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Lindsay Lohan -- Big Apple Bound

3/13/2011 7:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was spotted at LAX this afternoon, flying to New York City with her mother, Dina, and sister, Ali.

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She has yummy Hogans.

1319 days ago


Dina is quite revolting. Must she try to dress like a 20 something?

1319 days ago


Are they sure that Lindsay is actually leaving the state? She could just be accompanying her mom and sister to the airport. It does seem odd for someone in her situation to be allowed to leave the area without anybody dying or anything (also her family just visited her, so it's not as though she hasn't seen them recently), considering both the probation violations and felony charges. Unless the California courts are hoping she doesn't come back ... :)

1319 days ago


She got PERMISSION to leave Cali otherwise her bail would be revoked.
She has been great with her probation and would have completed it if Kamofie didn't set her up and Danette Meyers wasn't hoping to become the new DA.

lmao and im sure the guys in the car she hijacked set her up.along witht he girl who owned the pants that had coke on the.along with the many other crimes she has commited.i hope you dont have kids because if so i bet they are brats.

1319 days ago

Sheeple Herder    

Duck season has been over in the NY area, so they must not be brooming it back for cosmetic procedures. But if you see them in Chinatown near a Peking duck restaurant, you know what's up.....lipless ducks for sale, cheap!

1319 days ago


Man can you believe is sale movies for $5.00 EXPLOITATION, HORROR, MOTORCYCLE,WESTERN

1319 days ago


No matter how much people try to point out how horrible and vulgar this whole Lohan scene is it doesn't seem to affect them at all. Niether the Mother or LL are sophistocated enough to be embarassed about their actions and the sister runs around like a goofy chicken with it's head cut off. Give up. You'll never change them. Vulgarity rules thier world. Let's move on. Maybe in the future those of you who are interested will see them on some porn site but in the mean time. Let's elevate the converstation to someone who is intrigueing.

1319 days ago

Sheeple Herder    


IF she was smart, which she isn't. she should of said, "umm your honor I'm going to Japan to help people" But no she is going to go to Long Island and do blow with her mother, where there are no drug tests.

Posted at 6:25 PM on Mar 13, 2011 by Dann

They're not going to Japan because the government and the general populace there simply will not tolerate looters.

1319 days ago


The Lohans...Love them or Hate them, Nobody gets one tenth the comments that they do. When Lindsay cleans up and makes her comeback she will be the most Popular Celeb in America!!! Even in her miserable state she draws tens of thousands of hits from you people every week. Admit it, You are all Obsessed with this girl!!!

1319 days ago


@Mondo really obsessed with a crack head who has fish lips.

1319 days ago


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1319 days ago


Yes Rebecca...she has recieved more hits in the last hour than any other celeb has all day...for what ever reason!!!

1319 days ago


Dina needs to stop dressing like a teenager and Lindsay needs to stop dressing like a bag lady.

1319 days ago


@mondo receiving negative hits on tmz is not they way dude, she's clumsy unprofessional and has too much drama in her life, ppl don't really like that specially those who work with Her scared that she. Might **** up again and make them loose money.

1319 days ago

Dawning Red    

Mondo is correct when he says any story about the Lohans gets a huge amount of hits. The problem is that most of the fall into the categories of "When is she going to go to jail/prison", "When is she going to fade into obscurity", "Where is she getting the money to live this lifestyle when, much like her boobs, she has no visible means of support" ... mainly negative comments.

There's a big difference between being famous ... and INfamous. LiLo is in the latter category. Yeah, she'll generate a lot of hits, but not in a good way, and certainly not in a way that would garner faith in her making any kind of money in future projects, if she gets any at all.

1319 days ago
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