have been warned that if Bieb or his team go anywhere near the balcony ... they will be arrested immediately for inciting a riot.

We're told Team Bieber is following police orders.

TMZ obtained video from the scene (above) showing teams of uniformed officers attempting to control the crowd.

UPDATE: Sources at the hotel tell TMZ, 25 guards have taken up position outside to handle the masses of people -- numbering around 500. We're told surrounding roads have also been shut down.

According to sources, Justin -- who's staying in a $1,200 a night room -- was supposed to take a historic "Beatles" tour around Liverpool today ... but because of all the chaos, he had to cancel his plans.



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NO celebrity is worth all of this craziness! They are only human beings doing a job called ENTERTAINMENT! They are not gods! Would love to see this kind of attention to a war hero coming home...someone injured in the line of duty fighting for the rights and freedoms of others. What about a police officer shot in the line of duty, or a firefighter injured pulling someone out of a burning building? No, they are the unknown faces that will never have the popularity that these over-rated celebrities do! God Bless Our Troops and Service Men and Women!

1290 days ago


I actually feel bad that he isn't able to lead an even remotely normal life. These kids need to get over it, he is just a person.

1290 days ago


Wow, I actually feel a little sorry for the kid. I don't care for Justin's music and totally don't understand the tween/teen obsession with him, but being forced to stay in a hotel room all day and cancel his vacation plans really sucks for him.

1290 days ago


I don't get what anyone sees in this kid ... Justin Bieber is no Paul McCartney. Or John Lennon. Or George Harrison. Heck, even Ringo had more talent than this little prepackaged adolescent twit.

The words "Justin Bieber" and "Beatles" should never appear in the same sentence. Or paragraph. Or article. There is no comparison. The Beatles were in a league of their own. This twit with the trendy haircut will be utterly meaningless in a few years.

Sometimes I am embarrassed to be an American... our stupidity as a nation is overwhelming, and we are responsible for creating this Canadian monster.

1290 days ago


Riot resulting in his death would be wonderful. If you're over the age of 10 or a male of any age and like this fruitcake, please go kill yourself.

1290 days ago

bring back recent posts    

Not a Fan...the internet created him, not the Americans' but ya..plenty of other reasons to be embarrassed..Palin?

1290 days ago


I never post on these things but I just can't get over the hatred in the posts. Why? Are you jealous much? You don't have to like his music,his dancing or even his hair, but why so ugly, why do you want him to be beaten or killed. What as he done to you? Very sad people, very sad!! Disgusting! Uou should be ashamed of yourselves!!!

1290 days ago


I love to read comments about Justin Bieber. They are always so extreme. It’s either someone who loves him unconditionally or someone who hates him with a passion. The comments that are the funniest are the ones claiming he has no talent and hoping he will fade from the public view soon. One of the funniest parts about it is, why do so many haters seem to sit around and post on JB articles? Obsess much?

Everyone needs to face it – whether you are a fan or not – he is the biggest star in the world and he is a permanent part of American Pop Culture. Like Elvis, the Beatles, and MJ, he is epic and forever larger than life. Deal with it.

I understand the love for him. Every generation has their teen idol and heart throb. What I really don’t understand is the hatred towards him. Especially from adults. He is a 17 year old kid out there doing his thing and living a dream. He’s not out making sex tapes, doing drugs, or pulling an Lindsey Lohan, a Brittany Spears, an Anna Nicole or a Charlie Sheen. He is also very public about professing his faith and Christianity.

Time will tell what choices he makes in his adult life but for now, he is a kid doing it right. Although I’m not his target audience, I applaud him, his team, and his mother. Good for you Bieber!

1290 days ago


lol... burn him alive, you young bitches, you!

1290 days ago


A bunch of idiots. What is wrong with people?? And then I hear a question "oh werent you once also young and had an idol blablabla" . Yea, I respected and liked someone/their work but I wouldnt even bother getting a signature if it meant I would have to walk far. These girls are INSANE.

1289 days ago


Justin Bieber's fans are very intense. They should be called 'little monsters' instead of Lady Gaga's fans. I wonder if Justin Bieber is comfortable with all this fame.

1289 days ago


I remember when MJ was there the crowd was much bigger, it was crazy.

1289 days ago


sorry, shouldn't the cops arrest the girls that are causing this 'riot'? where are their parents. geez they should be doing something useful. it's not the kid's fault if psychotic girls are following him around. if they are fans why would they cause such a huge fuss and make him completely change his plans. these girls really need to get a life, go home and do their homework or take up a sport or something.

1289 days ago


They are just teen giorls...Really?? riot?? HAHHAH..anyway i feel bad for Justin having to cancel his plans to do anything ( cant even have a childhood) because everyones follows him around

1289 days ago


I tried to walk down this street this morning to go to Liverpool one, needless to say, that was unsuccessful. I think the more pressing matter here is that the doorman in Bieber's hotel has a bedazzled top hat. I look at it in awe every time I pass. It's pretty awesome.

1289 days ago
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