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Lil Jon's

Farewell Song for

Amanda Bynes' Dog

4/6/2011 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Get your lighters out, because Lil Jon sang a touching farewell tune for Amanda Bynes' dog Little Angel ... who sadly passed away yesterday. Here's to you, dawg ... 040611_TV_bynes_v2_still

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Insensitive TMZ

You only got away with this cause Harvey is out of town.

1296 days ago


Down right disrespectful, Really TMZ why do you post crap like this. You guys are better than this, I would expect this from those other trashy magazines not here, get some class

1296 days ago


that's a punk ass move. Some poor little dog dies and it's a big joke. I'd love to see how funny it is if someone made a joke of your sadness. For some, pets are as much a part of a family as the people are.

I don't know how this is suppose to be funny. I wasn't so sure what was so funny about the dog being lost... it's even less funny that the dog died... yet somehow you're trying to twist it into a joke?

the only joke here is TMZ. Punk ass move TMZ. you're all pathetic

1296 days ago


WTF!?!?! Lil Jon, your a retard!!! That **** ain't funny

1296 days ago


(PS for those who say TMZ would never mock a human tragedy... look back at when American Idol's Elliot Yamin's mother died. They actually had to issue an apology for a tasteless joke they made at his expense)

"Yamin finished in 3rd place in 2006 on ‘Idol,’ behind Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks — who, like Mrs. Yamin, will never be heard from again" (the article was later removed and replaced with an equally insensitive report on the passing of Yamin's mother.)

After an outcry from TMZ readers and Yamin fans as well as bad press, and following TMZ's own poll that showed an overwhelming majority felt they were out of line, I believe they did make a half hearted apology.

So this kind of insensitive punk move is nothing new for TMZ... once again showing they're no better than any other low class tabloid they claimed they were so high above.

1296 days ago


This was shameful. Here, in Toronto last Friday, a man literally jumped in the ice after his eleven year old dog fell in. He had so much love for his animal that he put his life in real danger to guarantee the safety of his furry companion.

( )

Here, Amanda has lost her beloved L.A. and instead of kind apologies, you let some guest host rapper parody it?


My deepest condolences Amanda.

1296 days ago


Its not funny. How would you feel, Harvey if your boxer died and everyone was making fun of it? Not funny at all. How dare you make fun of a dead puppy. Thats about as sick as it gets. Even Charlie Sheen would be above that. You need to post a BIG apology. You've probably hurt Amanda as well as all of us animal lovers. You guys really suck this time.

1296 days ago


I hate you, TMZ.

1296 days ago


ok,that was sick.

1296 days ago


Just reiterating what a lot of people already said, but very disappointed in TMZ that they think this is funny. Lil Jon was already at the bottom of the toilet bowl, but now TMZ is right there with him. I really hope to see TMZ issue an apology over this lack of respect.

1296 days ago


This song was in really bad taste! If you had ever owned a pet you would know that they are like children to the owners, yes even the ones that are only with us for a few months. It may have been different if it had of been a good song and someone with a little talent, but the song sounded like a 5 year old had written it, and I have heard chain saws that sounded better than lil Jon! Fortunately for me I do not watch TMZ, I just happened to switch to the channel and saw it. Trust me I will not watch your show and if I were a fan I would no longer be after that.

1296 days ago

Lola Jezebel    

oh please...gimme a break, all this attention for amanda bynes' dog...pfft...y?

1296 days ago


Not funny

1296 days ago


dont put little jon on tmz anymore thats all thanks. hope this gets answered with a tmz cares moment.

1296 days ago


it's just a dog people. would you feel the same if it was her pet snake? didn't think so, hypocrites

1296 days ago
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