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Britney's Backup Dancers -- Don't Feed Her Drugs!

3/19/2011 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Working for Britney Spears is like owning a Gremlin, they both come with a set of instructions -- the biggest one ... keep Britney away from drugs and alcohol!


TMZ has obtained a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that dancers were required to sign before working on her latest music video. It specifically states, "Contractor acknowledges that it is essential that [Britney] not be exposed to any alcohol, drugs, or controlled substances."

The NDA even goes on to say that the dancers can be subjected to drug testing at any time and can be fired for failing a test or even refusing to take one.

With Britney comes much responsibility.


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Sorry I never thought she had any talent just hype. Who wants to pay that money to watch her screw up lip-syncing.

1281 days ago

jealous of kate    

WHY DO YOU HATE HER SO MUCH TMZ? and HER FATHER, THE CONSERVATORS ARE TRYING TO SAVE HER LIVE, her life with her CHILDREN. First of all, what job lets you drink, drug at it to begin with? AND DRUGS ARE AGAINST THE LAW, NEVER MIND DOING THEM AT WORK! The NDA is just repeating what most employers have rules against to begin with. NOW, THE CRAPPY writer here, most not have any family member, friend who has gone through rehab for alcohol or drugs. If they did, THEY WOULD BE MORE UNDERSTANDING, (maybe) about this NDA! You have to be understand of addicts, or, ESPECIALLY, REHABBED ADDICTS! You will ALWAYS BE AN ADDICT. ALWAYS HAVE AN ADDICTION. Whether you DRINK OR USE DRUGS. and it would be REALLY NICE, COMPASSIONATE, if those AROUND YOU DID NOT DRINK OR USE DRUGS EITHER. Maybe not realistic, but, it would help. BUT, since Britney is THEIR EMPLOYER, IT CAN BE REALISTIC ? The dancer, musician signs this form, KNOWS THE DRILL, and if they break it, THEY ARE FIRED. Like I said, using drugs, drinking at work, basically a no no for most jobs anyway, and a firable offense, BUT YOU HAVE IT SPELLED OUT HERE AND SIGNED BY THE EMPLOYEE. and the Dancer, Musician, THEY ARE NOT FORCED TO WORK FOR BRIT, ARE THEY? NO!

1281 days ago


They should add donuts, chips and mocha frappe latte expresso cappucino anything to that list too.

1281 days ago

jealous of kate    

Also, TMZ 'writer', like I said before, YOU DO NOT HAVE ANYONE WITH AN ADDICTION, DO YOU? If you have someone who has just completed AA, or gone to rehab for drugs, being around others doing them, NOT A GOOD IDEA. There is not a term, medically, 'FORMER ADDICT' if you listen to drug or alcohol addiction experts. People are addicts in REMISSION. Some people do great, handle it well and remain in REMISSION, 'forever'. Most posters here, I bet, know an addict personally, casually, etc. and know how hard it is for them. Some people have more will power than others, some don't even bother trying. (I am not even going into the 'receptors' people have in their bodies, where people are supposed to be predisposed to certain addictions, etc.) But, some people come out of rehab, AA and will not touch a drink, drugs, etc. and can be in the middle of a party of everyone doing it. BUT THAT IS RARE. I know SO MANY PEOPLE WHO HAVE FALLEN OFF THE 'WAGON', had one drink, then another, another, stopped smoking for 4 years, grabbed a 'butt' then another, now only at work, and now smokes back to what they did before, and well drugs..... once someone starts again.. everyone I know who did COKE, HAVE GONE TO CRACK. METH.. but deny deny deny

1281 days ago


Britney doesn't work where I work and you still can't show up with drugs or alcohol. Isn't this pretty standard stuff, not to mention common sense. Non story

1281 days ago


what ever it takes to help her stay on the straight and narrow is all good, any one with an addiction knows how hard it is and any thing helps. Shame on any one that has a problem with this. When you go to work you should be not be high or drunk, Charlie are you listening.

1281 days ago


Apparently, many people don't realize how serious of a situation it is to keep someone with (alleged, but so painfully obvious to those who suffer from it)bipolar disorder away from drugs and alcohol. We don't have a filter that tells us when we are done, and when we do everything, it's in excess (whether it's from self-medication or full-blown addiction). Almost all medications for various mental illnesses (many can be interchangeable with different diagnoses, they aren't always specific to one illness) can be messed up with alcohol or drugs, and I'm not talking a slight hangover feeling. One glass of wine can take 2 days to get one feeling back to normal, and one glass of wine can turn into more, especially when it's someone whose brain does not process consequences. When being released from psychiatric units, they usually have you sign something to ensure safety post-hospitalization that includes staying away from weapons, alcohol and drugs. A good therapist and doctor will stress the importance of staying away from drugs and alcohol.

This isn't her being treated like a baby (though many people can argue that we do need to be treated like children occasionally because we don't exactly make the best decisions), this is making sure she continues to recover and doesn't take any steps back in what truly is a long, exhausting process to function (man, I do wish I had her doctor, though). One step back can undo years of therapy, and with her doing all this filming/recording/touring, she needs to be at her absolute best. Even being exposed to drugs and alcohol can mess everything up.

If the backup dancers cannot go a day without drugs or alcohol to do their jobs filming a video? Most people can't do it at "normal" jobs, so why make a stink for not doing it on the set of a video shoot instead of respecting the wishes of people who are working on a very important recovery that can be hindered by temptation (we don't exactly have the willpower that most people do, it's not as simple as turning our heads away like most people).

People think mental illness is a joke. I hope those who think it is will never have to experience the hell it can be, and I hope none of your loved ones ever have to suffer from a mental illness. Spend time in a psych ward, and you'll see just how "funny" mental illness is.

1281 days ago


Well ****, virtually every worker in the service industry has to abide by the same random drug testing rules and refusal to take the test can result in firing, and TMZ is shocked, SHOCKED that someone has a clause for it in Hollywood took. God, sometimes TMZ is so ****ing removed from reality.

1281 days ago


This is a smart move. They're doing well protecting Britney. The next person that needs this to happen to her is Lindsay Lohan!

1281 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

I thought you had to take drugs to put up with Britney.

1281 days ago

jealous of kate    

in the end, 'TMZ STAFF WRITER', BRIT is an addict. Addicted to what? don't know. She also seems to have severe depression, and probably other psychology problems. Don't think she is totally off the deep end, but I think she was USED BY HOLLYWOOD AND THE INDUSTRY. Her parents, I don't think they are to blame. They are/were 'hicks' when it comes to hollywood. MOST PARENTS WOULD BE. and probably, most parents are sold a 'song'... You are doing your WHOLE FAMILY a GREAT SERVICE! Opening the door for Britney! You will ALL SEE THINGS YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE! Never WANT! GREAT EDUCATION! ALL NEW ITEMS, NO SHARING! ETC. (and your daughter will get knocked up at 15, they will do drugs, turn their backs on the church, and live an IMMORAL LIFE, AND PROBABLY DIE A YOUNG DEATH, ALONE, OR AMONG PEOPLE WHO HAVE STOLEN THE LAST FEW BUCKS FROM THEM!!!! Who. Could. Want. ANYTHING. MORE.) oh, and you two, will be divorced in a year and a half!!!! JUST SIGN WITH YOUR BLOOD, RIGHT BE THE X!!

1281 days ago


good for them

1281 days ago

Capt Obvious...    

No one cares - just saying. She's a normal person just like everyone else. No one is perfect and in life we all have failed...messed up...whatever the case maybe .. Maybe we should analyze your lives..but from what Im guessing It dont consist of much other than following people with live's.. Put something good on here for a change.

1281 days ago


non-disclosure agreement (NDA)


What part of this don't you understand. Seems you all get so wet there at TMZ when you post stories that breech confidentiality.

TMZ.....we out the confidentiality....because we care.

1281 days ago


thanks for a britney story tmz. now get one that isn't months old or BORING. and please can we have a LL and charlie and harvey free day.

1281 days ago
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