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Chris Brown -- Violent Outburst at 'GMA'

3/22/2011 5:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown exploded in rage behind the scenes at "Good Morning America" this morning ... smashing a window and storming out without a shirt ... sources tell TMZ ... and it was triggered by on-air questions about the Rihanna incident.


ABC sources tell TMZ ... Brown performed and was interviewed by Robin Roberts live from the Times Square studio when she began asking about the infamous incident. 


Brown tried to redirect the questions to focus on his album -- but Roberts continued to ask about Brown's legal issues stemming from the Rihanna incident.

We're told after the interview, Brown freaked out, storming into his dressing room and screaming so loud, the people in hair and makeup became alarmed and called security.

We're told Brown was out of control, and one source present tells us he smashed a window in his dressing room, and the glass shattered and some shards fell onto 43rd and Broadway.  ABC security tells TMZ ... the window was shattered with a chair.

We're told by the time security rushed the area, Brown had ripped off his shirt and left the building, blowing off another performance he was supposed to do for the ABC website.

And sources say ... on his way out of the building, Brown confronted a segment producer, got in his face and stared him down.   People from the show got in between Chris and the producer to diffuse the situation.

Remember -- Brown is on probation for the felony beating and he's required to obey all laws. 

UPDATE 6:49 AM PT:  Brown just tweeted, "I'm so over people bringing this past s**t up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for there bulls**t."

UPDATE 6:59 AM PT: Brown has already deleted the previous tweet ... and added a new one that reads, "All my fans!!! This album is for you and only you!!! I'm so tired of everyone else!! Honestly!! I love team breezy!!"

UPDATE 7:48 AM PT: Glass workers just showed up to fix Brown's handiwork.



Robin Roberts -- Chris Approved My Rihanna Q's

Robin Roberts asked Chris Brown if she could ask him about the Rihanna incident BEFORE the live interview began on "GMA" this morning ... this according to sources connected to the production.


Sources tell TMZ ... Roberts insists both she and other "GMA" staff members spoke with Chris before the interview and asked if it would be OK to ask "a few questions" about the Rihanna incident ... and Chris approved.

As TMZ first reported, Brown flipped out after the interview -- and apparently smashed a window in his dressing room.

Robin is telling people at the show she did NOT try to set him up ... and insists, "I'm pulling for the guy."

As for the broken window, no one in the studio saw Chris throw the chair into the window ... but he was definitely in the dressing room when the window was smashed.

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No Avatar


He was there to promote the album. She should have stopped when he mentioned that he was there to promote the album, period! I completely agree that he has anger issues, but the reason for the interview what HIS ALBUM, not the incident.

1276 days ago

ms D    

Chris, I agree that the some people get a pass in this society and its not fair but you had to know that people are going to ask you question about your past.

Destroying things and screaming is not helping you image and its not going to help you.

Be a better man.

1276 days ago


Shame on anyone giving this ******* any print or airtime. It seems he is headed for the cemetary sooner than he should and it will come as no junkie written all over him./;

1276 days ago


This cat has the spirit of satan controling his soul, so what does one expect. He needs to be back before the judge who holds oversees his probation , and sent for a little hard time. The window incident is part of breaking the rules of his probation, but nobody's gonna push it for fear of this 'little devil'!

1276 days ago

why chris why    

She should've stopped asking after she realized he was avoiding the question.

He should know better not to act like an idiot. Throwing chairs doesn't fix your career.

Tisk tisk

1276 days ago


This is just another reason to DESPISE GMA and all the self-serving, over acting twits that work on that show. The she/man host should be ashamed of herself for pushing Chris Brown. Leave it alone already. People do stupid, hurtful, criminal things but throwing it in their face YEARS later does not help. YES, I have been on the other side-so I'm not condoning what he did, and IF he did destroy property as they say, he was wrong and needs anger management.

1276 days ago


Is it my imagination or does his skin look really light? Don't know that I would have recognized him.

1276 days ago


FIRST OF ALL... Katherine Heigl is fat and ugly. You want hot girls/women....come to Staten Island and Brooklyn. Enough with these fugly hollywood types!!!!! SECOND OF ALL.... you go boy, Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!!! These pathetic media rats!!!!!!!!! It's obvious Robin Rat erts wants his ****!!!!!! Back the **** up off him!!!!!!!!!!!

1276 days ago


Sounds to me like this guy is just a little baby, throwing temper tantrums. Guys like this make a lot of noise, act tough, hit women but when a real man confronts them, they either back down or get their a**es handed to them.

1276 days ago

Sarah Kennedy    

People need to give it a rest! Chris Brown is not getting a fair shake. The thing with Rhianna was 2 years ago. She gets all kinds of support yet acts like a tramp and writes and preforms songs that are certainly not what I would call about strong independent woman.
Chris deserves for us all to give him a chance put the past behind him. I imagine he is very frustrated the he can not have a interview about his new album without the past being brought up at every turn!

1276 days ago


I am so disappointed in Chris. We in T-Town have been supportive and praying for him and his mom Joyce. Whatever it takes, let God do what God has to do to get him changed before he kills himself or someone else. praying for you Chris!!!


1276 days ago


YEAH3X....he's a tool, but rich talented tool!

1276 days ago


Chris Brown is a punk and a really nasty, bad guy! The questions Robin asked weren't offensive!! I can't believe ABC supported him by even allowing him to be on tv. Obviously he's a very angry, dangerous man. I don't think Sheen should be on tv either though--he's a mental case!!!

1276 days ago


I hope the Judge calls his Probation and locks him up for a long time ! He is completely clueless on human rights, and never seems to learn a lesson about how another person should be treated. PUT him away,don't buy his STUPID records and Throw THE KEY AWAY. He should never ever call himself a Celebrity. What a Frigging joke !!

1276 days ago


It seems to me Robin provoked him by asking him the same thing three times. Enough is enough ok. Her journalism technique must be lacking elsewhere so she had to pick on Chris.

1276 days ago
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