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Sheen in Connecticut -- Can't Get Worse, Right?

4/10/2011 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen took the stage in Connecticut Saturday night with nowhere to go but up after last night's NYC disaster. Check out our live recap below.

8:02 PM ET -- As usual, Charlie takes the stage and plays to the audience via sports. He mentions UCONN's recent championship and the crowd goes wild.

8:10 PM ET
-- After getting booed the night before for telling people he wasn't doing drugs anymore, tonight he is encouraging the crowd to smoke pot. Go with what you know, right?

8:13 PM ET -- Someone just threw a "Two and a Half Men" shirt on stage. Do you think that person had the shirt handy or went out and bought one special just to throw at Charlie?

8:16 PM ET -- As for the crowd tonight, it's pretty packed and thus far the crowd has been pretty pumped and there has been no booing to speak of. Fingers crossed.

8:19 PM ET -- Charlie is saying that he got fired from "Men" for "having too much fun." We think Warner Bros. might see things differently.

8:22 PM ET -- Charlie has repeated his go-to move of throwing his shirt in the crowd.

8:26 PM ET -- In another repeat move, Charlie is now talking smack about Radio City Music Hall. A carpenter doesn't blame his tools.

8:37 PM ET -- A fan just asked -- um, how do we put this delicately? -- how many times he ... "finishes" in a day. He said at least once a day.

8:47 PM ET -- Charlie just called this show the best one so far. Not saying much.

8:53 PM ET -- Surreal moment just went down. A guy got kicked out by security, but Sheen had him brought back in. He then had the guy on stage and he played a song with his harmonica and the crowd loved it.

9:00 PM ET
-- Show's over. By all accounts, things went much better tonight than they did in NYC. The crowd was chanting "F**K NYC" as they left, but they could have just been bitter Red Sox fans. Good night!


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dude, nightly play by plays?

who gives a ****? I think you're overestimating how many people care

1270 days ago

joelle earle    

To the people at TMZ, you guys should really spell check once in a while. Why don't you re-read your article on charlie sheen in Connecticut. There are two major spelling errors.

1270 days ago

Shawn song about charlie

1270 days ago

sloppy seconds    

omfg TMZ?! WTF? WHO CARES! a freakin "play-by-play?"! lmfao!


1270 days ago


I'm with davidbowie. This is a waste of time and resources. Must be nice to have money to throw away following a has been around the country and reporting if the crowd cheers or boos.

LAME ! !

1270 days ago


God, I hope Snooki never goes on tour! TMZ will give us the literal blow-by-blow...

1270 days ago


Charlie Who????

1270 days ago


"he's go nowhere to go"? Can i have a job? you need a proof reader, thats for sure.

1270 days ago


Another mother Fugly performance. Get Snooky on stage and change Chuckles Channel!

1270 days ago


Some of us commenting here at TMZ find our own ways to make this story - well - not enjoyable maybe but certainly entertaining. I say "Thanks" to TMZ for the regular coverage of the Chuckles the Clown Circus Tour.

1270 days ago


PLEASE SOMEONE TELL CHARLIE TO TALK ABOUT 9/11. Geez! That's why most of us bought these darn tickets. Instead, all he's yacking about is hookers and drugs!!!! Sure hope it gets better before he comes to Florida 'cause I know a crap load of people who were expecting to hear about 9/11.

1270 days ago



Smack talking NYC? And he is GOING BACK TOMORROW!??

What an idiot - oh wait, we knew that!

1270 days ago


spelling TMZ "spoke pot" don't you mean smoke pot?

1270 days ago


What happened to TMZ last night?? How was the after party or was TMZ giving Denise a BJ?? Let me guess Sheen was awesome and you had nothing intelligent to say? Who does TMZ give head to in AC Brooke, TRUMP, or Denise?

1270 days ago


Let's go Charlie...we need the laughter!

1270 days ago
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