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Sammy Hagar -- Alien Expert Believes His Tale

3/28/2011 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sammy Hagar's tale of alien abduction sounds pretty silly to the average person -- but to an alien expert ... it all makes perfect sense.

Sammy spilled it last week, telling the world he was abducted by aliens who "tapped into my brain and the knowledge was transferred back and forth."

Well Sandy Nichols, founder of the Alien Research Group (yeah that's a thing), tells TMZ he wants to work with Sammy to help him understand his abduction. Sandy claims he's also been abducted -- numerous times -- and says he "experienced something similar" to Hagar.

Nichols and some human friends discussed Hagar's tale ... and all agreed nothing in his story sounded like he was lying.



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Fuck Celebrities    


1305 days ago

you know it    

crackpot. crackhead.

1305 days ago

Sad sad    

Drugs. What's Sandy's excuse?

1305 days ago

Eric Grant    

dont be so quick to down the man you ***s, alien abductions are real and happen to many people around the world every day so you cant talk **** poor ass lazy ****er haters who stalk around on TMZ looking for anything or anyone to hate on because you commoner ****s have no lives of your own

1305 days ago


If these "aliens" are real they very well could be our own time travelers due to the metabolic change that would take place during the time travel.

1305 days ago

Sad sad    

I am an alien. Eric Grant leave your window open. Will touch down in mil quantumz with my bodacious probe. Don't get too excited there human. Will be performing a complete erase. Then we will upload this beautiful song:

She came looking out babe, for a Romeo
She ain't looking out babe, for a homeboy
I'm in love with an alien
I'm in love with her eyes
I'm in love with an alien
I'm telling you no disguise

1305 days ago


How many head injuries has this guy had? I'd bet money he's got psychics in his family. Same deal as the aliens.

1305 days ago


It stands to reason Sandy would believe this nonsense since he's the founder of the Alien Research Group. If he said he didn't believe then I would be surprised and this would really be a good story.

1305 days ago


One too many shrooms

1305 days ago


So what he's implying is that he was anally reamed just like the others that were abducted with an shiny metal object that resembles the space shuttle's fuel tank but at a much smaller scale.

1305 days ago

Sad sad    

Men and their perverted sexual fantasies. So now are we going to have a bunch of TMZ readers sharing their probing stories? This gonna be good. Eric please jump in anytime. You seem the most knowledgeable.

1305 days ago


Sammy may be a nut for thinking he's been in contact with aliens, but that is no reason for TMZ to picture him playing a Fender Squier. Oh the humiliation.

1305 days ago


I wish aliens would abduct the Lohan family. And keep them!

1305 days ago


The Drake Equation scientifically proves that 'aliens' are real. His story is very possible.

1305 days ago



Grab Sammy's Book from his website and see what he's all about.

It's actually a great book if you have any interest in him whatsoever!

"That's What Dreams Are Made Of..."


1305 days ago
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