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Liz Taylor Funeral

The Limos Arrive

3/24/2011 6:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

At least 5 stretch limousines have arrived to the Forest Lawn cemetery for Liz Taylor's funeral.

We're told the ceremony is "private" -- with close friends and family members ONLY.

So far, it's unclear if any of Taylor's celebrity friends will be in attendance.



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If find it amusing how some posters are just here to come to the aid of Ms Taylor when they see a negative post. She was unsavory in character and there is no denying that and now that she no longer has her life why don't you start living yours.
In short : GET A LIFE! Geeze!

1275 days ago


Really? This is your idea of coverage? Fail.

Rest in peace Elizabeth.

1275 days ago


I distanced myself from Christianity,Judaism, Islam and from any other official religion. I am sick and tired when somebody tells me that without them the world would still worshiping idols.
I would never reject Jesus as important historical figure but I would never accept that ONE God from Torah who kills babies. I do not want to worship this kind of God.

I better would worship Stars, the Moon and the Sun. I feel more comfortable with this and more FREE which is more important than anything else.

About Liz:
Liz Taylor was not a philanthropist like Michael Jackson from my point of view. She was pretty much a material person. She did not donate millions of her own money like Michael Jackson did. She generated money trough her foundation. Others donated, not Liz herself. She donated just 40 000 dollars according to Wikipedia. Liz loved diamonds and men the most and she loved to be middle of the universe. She had a good life. She was not a bad person after all, but pls do make her an angel, because she was NOT.
On top of that Liz being a loyal MJ friend did not come out with a clear public statement after her friend was killed.She did not make any public statements when her ex friend Klein was trashing MJ on TMZ.Her words on Twitter were not enough.She could do much better than that to defend him. MJ was not gay and everybody knows that but she did not say a word to stop liar Klein. I was hoping till the end that she will say something but she did not. Oh, well.
Honestly I have mixed feelings about Liz.No doubt she was a talented actress but it does not make her perfect.
She had a long and good life. She needs to rest now.
I hope she have found some peace for her soul.

1275 days ago


Doesn't anybody think it's odd that they had the funeral the next day that she supposedly died? That was quick.

1275 days ago


48. If find it amusing how some posters are just here to come to the aid of Ms Taylor when they see a negative post. She was unsavory in character and there is no denying that and now that she no longer has her life why don't you start living yours.
In short : GET A LIFE! Geeze!

Posted at 5:08 AM on Mar 25, 2011 by summer72

I agree.

Americans get delusional when someone famous dies.

Michael Jackson was a pedophile. But hey, he died, so lets over look that and just celebrate his music.

Liz Taylor committed several adulteries and was a home-wrecker in her heyday. She even stole the husband of her best friend, who had 2 children with the guy. She was a worse person than Angelina Jolie. And as you said, she was a very materialistic person. Doing "charitable work" for AIDS patients doesn't excuse the fact that she was low-class in morality. I'm sure there will be a lot of "big stars" in hell...that's not "WINNING"!

1275 days ago


#45, Elly, I'm sure going to miss Liz.

1275 days ago


"He has been hurt by so many people," she told ABC News' Barbara Walters in 2002. "I think I'm the only person in his life that has not betrayed him."

Even in death she stayed true to her friend. Forgoing being laid to rest next to her parents, but instead near her dear friend. RIP!!!

1275 days ago


Wonderful lady and actress.... R.I.P.

1275 days ago

northern gypsy    

***44 howie***
you ask what have i ever done...shall i tell you what i've never done???
i've never seduced (not just once) a married man without any regard for his speak of morality...where was ms taylor ??? sorry...she's was not the saint you make her out to be...i can forgive you because you see her through rose coloured glasses...but please allow other people their opinion...sadly this is also her legacy...

1275 days ago


I loved Elizabeth Taylor and she will be missed. I noticed that there were a lot of limos, were each one carrying the families of each marriage she was in? (9 marriages 8 different men).

1275 days ago


Despite all the opinions regarding her personal life, she was an incredibly beautiful woman to look at, and one who did not appear to be vain about it. I remember her appearing bald after surgery, of being brave, and of doing so to impart hope and courage to others. For that alone, for not permitting her enormous success to create a barrier to the human side of her, was to her credit. She seemed to be more charitable in spirit than some of the posters here.

1275 days ago


What's up with TMZ always saying, 'ARRIVED TO'. There is NO SUCH PHRASE in the English language! Please, please. There are people out there who will think this is proper language.

If you spend the time to WRITE do it RIGHT~

Signed, Grammar Police

1274 days ago


THIS IS FOR HOWIE!!! Please go back and read my statement, particularly, the first two sentences. I am a lady, in the true sense therefore, I will refrain from calling you names as you did me and Donald Ray. Your own words speak for themselves. People with "class" do not cuss others out merely for expressing their own thoughts which, in this case are absolutely, true. Unless my government tells me differently, we are still Americans with God given rights for "Freedom of Speech." Please learn, to correctly, comprehend words you read rather than outrageously attacking people for no legitimate cause. I am truly hopeful you speak to those close to you with more thoughtfulness than you demonstrated, here. Good Luck!!!

1274 days ago

CA Girl    

To comments #2 and #42: Elizabeth Taylor was a Gentile who converted to Judaism when she married Eddie Fisher. I remember that well.

To #5: According to Jewish tradition, burials are to happen within 24 hours of death.

Furthermore: She was a real "star", and she knew it. Her behavior in her private life was, uhm, without boundaries, and I always thought she was eccentric and bohemian in attitude. She knew how to work a crowd, and I remember her well on Johnny Carson's last week on television (in the 80's), dressed in a black leather jacket and boots, with her "big hair", making everyone laugh. I hope she finally made peace with God before she died.

1274 days ago

CA Girl    

I meant to say in paragraph 2: To #51: (NOT to #5). My bad.

1274 days ago
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