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Mel Gibson Out at a Nightclub (Yes, Really)

3/27/2011 10:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Of all the places you would think our photogs would spot Mel Gibson on a Saturday night, darting out of Colony Nightclub in Hollywood would have to be the last.


It's no contest ... definitely the most surprising sighting of the weekend.


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What's he supposed to do? Sit at home twiddling his thumbs? He could have been there for a variety of reasons.

1308 days ago


Can one go to night clubs and not drink?

1308 days ago


Seriously TMZ..........Mel Gibson went out to a night club. Was he disruptive in the place, were the police called did he cause an accident. Give the guy a break. TMZ you are treating MG as if he were a murderer or child molester or rapist. He is allowed to have a life just because he didn't call you first to get the publicity unlike Oksana who lets TMZ know her every move. Give it a rest. TMZ you are ridiculous lately.

1308 days ago


I didn't know Studdering John works for TMZ.

1308 days ago


I didn't understand the photog's last sentence because it was so mumbled. Did he make a reference to Arnold Palmer?

1308 days ago


What? The man's not entitled to go out on a Saturday night without you bagging on him ? Come on TMZ, stop taking cheap shots. You're better than that.

1308 days ago


tmz operates like the nazi regime

1308 days ago


It sounded like the TMZ photographer had been in the club, by the way he was stuttering and slurring his words.

1308 days ago


Has his divorce done him any good at all?

1308 days ago


Why is it OK for the OX to go out WITH another man in public and it is just fine and dandy, but Mel goes out and he is attacked and ridiculed. Once again NOT FAIR!

1308 days ago


I can't imagine being 60 years old or whatever he is and going to a nightclub.

1308 days ago


You guys are bad readers. Don't they teach reading comprehension in schools any more. All they say is "It's no contest ... definitely the most surprising sighting of the weekend." Please read it as it is there is no negative connotation implied. Gibson's night out WAS a surprise. Where do you see criticism or ridicule? Where do you see any reference to him drinking (nobody's business), getting drunk, causing a problem?
Please read as it is, stop interpolate. Take a class in reading comprehension.

1308 days ago


Yep Mel is sober just like Lindsay and Charlie! No clubbing for any of them except for iced tea! EVAR!

oh and Michael Lohan too! cant forget him!

and Dina!

and and and .... Andy ****!

1308 days ago


I wish Mel the best, and while hanging out in the bars may be familiar, it's not the best place for him to "go" to reinvent his life, move forward, etc. Being "single" and being in a "bar" does little to move one forward, particularly in your 50's, with a past history of alcohol problems. Too many old "cues" in the environment for it to be a healthy place for him to be. Dang man, I wish he were a hiker, a camper, a backpacker..... get him out on the trails, away from cigarettes, booze, woman, and let him just muscle it out with nature and God surrounding him.... leave the "manmade" world and it's illusions behind for a while... and all the vultures who like to make a living picking at your wounds before they've barely even had time to scab over. Enough already.

1308 days ago


@Sammie it is kind of sad..

1308 days ago
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