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Gloria James -- Photo Of Her Alleged Victim

4/7/2011 2:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a photo of the man allegedly SLAPPED by Gloria James at a hotel in Miami this morning ... taken moments after police arrived on scene.

Rockfeller Sorel

The valet parker -- Rockfeller Sorel -- told cops Gloria smacked him with an open hand on the right side of his face ... and after the incident, he sought medical attention -- though he doesn't seem to have any visible injuries in the photo.

As we previously reported, the man has already met with a lawyer to discuss his legal options.


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I am Spartacus    

those saying that he's going to make so much money off this lawsuit fail to understand that it's Lebron James who is the celebrity, the NBA superstar, not Gloria. Just because Lebron has a ton of money doesnt mean this guy is getting it. Any money Gloria has came from Lebron but she isn't wealthy herself.

1297 days ago


Mr. Sorel is right. Ms. James is flat out wrong.

There is no reason to be slapped or hit in the face. Just for doing their job. Shuffeling cars around. I guess Ms. James didn't like the wait time for car shuffeling.

1297 days ago

Olivia W    

Hahahaaaaqa!!!! You clowns are the worst!! When you thought that the guy was white or hispanic...you were ready to send Gloria to the poorhouse. Now that you see its a brotha...the script gets flipped.

Posted at 11:14 AM on Apr 7, 2011 by Mike

She got drunk, She slapped a valet and she made remarks about her arresting officer.

What else do you need?

Where's Oprah, BET and The View? No one comes to defend this woman? Don't you see what the media is doing?

Lebron won't you defend your mother against these allegations? They are saying she got drunk, slapped a valet and insulted the police. Help your momma Lebron!

1297 days ago

PRO US    

The police officer charged LeMom with being intoxicated in public and for assault. LeMom slapped the Valet because he didn't keep her car engine running for over half an hour? That means she wanted to drive drunk. Not cool. She's lucky she slapped him and got herself arrested. It kept her from driving drunk and possibly killing somebody. LeMom should get LeJail but we all know LeMom will get a slap on the wrist for her slap in the face.

1297 days ago


Drill Baby Drill! Lucky Mofo


I'd settle out of court for a mere 5,000,000

1297 days ago


I bet she said, I'm going to slap the crap out of you and then she slapped him.

1297 days ago

Olivia W    

"Arresting officer says he tried to question Gloria James but got no response"

Gloria later said after hearing the victim's testimoney "I'm trying to trust you but I don't trust your kind"

1297 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

Wow! his whole face is purple! Ms.James must not like white people...

1297 days ago


Yea LeBron should help his mom enter rehab and thats about it....

1297 days ago

Olivia W    

Lebron says nothing to defend his mother?

"Then for no apparent reason the arrestee struck the victim with an open had across the right side of his face"

His mother is out there fighting valets hand to hand and Lebron does nothing?

1297 days ago


I give this man a lot of credit. I would have knocked the drunk b**ch out!!! She's got a hell of a lot of nerve and is about as classy as a turd in the yard.

1297 days ago

Bob Johnson    

you can't see any marks on hime because he is black.

1297 days ago


I'm pretty sure he's going to sue out of spite and opportunity, but he should! I would do the same. I hate when celebrities (even worse, relatives of celebrities) think they are so entitled they can treat people like garbage. "I don't trust your kind?" What kind? You used to be poor too, woman!!!

And isn't she a little too old to be partying at nightclubs? Sheesh. I hate Lebron and his mother has no class!

1297 days ago


Hope Lebron likes paying off his mamas bills. Guess if you spread your legs and give birth to a basketball legend, you are entitled to slap a few brothers now and then.

1297 days ago

Olivia W    

The valet says Gloria then approached him and stated, "Where are my f**king keys and continued yelling profanities at the victim.

Did she say "get my f**king keys n***er? Looking at his picture, yes she did.

1297 days ago
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