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Murray on MJ Kids: 'That's My Children, I Love Them'

4/8/2011 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

File this one under The Feeling Is Probably Not Mutual -- while out at The Grove in Los Angeles yesterday, a photog asked Dr. Conrad Murray about Michael Jackson's kids and he responded, "That's my children, I love them. I love them."



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Murray lied about his marital status, lied about the stuff he gave mj, covered that lie with more lies...
and this piece of filth still is practicing on people..
michael hired someone to stay with him to insure nothing tragic like this could happen and this moron just up and leaves the room for ..we dont know how long since he continually lies..
it seems to me murray needed money a lot more then mj..
his defense is going to be mj killed himself over ridiculious...
mj hired branca back and was cleaning house, taking control back..
i would put money on murray killing him on purpose before i would think mj would kill himself.

have a good day all !!

1273 days ago


Stupid you. I never referred to myself as a pig... you did!
Oink is simply a sound--a noun--not a reference to one's being.
See if you got out of the 5th grade, you would know that.
But I forgive you, seeing that a beatnik like you can only comprehend a few simple words... I don't want to overload your brain with too many consisting of 3 or 4 syllable.
See... can't say I don't care about your health.

Posted at 10:27 AM on Apr 8, 2011 by Oink

if this is really ric (and god i hope it is not) then you are not gonna win this one oink.

1273 days ago




1273 days ago


Oink = LOL! Cracking me up! Keep up the good fight!

1273 days ago


this whole thing should just blow over MJ was a deadbeat his time has past no one even cared about him or remembered him, but now when he dead people just wanna be behind his back supporting him

grow the **** up people

1273 days ago


Posted at 10:56 AM on Apr 8, 2011 by ric

Oink is kicking your butt! But you are little funny sometimes too. Just Oink is funnier.

1273 days ago


Oh well. Everyone can't be a fan.

Posted at 11:12 AM on Apr 8, 2011 by ric

Now see, that was funny!

1273 days ago


Damn you! Stop disarming me with a good sense of humor!!!!

Posted at 11:27 AM on Apr 8, 2011 by ric

LOL! Come on! Life is hard enough without clogging it up with hate. Gotta let humor come into it once and awhile. Soothes the soul.

1273 days ago


Crack Murray, is only playing up to the photogs, he's getting out to make it seems he's not grieving because he didn't do anything wrong. Most Doctor's agree something happen June 25th 2009 that killed MJ, not the acts from previous days. Below standard of care was giving. This guy was in it for the M.O.N.E.Y. or was he acting? Could go either way!!!!

1272 days ago


o I know soon not know what to say, I do not understand how M, J children could live a normal life. with all these speculations. Who's their daddy is. Like many, o knowledgeable in the matter. One day these children are entitled to know exactly how it relates to the matter. But now they have the right to live as children and teenage children. I promise that had Michael Jackson lived. Had he not allow this happen. what is happening in the media, or reputation around his children. He gave these beautiful beautiful kids, his love, his protection. and he was a world artist. He had dreams, opinions, love. He was bigger than many could ever be. I hope never demands are so great on his own children. which he hopes hade.i there grandparents, let them be trained to what they want. Is it by force, to honor his father. Then they can feel bad. They should just play and sing if they want. It may be more than artist. i hope not the world, to chase these three wonderful kids . they born of love .Michael Jackson. wanted to be more than an artist. He wanted to experience his father's role, have children and familj. he knew that he and the children would be at the center of the media. papparatzi. But he managed to get so cute children, and children assigned values ​​had eyes on them. No one more than Michael. Jackson's children's father. I never thought the world would be so "crazy" .as they became more than Michael Jackson. I thought the day I heard him for the first time that he was wonderful. Would be great. But not that he would become a mentor to an entire world. I thought he would live in peace and quiet, no stop, the world his and his family had been right to live a little more private. I thought no one would chase he's children all the time. Why was the world. He was born free, and would have had to live freely. . I do not always rapporteurs hunting for people. . An artist with more than mankind, yes it was wonderful that we learned of Michael Jackson. Wonderful that we listen. and taught us about our world. about love and understanding. For no one understood Jesus' message. We understood them when Michael Jackson deliver the message.: Will we listen to someone who gives us the true message. Or do we let dame rule all the things we do stupid. To ourselves and others.This day when we practice what we preach when we released messing hand, and if we live as Jesus tried to tell us, and Michael Jackson, who received millions people to listen to him when we live in purity. build our own Noark shall we , live in love and harmony. Now that Michael Jackson is with us, we will manage his live do , what he wanted of us, faithful people. teach love, fight with love for the love of reach. the help we can help. build a world. It took all of Michael Jackson's life, to distribute their songs, their messages. But we have 50 years to consume, but what to do, protect our children grow as people, let the envy and malice, we can let the evil. or the devil will always miss target messages and all the evil we do then. I believe in justes.. . Gradually so on will Dr Murray. Get to know how wrong he did. He has probably already had it in his heart. But now he had to admit to himself, his family, lawyers, and to an entire world. There, he finished right on Michael Jackson's life, his work. Dr. will push away the bastard on his shoulder, which causes him to lie. I wish the kids all love Jackson warmth and security I can. peace be with you dear children.

1272 days ago


MJ's father is a slug. MJ hated him. Why would he want his children raised by that man?
Posted at 6:45 AM on Apr 8, 2011 by Muppet

Michael Jackson's father is not raising Paris and Prince and Blanket. Katherine Jackson is the one raising them and she does not live in the same state with her husband Joe Jackson. She resides in California while Joe stays in Nevada.

1272 days ago


Yeah Murray, you loved Mj's kids so much that you drugged up their daddy with benzos and topped it off with propofol and walked out of the room. That is love all right. Sheesh. And you loved his kids so much you couldnt even come out straight forward and tell medical personnel what you gave michael and changed your story multiple of times etc.etc.etc.
Yeah I would call that love all right.

I honestly do not think this quack knows what the word means.
The man is digging a deeper hole everyday he opens his mouth.

1272 days ago



Posted at 1:33 PM on Apr 8, 2011 by ric

what does this mean?

1272 days ago


what does this mean?

Posted at 1:38 PM on Apr 8, 2011 by anon

Too Long; Didn't Read

Posted at 1:40 PM on Apr 8, 2011 by ric

LOL!! ok thanks. that was too funny

1272 days ago
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