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City Officials to A-Rod: Fix Your Pool, Or Else!

3/25/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A Florida apartment complex owned by Alex Rodriguez has been targeted by housing officials -- after residents lodged complaints about safety code violations ... TMZ has learned.

A-Rod -- who owns a property company that holds title to the Normandy Park Apartment complex near Tampa -- has been under fire for poor living conditions.  But now residents have risen up and forced management to clean up its act -- at least partially.

There are holes in walls, rusty pipes, overflowing trash, but the swimming pool has become the trigger for official action.  Residents complained to the city that the pool has been unusable for 2 years, and local code enforcement officials have now ordered that it be drained and cleaned by next week ... or else.

The assistant property manager tells us, they're aware of the violation and have a plan to give the swimming area an immediate face lift -- but they wouldn't comment on the other obvious problems.

Sound like the place for you? Rent starts at $600 a month.

A-Rod's rep tells TMZ, "Mr. Rodriguez's real estate portfolio is handled by a professional team and problems brought to his attention will be addressed in a timely manner."

The rep adds, "Over the last 12 months, several hundred thousand dollars in improvements have been made to the property."

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The judge should force him the live their until its up to code I wonder how long it would take then...

1315 days ago


OMG he's a freakin slum lord!! That's disgusting - That bastard has more than enough money to get that property fixed up in a few days. He needs to get his sh*t straight! Nasty!!

1315 days ago


here are some craigslist ads.



1315 days ago


His problem is he is too busy with his other s%$# to pay attention to the people that he pays to manage the property. If you're going to have your name attached to something, make sure you know what's going on with it.

1315 days ago

former resident    

I used to live there and I moved out 1 month b4 my lease was up because of the living conditions. My walls had mold and my daughter was getting sick. insects were coming out of the walls. After 30 days with the walls torn up, i decided to move out. TMZ, I have more pics and I can tell you first hand on how the property was run and how management didn't give a damn. So much to tell in here. Contact me if you're interested. I'm not interested in getting paid any money.

1315 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

must feel good!! relaxing in yer super hot hottub while your white trash tenants are rotting away in the slum domain you 'rent' to them. racial justice, lol. someone needs to take a baseball bat to his dumb and way too big effin head.

1315 days ago


He should be made to live at this complex for a year, see how he likes it, A-Rod is a **** head, peice of crap slum lord.

1315 days ago


this complex is built on a old car battery recycling place.they found lead and other goodies in the ground . back in the 90's kids had to be lead tested that lived in these buildings.kids had been finidng chips from the batteries because they crushed them during the recycle process so cdc and epa people had to come out and test the soil.they had to concrete cap some of the ground because of the waste and they had to put decks in so that people did not walk on areas where there was some lead in the dirt to keep it from being kicked up.wonder if A-ROD knew this history when he bought he place check out the cdc's web site http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/hac/pha/PHA.asp?docid=212&pg=1#back

1315 days ago

fioo hoos    

thats where expresident bozo&cammy+aho get it on at in that dirty oil pool slum morris morriseys plus pissola

1315 days ago


oh come on people. he's probably got investments all over the place. a slum lord are the ones who pocket the money that comes from a-rod for improvements and goes into their pockets. no chance a-rod even goes to this place. like i said, hes probably got a bunch of investments and this is just the media sensationalizing some bs story

1314 days ago


These picture were taken reasonly...yes...but the problem has been there for the longest. The so-WORKERS don't do hardly anything but ride around in their mobil car...and fix their own car and talk on the phone. There's moss what do you call it in the bathrooms. It's clean but it returns. complaints has been done and no work has been done. The entrance to the apartments are dirty. Inspsectors need to go and check some more. And get rid of the tennents that damage the inside and outside.

1313 days ago

ARod HAter    

Don't let the Rep's fool you! The property you see is the way they live! He has the WORST Management Company because he is related to the Owner or was related, the ex-wife's brother. I have watched from afar the pool has been closed as long as I have seen over a year.
The plumbing is horrible and we unfortunatly have to live with the holes in the floors and the green smelly water, green pool and of course what his Managment Company is known for lots of trash overflowing dumpsters at least it keeps the cats, rats, dogs fed until they call to approve the local trash pickup. I would not believe he EVER spent any money on the property except on payroll. If you google him see below:

A-Rod is the face on their leaky faucets, and yet his name isn't in the welcome kit. Rodriguez's brother-in-law, Constantine Scurtis, is the company manager — the one whose signature is on nearly $50 million in mortgages for properties in Tampa, according to records — but some of the cashiers and cooks who live at places like Newport Riverside know who holds their house keys. Messages left on the voice mails of Rodriguez and Scurtis at Newport Property Ventures’ offices in Coral Gables, Fla., were unreturned. Repeated efforts to reach A-Rod through three layers of publicists — think booby traps around a precious stone — were unsuccessful.

A-Rod doesn’t talk biz, the P.R. folks echoed.


The lists go on and on when you google him. Obviously he doesn't care about what people think of him nor if he thinks he is doing good by investing doesn't make me watch him or idol him in any way after seeing first hand what happens when people of his stature let the ball fall!

Instead of knowing sometimes you have to let family fall on their face and take control of your BALLS and start to put these families first and make sure they are in a safe and mold free, plumbing issues free, roof issues, saftey issue free, TRASH free!

1312 days ago

PRO US    

Alex Rodriguez is a slumlord. No surprise. Yankees should cut him in spring training and send him to their farm team.

1311 days ago


if i was a-rod i would throw all the s*** bags out.they trashed the place and blame someone else.tear the place down,rebuild and get some normal people that have respect for other peoples property to move in.

1306 days ago

Ken McKenna    

Tampa Bay Pools was contracted to repair the pool by the Arod's Management Group for Normandy Apartments. We completed work except one small item which we won't do because we have not been paid for work after the original deposit. Pool is open and usable for residents. All our phone calls have gone unreturned and we are about to send them to a collection agency which will cost us additional money.

1088 days ago
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