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Jimmy Buffett Sinks Teeth Into 'Tiger Blood'

3/18/2011 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jimmy Buffett is trying to capitalize on the Charlie Sheen phenomenon ... the prince of 'parrot heads' just filed papers to create a drink called Tiger Blood.

According to documents filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and obtained by TMZ  -- Margaritaville Enterprises LLC, owned by the singer, filed two applications on March 15 to trademark "Tiger Blood" for use in vodka and energy drinks.

As TMZ previously reported -- Tiger Blood is Charlie Sheen's codename for his mangosteen-infused fruit smoothie,  Xango juice. 

Interesting ... if Jimmy's application goes through, Charlie won't be able to capitalize on what he made famous -- but then again, there's more to life than vodka and energy drinks.


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And here come the parasites to live off the corpse once known as Charlie Sheen.

1318 days ago


Jimmy has lost his mind. Is he that deserpate for money to jump on that pathetic train wreck? How pathetic. The guy must have gone senile or something.

1318 days ago


**** off buffet stick with failburger in paradise... dont make sheen melt your ****ing face

1318 days ago


Jimmy who? Tiger what?

Comeon people! The world is melting down around us and these people are making money off a TV star and his manic episodes. I'm glad they are earning a living, but there are better things to spend time and money on.

1318 days ago


peeps who pay to see jimmy &/or sheen in concert=LOSERS!!

1318 days ago


wow that's dirty

1318 days ago


He's also opening a fast-food chain called "Sheen Burger in Paradise".

1318 days ago


Leave it to that parrot head to make money off of someone's train wreck of a life. Boycott Buffet's concerts!

1318 days ago


How tacky of Buffet if he doesn't have Charlie's permission.

1318 days ago


LOSER get your own ideas LOSER think up your own ideas if you can LOSING. I bet Charlie will be pissed. Hopefully no one will buy it. I would never buy it.

1318 days ago


A moderate #winner, trying to further #win off the #winner of all #winners...

All you drooling, miserable mouth-breathing haters can suck it!

Nobody will ever try to profit off of you, hater. For you cannot even generate enough productivity to care properly for yourself!

So you hate full-time on TMZ.

It must suck to see this person who you so want to tear down, create more productivity in one day, than you will through the course of your entire life's work.

How's that h8tin' workin' out for you?

Charlie Sheen is God on Earth, when compared with any and every hater on TMZ.

Haters are the absolute lowest form of human intelligence we have in this world. And since they are our lowest, naturally they are our most useless and yes, also our most negative, destructive and miserable, inhibiting our collective ability to learn and evolve together, at a faster pace.

Charlie Sheen knows WAY MORE than you. He is way smarter, for it is the nature of his destiny. Accept it, and try to make things better for yourself some other way than H8TIN', bitches.

Big Poppa

1318 days ago


Kudos to Buffett for taking money out of that wife-beating, drug-abusing LOSER. The Sheen train is going to come to a screeching halt sooner rather than later, and I'm happy Jimmy will capitalize on it. Couldn't happen to a better person.

And buying tix to any Sheen concert more than a few weeks out is a ridiculous investment -- he'll end up dead or in the hospital by then.

1318 days ago


Bad PR move Jimmy!Unless the money is more important than the reputation.

1318 days ago



Shouldn't you be getting ready for your concert CHUCKLHEAD?

Yea...load up on're going to need it. Do you actually know ANYONE who has an ACTUAL ticket in hand? Didn't think so.

You know why? 'cuz CHUCKLES bought them up an put them on line to make people think he has a sell out show!

Can't wait for the cell phone pix of inside the venue with all those EMPTY SEATS! Now THAT will be the "EPIC FAIL"

1318 days ago


Jimmy is an idiot. The Charlie Sheen buzz has come and gone. By the time this liquor "Tiger Blood" come out Charlie Sheen will already be in jail.

1318 days ago
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