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Tiger Woods' Secret To Success -- Gambling

4/9/2011 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods was gambling his face off the week before The Masters -- and it doesn't seem like a coincidence that he killed at the tournament ... finally.

TMZ has obtained a photo of Woods firing around some dice at a craps table at The Atlantis resort and casino in The Bahamas on March 29. 

So let's review -- when Tiger was the best golfer in the world, he was also the King of Vegas ... doing all sorts of Vegassy things ... like gambling and partying with porn stars.

When Tiger Woods sucked, he STOPPED doing Vegassy things to make nice with Elin.

Now, Tiger is doing Vegassy things again -- and on Friday, he posted his best score at The Masters since he won in 2005.


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Tiger Woods has had more girl friends, at one time, then anyone on the face of the planet.

1271 days ago


This cheap **** will throw away thousands for a game and to get his dilly licked but is one of most well known NON tippers on the planet. I hope someone finally just uses this piece of crap for shark bait and be done with it.

1271 days ago


Hey TMZ ... next time one of your reporters get close enough to him... ask him if he even knows that he's supposed to tip? Cheapskate ****.

1271 days ago

Heidi Vanderhoeven    

For what Tiger's done to his family, he'll be damned his whole life. Nothing will ever be what it once was. Marriage is not for everyone and he should have realized that. You stand before God and your family and pledge your love, etc...not pledge to get whore upon whores and pretend to be a good man and a faithful man.

1271 days ago

Tigers Wood    

Thanks for all your support, and I will party and gamble just like you agree with me.

1271 days ago


Things parents will say to their kids in the future:
"Come on. Don't be a Tiger."

1271 days ago



1271 days ago


While I don't agree with what Tiger did to his wife and family it has nothing to do with his job. The two should not go hand in hand. If every person that cheated on their spouse was fired from their job there would be HUGE unemployment.
Family matters are private issues that should stay that way and not affect a person's employment. I realise he had built up an image somewhat, but this should be a lesson to everyone that put him on a pedestal and worshipped him. You don't let someone like this be a role model for you or your children! That kind of thing should come from YOUR own family! Sorry you let yourselves be conned, that's your fault. It has nothing to do with how he golfs.

As far as people calling Elin a whore that's disgusting!! Grow up!

1271 days ago


Do not like this guy and don't care what he does!!

1271 days ago


just like his buddies Jordan & Barkely do !!!

gambin' & chasing vjayjay !!!

1271 days ago

george fudge!    

Looks like he's losing, the house has a pile of his chips.
Just like he will not win the Masters this weekend!

Tiger Woods = Douche Bag Lying Cheating Loser

1271 days ago


Puhleeze..the guy should have never ever gotten married. He was forced into it to complete that all American guy image and it was too soon. This guy is hot, rich, smart, sexy and did I say hot? If he would have been single - he and George Clooney would be in competition for the hottest, sexiest single guy ever! Give him a break already. He is the reason golf is even on in most households. Go Tiger!!!!!!

1271 days ago

Caring Kate    

I'm surprised at Tiger Woods. I assumed (and you know what that does) that he was in a ongoing support system for addictions. He must accept the fact that he has genes for addictions. Such people must stay away from potentially dangerous activities for them. IE. Prostitution, Mood altering and enhancing drugs, gambling and etc. If Tiger has a sponsor for his addictive negative behaviours, that sponsor must be pulling out their hair (if they have any). Tiger needs to learn to channel and balance his addictions by directing them to healthy and beneficial outlets such as good health practices, working out, learning to be a good parent, being a positive member of his community, perhaps praying and being involved in some form of religion and etc. There are plenty of positive activities to safely become addicted to, while balancing those addictions.

1271 days ago


It's funny he doesn't talk anymore about his "therapy" ....?
What a joke sex addict !!! More so like a pervert who doesn't care about anybody else in the world than himself.
He can win all the tournaments in the world HE WILL ALWAYS BE A MAJOR FAILURE AS A HUMAN BEING ....

1271 days ago


Hey Wilma if you think this pig is attractive and hot, you need to get your eyes checked quickly ....
Hopefully in a few years he will be HIV positive. This is what he deserves for putting himself first before his family he claimed for years he loved so much !

1271 days ago
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