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"Idol" Fans -- Get Rid of Stefano, Bring Back Pia!

4/11/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" fans are bombarding the show and FOX ... demanding they bring Pia Toscano back ... and give Stefano Langone the boot.

Our "Idol" spies tell us hundreds of fans have been begging FOX to recognize the injustice of kicking Pia off the show, and bend the rules.  It appears these fans are organized, because they come with a singular message -- Stefano has no chance of winning and therefore he should be removed now as a sacrificial lamb so Pia can come back.

We're told the fans have even reached out to Stefano ... pleading with him to remove himself from the competition.

Certainly nothing like what the fans are asking for has ever happened on "Idol" -- but hey, it never hurts to try.


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Who writes this shlock? Guess that doesn't matter because it's Harvey who approves the articles.
On topic, who the fck gives 2 shnyts other than a half a handful of spent couch potatoes?
Pia was B O R I N G.
How someone so pretty and talented becomes so lackluster is incomprehensable, but she pulled it off like a Werther's butterscotch candy. Outdated and Blahhh. Oh wait, it's happened before -Katherine McPhee.
Oh please tell me the Alfred E copycat-cowboy Newman fool is next.

1294 days ago


Enough already...send Pia off to Glee or Broadway and let her move on!

1294 days ago


#105 ALFRED E. NEWMAN! Funny! you're so right. Great call, I was wondering who that kid reminded me of....oh my god the ears and stupid grin.

Sorry Pia fans...she didn't get the votes. It's a dumb system, you shouldn't be able to vote as many times as you want, but this isn't the presidential election folks--just a talent contest. If you bore the audience they'll get tired of you and stop voting for you.

1294 days ago


if they loved her so much why didnt they call, text or click online to vote for her BEFORE she got voted off...instead of waiting till AFTER!!! yes she has an amazing voice but honestly if i had to watch her stand there in another ugly outfit sticking one arm forward and squatting - then repeating that 10 more times occasionally taking 5 steps between her slow motion squat thrust i was going to hurl something at the screen!!!

1293 days ago

PRO US    

Stefano can sing with his eyes closed. In fact, he does.

1293 days ago


It really doesn't matter anyways. It will be a guy who wins this season, they are definitely more talented than the ladies this year. I am not a hug Stefano fan (think he would do well on Broadway) but I am not a huge fan of Pia’s either. She is gorgeous and has a great voice but she isn’t very inspiring on the stage. Neither one was going to take home the #1 spot, so why wig out.

1293 days ago

PRO US    

Pia will be a big a Conehead on Saturday Night Live. Have you seen how big the top of her head is? Now, we know where Jimmy Hoffa's been hiding!

1293 days ago


Alot of adults I know like me have quit watching AI because it has become too much of a teenybopper show. Pia probably didn't appeal to the girls who watch and vote. The last two years of AI are evidence of that. If dialidol is any indication, Pia was not a frontrunner in the voting.

1293 days ago

PRO US    

Pia is tall and dark and was one of the best singers on AI with a great voice but she couldn't perform at all and had no idea how to excite an audience. She is average looking and nowhere near gorgeous. Antonella Barba was gorgeous. Compared to her, Pia looks like a steaming pile of doggie do.

1293 days ago


NOW I feel bad for Stefano, but not enough to vote for him! Haha.. If Idol had a system like DWTS I would vote, but no way will I sit there texting for hours for anybody on American Idol.

1293 days ago


I think Pia will do better than any of them. I also believe
Stefano is very good but I would vote off Haley.

1293 days ago

PRO US    

If Alfred E. Newman, AKA Country Scotty, curls his lip, raises his eyebrow, ****s his head sideways, manhandles the microphone, smiles his corny smile, or says "Thank you very much" like Elvis one more time, I'm going to throw up.

1293 days ago


Ok, I loved Pia and I was really,REALLY upset when she got kicked off. In my opinion, she had a gorgeous voice and should've been in the top 3. But....she got voted off by America and the show has always been about voting and kicking off the person that got the least amount of votes. If they did decide to change the way the voting system works, it would need to be before the season begins rather than in the middle of it! I do believe that Stefano stinks, but it's too late! There have been plenty of people who've gotten kicked off that were amazing and they were never brought back! Next time you love someone, vote for them rather than sit back and do nothing!

1293 days ago


HUH? it's ok to make petition for pia to return on the show but asking someone to remove himself/herself in the show is sooooo mean and soooo unfair to Stefano. Stefano deserves to stay also. No one is to blame on Pia's elimination but her supporters. Did her supporters voted enough for her to make her stay on the show? I guess not that's why Pia is now gone. Pia did her best on the show but her supporters did not do their best to make her stay. Stefano did his best on the show as well as his supporters did their best to make him stay. So people, enough about those crap, you guys must accept the fact the she's out of the show. You said it yourself that she's gonna be a superstar win or lose.Move on and leave Stefano alone. Who's to blame, do'h! definitely not Stefano!

1293 days ago


Vote next time! Vote for who you want, One of my favorites is Casey.

1293 days ago
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