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Elizabeth Taylor

The Gay Bar SHRINE

3/24/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She may be gone ... but gay men are still worshiping Elizabeth Taylor.

The staff at Liz's FAVORITE West Hollywood gay bar -- The Abbey -- erected a candle-lit memorial to the actress yesterday in the V.I.P. room where Liz would often hang out ... but that's only the beginning.

We're told the bar's offering a special drink in Liz's memory this weekend ... and they're donating ALL the proceeds to Elizabeth's AIDS foundation.

It's called the "Blue Velvet Martini" -- which they picked in honor of her role in the 1944 hit "National Velvet" -- and if you wanna try out their recipe ... it's made with Blue Angel vodka and blueberry schnapps.

Sources at the bar tell TMZ, regulars have been adding to the shrine non-stop since Elizabeth passed -- sending flowers and gifts since yesterday morning.


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I hope some gays beat the crap out of the Westboro bunch.

Time to man up and show some ovaries!

1273 days ago

fioo hoos    

WTF FF??? lizzy had more hotdogsNherbuns than anyone.She made a livin off the gay platform as a actor and turned MJ into a doctors payday.She was married to males and dumped 1960...`s lov babys everywhere I hope they sue her estate and get some of her huge horded in piles ICE&BLING BLING she had to be worth over 500 million and she never gave her dumped kids a dime or any love at all.She only hung with actors and many are gay but she only came to see her son a couple of times that I can remember.Her son was a son of howard hughes`s and her`s and he is my step his middle 50`s

1273 days ago

Keiths Wife    

#15 Jon.....yes, it is a sin but Jon. Homosexuality IS a SIN and you must repent...give it be forgiven. Jon, you are a christian and may the Lord Bless You and your family. Keep spreading the word.

1273 days ago


Keith's gay

1273 days ago


Hmm!!...Did you need to mention "gay men" or "The gay bar"? You could have just said The Abbey bar.

Posted at 3:54 AM on Mar 24, 2011 by Jackie

I'm not an expert as this but as you can tell by Taylor's foundation, she was a supporter of gays and gay rights. I'm not gay but it would seem to me that in this context it would be appropriate.

1273 days ago


@Jackie - The Abbey is very proud to be a gay bar. One of the best there is! Love it there.

1273 days ago

Ítalo Alencar --> Fortaleza,Brazil     

Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson together again, now for all eternity ..
R.I.P Liz...God Bless You.

1273 days ago


eww, just imagine all the walls at that bar just covered in semen lol, a gay bar or any bar for that matter, not the best place for s 'shrine'

1273 days ago


These people are hatemongers who spread hatred like a disease. The are NOT Christians... they are not even fit to be called "human beings" Just reading about them made me sick to my stomach. That they would use the word "God" and "Hate" on the same poster just goes to show you how lost these people really are. I wouldn't want to be any of them when it's time to stand before God!! Talk about misreprentation.... God is LOVE, agape Love, pure and simple. He loves us all regardless because He see's the heart. These people DO NOT have one. Pathetic... just pathetic!

1273 days ago

Alan Carver    

I have been to the Abbey in W. Hollywood! Cool bar! I have to say that we all want to pay tribute to this fine woman for being an advocate for those that didn't have a voice, but personally, my feel that creating a 'shrine' to Ms. Taylor would be better served if the bar did it and took donations to support amFar or the Elizabth Taylor Foundation. God Bless Ms. Taylor and peace to her on her journey home!

1273 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

omgosh. what a diva.

1273 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

you can be a straight person and the most evil villianous thing on the planet. and you can be a homosexual and a 'normal' person. it has absolutel ZERO to do with sexuality, but everything to do with trying to scapegoat a sexuality for allowing 'yourself' to get away with heinous crimes 'because of you special treatment sexuality'. this equal insanity, lunacy and all other possible definitions for evil.

1273 days ago


You just know that there are going to be Liz movie-viewing parties all over WeHo this weekend.

1273 days ago


Harvey and his boyfriends are regulars at that bar??????

1272 days ago


I feel bad that gays/lesbians are getting HIV/AIDS but I'd never give one penny for a cure. There is already a cure for it. Just stop doing same sex and HIV will go away. I'm not going to give money to help arrest a desease so that people can keep doing something that is so against God. And let's be clear. Gays don't give a crap about straight people. If they did they wouldn't be putting us in the position where we can contract AIDS through blood transfusions or receive organs that is infested with AIDS. Innocent people are paying the price for their behavior. They keep talking about their rights to get married but they conveniently leave out the part where their behavior is affecting the entire world, and in a negative way. All it takes is one car accident or one major operation and if you are truly unlucky on that day, you might as well have been letting some guy hit you in the poop shoot. It just amazes me that you people are cheering on someone who could very well be your executioneer. It really dosen't get more dumb than that. It's like being held captive by someone who has scrapped a bomb to himself and you are telling him to push the button. And while you are cheering them on just remember this. When you die and have to face God, there isn't going to be a single one of those gays/lesbians standing behind you singing your praises. You are going to be on your own.

1272 days ago
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