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Gloria James -- Photo Of Her Alleged Victim

4/7/2011 2:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a photo of the man allegedly SLAPPED by Gloria James at a hotel in Miami this morning ... taken moments after police arrived on scene.

Rockfeller Sorel

The valet parker -- Rockfeller Sorel -- told cops Gloria smacked him with an open hand on the right side of his face ... and after the incident, he sought medical attention -- though he doesn't seem to have any visible injuries in the photo.

As we previously reported, the man has already met with a lawyer to discuss his legal options.


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Last I knew, SHE aint the wealthy one. Her son is wealthy. She will claim she hasn't a penny to sue for and he will get nothing but a "Sowwy" from that nasty bitch. But, it would be nice to see her arrogant arse, sweeping the streets for some community service.

1257 days ago

Olivia W    

Yes Harlot your Girlfriend would'nt want you to catch a virus!

Be careful to only open N.O. Lady's legs. Clear the cobb webbs and dust first

Posted at 12:56 PM on Apr 7, 2011 by Michelle

Lebron James mother gets drunk, attacks people and makes her son give them 10 million dollars to forget it and you insult people? This is an outrage! Black on black hate crime! Where is the justice? What if they were Asian? You can't sweep hate crimes under the rug!

BET report this, help this poor old woman regain her composure! The media is attacking her! She did nothing wrong!

1257 days ago


Wow, I don't know which is more amusing. The story or the cat fight????? Meoooooow. Thank you girls for the entertainment. It's been a boring day at work. :)

1257 days ago


It was a slap in the face! Mr. Sorel needs to SERIOUSLY MAN UP! It's A-holes like him who are clogging our court system with stupid, frivilous lawsuits like this.

1257 days ago


Olivia W, back off of me, nasty bitch! i have no time for you _ i haven't read anything about that and i said in reference to the officer. and, a Black woman calling a Black man a name is not racist -that's your kind, OKKK. Now leave Oprah, BET, Whoopi out of your comments and call the grand poobaa

1257 days ago

Olivia W    

Just because Lebron James mother got drunk and hit a man that wasn't white we are all supposed to roll over and die? REALLY?

Just because his skin is dark we are all supposed to vanish and not discuss the fact that she was drunk, punching people and trying to lie to the police??? REALLY?


1257 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    


With a name like that, he should have slapped his mother.

1257 days ago

Olivia W    

Excuse me RACIST but does he need to bleed to show you that we all have the same colored blood? We all bleed red! Why are you making this an issue about black or white? Is it because Lebron James mother said

"I don't trust your kind" to a group of police officers in Florida?

Was she intetionally causing trouble and knew what she was doing?

Is Lebron James mother trying to get money out of her son?


Are you suggesting Lebron James faked this whole episode to get money from Lebron???

I believe you.

1257 days ago


@Black "a Black woman calling a Black man a name is not racist -that's your kind, OKKK"
First, I disagree, wholeheartedly with that statement.
Secondly, for you to assume that most whites are sympathetic to the KKK actions, you are wrong AND A RACIST YOURSELF!

1257 days ago

Olivia W    

Okay Olivia we get it. STFU already. You've posted 10 times!


Posted at 10:52 AM on Apr 7, 2011 by Michelle

The pretty girls always have haters.

Posted at 1:06 PM on Apr 7, 2011 by Michelle


1257 days ago


ppl say he has no visible injuries, but isn't that a cut on his lip? or is that an old injury

1257 days ago

Southern Lady    

I don't doubt that she hit him...I do wonder if the picture of the man you are showing is the victim....I mean the nametag says Andrew, which is NOT the name you are saying he goes by?????Rockfeller??????? And I don't really think he deserves anything, however, who in America would not be trying to "get" something for this???? Just saying....

1257 days ago

Olivia W    

If you are a African American and you call an African American police officer n****r you can be arrested for aggrivated assault. Why do you think the jails are full? Ignorance of the law, that's correct. The same is true for private citizens of the United States.

Read a book!

Lebron James assaulted and attacked a valet in Florida while she was intoxicated. The insults she made while being arrested are common and disregarded. So you're in luck, curse your head off.

1257 days ago


Black people need to quit using the "N" word, and quit allowing others to use it in reference to them, just as women need to quit calling each other bitches if they feel insulted by it as well.

You are either ok with the term or you are not ok with the term, it makes no difference who's mouth it is coming from.

I was raised to detest the use of the "N" word, in fact hearing it makes my skin crawl. I copuldn't even say the word in jest. And let anyone call me the "C..t" word, and they will be missing teeth.

Everybody needs to raise the bar, in terms of our vocabulary. Calling somone one of those names just shows the lack of vocab skills the person has. I can insult someone 10 times better without using a single cuss word, just by using my educated brain to come up with the appropriate words.

1257 days ago

Jacko Whackedit    

Is he expected to fully recover from the beeetchslap and live to park more cars?

1257 days ago
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