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Evil 'Church'

to Protest

Elizabeth Taylor's Funeral

3/23/2011 5:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Those horrible, intolerant, heartless gay-haters at the Westboro Baptist Church are preparing to spread their evil message at Elizabeth Taylor's funeral ... a higher power tells TMZ.

Elizabeth Taylor Funeral
Margie Phelps -- daughter of WBC Pastor Fred Phelps -- took to Twitter today to announce the church is going to picket non-lesbian Liz's funeral ... all because Liz was apparently some sort of gay "enabler" and (God forbid) an AIDS activist.

Liz will likely be buried in Los Angeles -- where there are positively no gay people.



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wait for 200 la natives comming out the closet lol, "im gay and i live in la"

1288 days ago


Wow. Picketing a funeral. If that isn't the Christian way, I just don't know what is.

1288 days ago


I swear if they protested at any of my family's funeral I would shoot them all. that is disrepectful, and unneeded. You keep your beliefs to yourself, why kick people who are already down. I swear come to TX with that sh*t and see what happens!!! If my son was in the army and they came...ohhhhh boy I would be in jail for the rest of my life!!!

1288 days ago

just curious    

Elizabeth Taylor doesn't deserve this!

1288 days ago


Why don't Westboro do something really useful and go protest against the other churches for enabling child molestors to hide within the churches as priests and pastors instead of bothering people at funerals.

1288 days ago


Best done article EVER on TMZ. To hell with this church and all it's members.

1288 days ago


OK, TMZ. You are insulting all horses with this visual. Those people could never be as good as a horse's ass.

1288 days ago


Can someone please kill this guy already while he's picketing. Please!!!

Let O.J. out so it can happen!

1288 days ago


NO ONE DESERVES THIS!! These people are servants of all that is EVIL. I want to say that we should start protesting THEIR family funerals, but I can't bring myself to stoop that low.

1288 days ago



1288 days ago

Ambulance Chaser hater    

I truly feel that something bad is going to happen one of these days at a funeral. Someone is going to snap and take a machine gun and gun down all those that protest at funerals and it'll be all we hear about on the news and on the front of trashy magazines... and everyone will wonder how come no one EVER stopped this Church from hurting those who have lost loved ones. I believe in turning the other cheek but what this church is doing is NOT what Jesus teaches us to do...which is love one another and not JUDGE, for God is the only one to JUDGE!!

1288 days ago


How dare this church protest an Icon's funeral or anybody's fu neral. I have never seen such a bunch of heathens in my life. Hey church, come to my town, and I'll bet you won't be able to get out. We Will serve up justice on ya'all. Come on. I lost a husband in Vietnam, I am still proud of what he died for. The only thing you'll be remembered for is hatred and disappointment. I hope you all burn in hell.....

1288 days ago


I just don't understand. With all the crazies in the world willing to kill innocent people for no reason, why doesn't someone just shoot all these a-holes when they are grouped together? You'd be a hero forever.

1288 days ago


It is sad that this "church" is compossed of family members, breeding hate.

1288 days ago


Well, good. Maybe protesting a really famous person who was known for doing great things for society will be what it takes to shut down these hate-mongers for good.

Because apparently it's okay to protest the funerals of American soldiers who gave their life for the freedom to do what they do but I'll bet it will not be okay to protest a Hollywood A-lister.

Elizabeth Taylor was a lady of the first degree and deserves all of our respect.

As do US soldiers who gave their lives for the same freedom of speech that allows these low-lives to protest.

The degree to which these people exercising thier right to protest infringes on the lives of those who fought to give them that right makes me sick.

Maybe a high-profile celebrity will be what it takes to stop it.

I hope so.

1288 days ago
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