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DROPS Kirstie Alley on 'Dancing'

4/5/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Yep ... it happened.

Kirstie Alley had to pick herself up off the ground last night after Maksim Chmerkovskiy suffered a "charlie horse" type pain that made his leg give out.

Kirstie eventually forgave Maksim -- tweeting after the show, "I salute u... U r a gladiator .... A champion... I'm honored to be your partner."


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Why is everyone defending Kristi. She's fat, if a guy like Max drops you should start looking in the mirror.

1263 days ago


Agree to Maks being a gladiator....It was so brave to complete the dance with so much class. Kirstie did really well considering the problem....Get better, Maks...

1263 days ago


For those of you who say there scores should have been much lower the fall probably only cost them one point that is all. So they would have gotten higher, but did not. I think they handled with with a lot of grace. I am actually surprised it does not happen more! With anyone.

1263 days ago


got to give her credit for having the guts to even try this show..go christy..

1263 days ago


she's beautiful

1263 days ago


You know it is freakin sad when MORMONS such as some of you ALWAYS gotta blame the heavier one! I dont think her weight had anything to do with it however everyone has to add their 2 cents worth of crap! I bet each one of you that made a smart a$$ remark is UGLY and ONLY YOUR MOTHER LOVES YOU...NO WAIT THE DOG DOES TOO BECAUSE YOUR MOMMA TIED A PORKCHOP AROUND YOUR NECK SO THE DOG WILL LOVE AND PLAY WITH YOUR UGLY A$$! MORMONS! GET A LIFE!!!!!!

1263 days ago


i am sure maks is not going to choreograph a dance that he physically can't do with her! He is a great dancer and to blame her weight is wrong as they practiced the moves all week. Making fun of someone's physical apperance is wrong and hurtful. and remeber, Karma will come back to haunt you! you get what you give. If you have nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself. I am sure all you commenting on her weight have shortcomings also. would you like someone to publiclly embarass you and comment on how you look? i think not. no one likes their feelings hurt. grow up and be human.

1263 days ago

moe l.    

I think Kirstie looks great for her age! I think she's suffered alot of self esteem issues and depression that was untreated which resulted in her gaining weight. People that judge others by looks alone are very shallow people indeed and most likely don't know what it's like to have true friends or really care about anyone. I feel sorry for them, they are the ones that are really losing in life. Must be awful to be so alone. Noone but yourself to love or be loved by.


Spoken like a true enabler.

1263 days ago


I love them both!!!!!! It shows their strength in getting back up and finishing their dance so beautifully and graceful!!! They will be getting my vote from here on out!!!

1263 days ago


I applaud Kirstie and Maksim for picking themselves up, dusting themselves off, and continuing to the end. I boo the idiots who sit on their ugly faces and post ugly comments. Go, Kirstie!

Posted at 6:24 AM on Apr 5, 2011 by KJ

I so agree with you...i love watching them together, they seem to really like each other , and have so much fun dancing together. Go Kirstie and Maks

1263 days ago


weebils wobble
and they DO fall down

1263 days ago


I love Kristie! That def. had to do with her weight tho, whats he supposed to say, he its your fault, she would never be able to go on. Good for him for taking the blame, thats a man right there. She has lost alot of weight already. Ease up h8rs.

1263 days ago


I applaud Kirstie and Maksim for picking themselves up, dusting themselves off, and continuing to the end. I boo the idiots who sit on their ugly faces and post ugly comments. Go, Kirstie!

Posted at 6:24 AM on Apr 5, 2011 by KJ

How the hell is what we are saying ugly? Maks obviously couldn't support her weight, its the truth. I think Kristie is doing a great job though and looks great for her age.

1263 days ago


The only reason she maintains any sort of celebrity status is BECAUSE she has a "weight problem." She's banked a career on her size. I just think it's very careless to possibly injure her partner and ruin HIS career by shuffling her across the dance floor. ABC and the producers of DWTS seem to be only concerned with their ratings ... and to hell with the safety and well-being of the dance pros. After all, when push comes to shove, the pros are expendable. There is always another hoofer waiting in the wings to take their place. That's how I see it.

1263 days ago


We all knew this would happen eventually. She's a big girl & he's pretty wimpy. I always thought she was beautiful and unusual looking too - not your typical Hollywood beauty. It was really sad to see her gain all that weight and I really hope she doesn't spend the rest of her life as a fat girl. Doesn't her scientology help her with this?

1263 days ago
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