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PETA -- Knut's Death Could Have Been Avoided

3/19/2011 4:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The tragic passing of Knut, everyone's favorite German polar bear, could have been prevented ... maybe ... this according to PETA.

Knut passed away in his habitat this morning of still-to-be determined causes at the age of 4. A rep for PETA tells TMZ they contacted to Berlin Zoo months ago to alert them to the fact that Knut was being "terrorized" by three female polar bears -- including his own mother!

The rep tells us, "PETA Germany repeatedly asked zoo authorities to move Knut away from the three females to a different location. His premature death could possibly have been avoided. Polar bears don't belong in captivity."

A necropsy is planned for Monday to determine the cause of death.


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Ironically, the bear had his own enclosure. Yup, there were no other bears with him. So, basically, PETA is making stuff up in order to get free publicity.

1283 days ago


**** off peta! RIP polar bear!!

1283 days ago


@ PETA: So where exactly do you expect Polar Bears to "live free"? In a melting enviroment that MAN (you, too) has raped the land for so long there IS NO environment left for him to live? I GUARANTEE that 99% of all PETA supporters/employees/volunteers do just as much to destroy our planet as eveyone else but they just make it seem like they're saints becasue they don't eat chicken. Knut's Mom knew there was something wrong with her kid. That's why she chose to deny him. . . . Yes. He was a cute polar bear. But his Mom knew better from the 'get go'.
PETA is a pile of hypocracy with a Cool Whip topping. You honestly think everyone at PETA rides their bikes to work every day? Grows their own vegetables? Makes their own clothes? Bunch of people who wish they were born in the late sixties so they'd have an excuse for not caring. Scary that they're breeding.
F*** you PETA.

1283 days ago


RIP Knut, F#$K PETA!

1283 days ago


I have lots of dogs - and believe me they can outcast one of their pack. They can also punish one - with constant harassment and bites and attacks.

The outcast dog hides or cowers and doesn't feel welcome. You have to separate them and give the outcast a new environment away from those that are berating them.

If not, they will either kill the dog or the dog will become depressed and despondent.

Bears may be the same

1283 days ago


I remember the shocked look on ones of those PETA guys when he asked me if I like animals and I replied that yes some of them are really tasty. lol

1283 days ago


I love animals and support their rights, too... and detest PETA, too. They just don't get it and do far more harm than good with their attention whoring, fame seeking antics.

You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

1283 days ago


Wait a minute PETA, How the hell do yall know what happened when the Zoo officials don't know? According to them, Knut was by himself swimming in his enclosure. I think this organization needs to just shut up.

1283 days ago

Click & train--don't beat dogs into submission    

PETA still kills 93% of the animals it takes into its care. They are nothing but hypocrites!! Give to your local animal shelters but puh-leeze don't fall under the celebrity cause of PETA. check out to verify this as truth.

1283 days ago


Now the zoo says about 600 people were watching him when he just collapsed. PETA is just using this sad story to drum up support and attention.. PETA is a lie, they feel animals are better off dead than cared for by humans in any way.. even as beloved pets.

1283 days ago



In their OWN do***ents released in 2008, in 2007 they "rescued" 20,000 animals and only ELEVEN were adopted. The rest were Euthanised.

They were also being charged with animal cruelty themselves for a case where they were "rescuing" strays and euthanising them on scene without taking them to a vet, or having them assessed for adoptability, just killing them in the street and dumping their carcasses in a nearby grocery store dumpster.

Unfortunately the courts found them to be within their rights.

For an organization who supposedly loves animals, they should do a lot of killing of animals.

They spend all their donations on billboards that are never posted and superbowl commercials that are never aired... when they could be using the money for, oh I don't know... THE ANIMALS!!!

PETA KILLS! DON'T SUPPORT PETA!! They give true pet lovers a bad name.

1283 days ago


berlin's zookeeper pronounced today that naturally a "loss" makes no harm to a polar ice bear, a loss meant like the female frient taken away from him to another zoo, a loss like the keeper who died shortly after adoption; as the mother refused to get him up.the private video scream on bild (germ. press)shows knuts fight, and it looks like a heart attack. maybe there was something wrong with the food.poor bear.

1282 days ago


I loved Knut. He had the best life that could be expected for a captive polar bear. I would bet that they will find he had a congenital condition and that's what his mother picked up on and why he was rejected by her. Mom's know. But it was fine for humans to intervene.

1282 days ago


Awww...poor thing. I don't validate everything PETA says, cause I think they're often more radical than what they're rallying against, but most baby polar bears are shunned and even violently chased away by their mothers when they're about two, so it could be true Knut was being terrorized by the females in the enclosure, and if that's true, someone should be facing a heavy fine.

1282 days ago


Because of PETA animals have a better life and a voice.
PETA should be supported.
RIP Knut.

1282 days ago
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