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Mariah Carey Tweets Pregnancy Scare, Everything Ok

3/27/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mariah Carey took time out from rushing to the hospital because she was having contractions ... to tweet about rushing to the hospital because she was having contractions.

All turned out to be well, with Mariah tweeting, "They almost came on 3/27- happy anniversary in deed!!! We have a few more weeks 2 go but- wow!!!: ) #soreadyallready!"

It's worth noting -- March 27 is Mariah's birthday, not her anniversary -- but for reasons that defy explanation, she has taken to calling her "birthday" her "anniversary."


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Keep those babies cooking!

1308 days ago


50 cent, nelly, beyonce , mariah carey, usher took money from a know baby killer and terrorist gaddafi all leberal and anti white

1308 days ago



1308 days ago


Me so down with it diva Mimi baby momma drama, you know what I sez Dawg, just keepin it reel. itz owl gude!

1308 days ago


Nobody cares about her inseminated twins. Let me guess - it's a boy and a girl. What a novel and special thing to happen to our most beloved celebrity and song bird! CAN'T WAIT for all of the magazine spreads of her in her revealing loungewear using the babies and her paige husband as props.

The only good thing to come out of this is Porky will no longer be able to wear the super short, tight, low cut tube dresses that went out in the early 90s.

1308 days ago


Not surprised Mariah Carey can't spell "already". Good thing those kids will have countless nannies to help them with their homework.

1308 days ago


@18 is right!

Greedy whores with no conscience.

1308 days ago


hope all of her nannies are ready to go. Shame Miss Diva won't raise them herself. Mariah fans, you know this is true. She will just have the same publicity shots that Jennifer & Marc and Christina A had in people magazine..These people should raise their kids like the Jolie-Pitt clan, yes they have nannies, but they (B & A) are always out and about with their young ones...

1308 days ago


Am I missing something? What exactly did she spell wrong? Y'all some ****ing haters. She can tweet about whatever she wants. Other celebrities tweet, why can't she? She said nothing about "losing" her babies. She said they almost arrived early. As far as how long she's been pregnant, how the **** long do you people think she's been pregnant? She's due in April so this would be her 8th or 9th month ****ing idiots!

1308 days ago


This heffer is completely out of touch. If the babies are due in "a few weeks", they'll be perfectly fine being born now. In fact, most multiple-births occur before the due date.

My grandson was born almost 8 weeks early -- he weighed 4 lbs and was breathing on his own from the start, so he was discharged to go home with his mom 2 days later. Medical science has made premature birth much more survivable than it was in the 1960...s.

1308 days ago


Desperate for attention if you have to post about very private stuff in your life.

1308 days ago


Is it me, or does she not look 8 months pregnant with twins from the pictures? Either the pictures were not taken at the right angle, or she is carrying extremely weird. I almost don't believe she is pregnant with twins, and like everyone's been saying, it's been forever, when she would have conceived in July.

1308 days ago


That's one of the reason's why many of them don't like to mention they are pregnant until they are a few months along, because with them being in the spotlight and watched a lot, it will seem to many that they are pregnant much longer, for many can't wait to see their babies! LOL But the more they try to hide it when they find out they are pregnant, the more people will dig and dig about it.

1308 days ago


Have you ever been in labor and very very pregnant with TWO babies? You're lucky she didn't talk about her uncle the goat and it's trip to lollypop land! Some very weird things go thru your head at this time.

1308 days ago


@Wanda (#31)

You've made some very good points! It's not unusual for women to experience a "false" labor when they are very close to their due date. The woman is carrying twins for heaven's sake! It's probably getting very cramped in her womb and the babies just want out!!! I pray that Mariah Carey has a safe delivery with no complications. She and Nick Cannon seem to be really committed to making their marriage work and deserve to be blessed with two very healthy babies. I'll take GOOD news over BAD any day!!!

1308 days ago
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