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Lindsay's Jeweler

Shops Book Deal!

3/16/2011 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The jewelry store that was allegedly victimized by Lindsay Lohan has been shopping a book deal ... TMZ has learned ... and it's becoming a nightmare for prosecutors.

The publicist for Kamofie & Co. contacted Sharlene Martin, a literary agent, early last week and said his client -- the owners of Kamofie -- wanted to do a book deal.  Martin told the agent the necklace incident "was a moment, not a book."

Martin, who specializes in crime-related books, told the publicist, "You shouldn't waste any literary agent's time.  Call the Enquirer if you want."

Kamofie has already sold the surveillance video, and the latest effort makes the victim look so mercenary, it could jeopardize the prosecutor's case.

UPDATE: A rep for Kamofie & Co. tells us, "We have no book deal pending."


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I'm beginning to think the store set this up. Maybe the bad economy was hitting them hard. What better way to get free (now bad) publicity??

1316 days ago


the store can do what ever.remember they arent the ones pressing charges..TMZ was reaching about the video being sold that didnt get her off this wont the end of the day she still STOLE a necklace.lindsay is the one on trial here not the jewlery store

1316 days ago


Maybe it was the same person who booked Lindsay on the Letterman Show??

1316 days ago


Somehow, I'm not really feeling very sorry for this store owner after these recent antics. A book about Lindsay walking in, roaming around, trying on jewelry, and then walking out the doorway with a necklace??? Even with the addition of writing about some of the aftermath, . . . what would that be, a total of about 38 pages, or so??? Give me a break!!!

People who were previously neutral in this matter, may just turn "Team Lindsay", now . . .

1316 days ago


If Lindsay did me wrong, I'd be shouting it from the mountain tops. All Lindsay's victims should ban together and not be bullied into silence by Dina and Michael!

Team Jewelry Store!

1316 days ago


Lord these idiots are just s*** in a fancy suit aren't they? What an opportunistic bunch of losers. Not saying Lohan is innocent but these store owners are killing their credibility. Holley should be thanking them for giving the defence so much ammunition.

1316 days ago


Looking at the story again - does it strike anybody else as odd that TMZ is talking like a Lohan in these stories? Opinionating a bit much, spinning to trash the store and revere The Lohan? Is Dina or Michael now on the TMZ payroll, perchance?

Look at the spin sentences, especially at the end. There's something different about the tone and style of these stories. We also aren't getting other kinds of obvious information from TMZ about the LL incidents, information that shouldn't be hard to get. For instance - why no 911 call for the BF incident? They've gotten them before. They don't even seem to be going after information that doesn't require CIA-like stealth.

1316 days ago


Uh, it is possible that the pub. contacted the book agent of his own accord trying to increase his commission.

1316 days ago


I don't follow Lindsay stories but I can't help but think there will be no celebrities shopping in this store, if they ever did. There are jewelry shops all over LA, why would a celebrity go into this one after all this and a book? And what could they possibly have to say beyond maybe a magazine article?

1316 days ago


Is it possible TMZ are printing anything they can to help Lilo out as they need her on the streets to create more stories?

1316 days ago


@jwoolman, I get what you say about being unfairly trashed but seeing as it's a "celebrity" doing it the best course of action is just to say "no comment" or "the facts will prove we are right" or "I'll talk to you after the trial".

You can tell by the comments on here that people are now going against them because of their actions. The jury is going to be the same (should there be one). "If she stole it WHY did they sell the tape?", "If she stole it WHY are they trying to get a book deal?". That's doubt and once again she's going to get away with taking something that doesn't belong to her and she'll keep on doing it until someone has the balls to stand up and say that she's a thief and they're not going to let her get away with it.

1316 days ago


As I have posted in the past, just because Lindsey Lohan may or may not be a dirt bag does not mean the store and the aDA are not also dirt bags. There is motive and opportunity for Lindsey, The store, and the DA. The aDA is running for DA and if she can get a conviction for grand theft it will translate to many yes votes for her. The stores name is now known from coast to coast and they have made many thousands of dollars for the security camera footage so to them this theft translated to dollars. They also plan on auctioning off the necklace when all is said and done and they will get far more than 2500 for it.

There has always been, and is still three players in this story.

1316 days ago


What a moron.

1316 days ago


If she takes the plea she has been offered she will do less than 30 days in jail. If she goes to trial she could be facing 14 months in state prison. The judge is a holy terror and she has a really poor record.
I think she is mentally ill and not capable of making a smart decision, she's going to fight and most likely lose.
Whatever the factors are behind her mental problems, when she is sentenced that will be the straw that breaks her back and she will never recover.
The only justice in all this will be if the store is run out of business for being such a greedy bunch of s***.

1316 days ago


This is just Dina trying to stir up the pot. I call BS!

1316 days ago
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