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"Idol" Fans -- Get Rid of Stefano, Bring Back Pia!

4/11/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" fans are bombarding the show and FOX ... demanding they bring Pia Toscano back ... and give Stefano Langone the boot.

Our "Idol" spies tell us hundreds of fans have been begging FOX to recognize the injustice of kicking Pia off the show, and bend the rules.  It appears these fans are organized, because they come with a singular message -- Stefano has no chance of winning and therefore he should be removed now as a sacrificial lamb so Pia can come back.

We're told the fans have even reached out to Stefano ... pleading with him to remove himself from the competition.

Certainly nothing like what the fans are asking for has ever happened on "Idol" -- but hey, it never hurts to try.


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That is crap! I mean seriously, Pia is a great performer but the people didn't vote for her. You have to admit she is a bit monotonous. Poor Stefano, damn it's not his fault the way the votes turned out and everybody is completely over looking how this must be making him feel!

1228 days ago


That is crap! I mean seriously, Pia is a great performer but the people didn't vote for her. You have to admit she is a bit monotonous. Poor Stefano, damn it's not his fault the way the votes turned out and everybody is completely over looking how this must be making him feel!

1228 days ago


Isn't TMZ & Idol in bed together? Least that's what I've been hearing lately. Idol drops these little tidbits to TMZ to keep that lame show in the news

1228 days ago


Get over it. If you want someone to stay on the show vote for them.

1228 days ago


Pia was eliminated because her performance was boring. She sang an upbeat song and moved like a slow song. She has no personality. Yes, she has a great voice, but she is not a good entertainer. You have to be a good entertainer, not just sing good. If it was all about your voice, more than half the people on the charts would not be there.

1228 days ago


Don't freak, Pia fans! The girl has enough talent to be around, "in the biz", for a long time. I was shocked just like the next guy but the public should not be chastising Stefano. The people voted. If anything, everyone should be questioning the voting process on the show. Put yourself in his shoes. He is a good singer and deserves to be there. The poor guy!

1228 days ago


If this is true, this again confirms how dumb Americans are. If you wanted Pia to stay, you should've voted for her!! It's not Stefano's fault, his fans voted to keep him. And why are you Americans keeping Hailey and Paul there...that's what you should be mad at!!

1228 days ago

pansey arnold    

The judges should have not acted like it was the end of the world somebody has to go each week thats how it goes .The judges know how to make some one feel bad IfJlo is all that sweet and good hearted she would not have acted like she did and the others and should have thought about the other kids feeling.

1228 days ago


Pia was boring, beatiful girl, but really do we need another sappy ballard singer...This year FINALLY we may get a real rocker, not that rap garbage, but a real rockers,

1228 days ago


I totally agree. Pia is the best. American Idol; lost a viewer.
Send Stefano home, bring Pia back!

1228 days ago


This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. The fact is she didn't get the votes - nobody can try and FORCE Fox to eliminate Stefano now for no good reason! Anyone who even thinks that this is a valid argument has issues.

Pia was like a robot on stage. Didn't connect emotionally to songs at all and in turn did not connect to the fans. Stefano oozes emotion and sincerity when he sings. I live in Canada and can't vote but Stefano would get my vote over Pia every time if I could. He and Haley are the toughest in the competition, I think. Lots of people don't agree with me but people are starting to see I was right about Haley now. All it takes is Stefano blowing it out the water yet again this week to show people he deserves to be there.

Sorry Pia fans. Being about to sing TECHNICALLY well is not, in essence, what music is about. It is about touching people emotionally, and I never saw that from her.

1228 days ago

Alan Carver    

Okay, this is just a SIMPLY ridiculous! Why in the world should Stefano have to remove himself, when clearly the VOTES were NOT in Pia's FAVOR! It is very highly unlikely that this show is rigged. I am NOT sorry to see Pia leave. She gets to tour, she HAS A RECORD DEAL and here is a quote from Nigel regarding this situation of Pia not being voted through after last week's final results show.

American Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe had an interview with Lyndsey Parker of Reality Rocks where he said that he wasn't shocked at Pia Toscano's elimination. He says, “I know the [voting] results, so I know she was never a frontrunner… Pia didn’t connect with the audience the way we maybe think she did.”

The reality is simply that American Idol is a 'favorites' contest and Pia simply was not a favorite. Would I go and buy any of her work in the future, no, because she is a wanna-be balladeer and the airwaves are littered with these kinds of vocalists. She is not 'star' material, she looks bitchy and rude. She can smile all she wants on national television, but I get the distinct impression she is not a very nice person.

At the end of the day, Pia just simply did not connect with the voters. Out of the 5 or more weeks Pia was voted through, she sang ballads. For a couple of weeks prior, the judges were telling her to expand her stage presence and look at other songs besides ballads. She sang ballads that to the very end, with the non-exceptional version of "River Deep Mountain High", made REMARKABLE by Tina Turner. She simply decided to take her own path/road and it didn't work, she didn't connect with her audience and she paid for it. How difficult is that to comprehend. To make Stefano Langone the sacrificial lamb at this point is beyond ludicrous!

1228 days ago

PRO US    

Don't worry Stefano-haters, Stefano will be kicked off this week.

1228 days ago


You people are ridiculous. You are the VOCAL MINORITY. She left the show because she didn't get enough votes. Therefore, Stefano deserves to stay, she does not.
Pia had a good voice but she was boring and did not connect with the audience. America has spoken. She's out. Get over it.

1228 days ago


choose a song that wasn't a hit( in the u.s.), a song most people (in the united states) didn't like, by an artist that you have no way in heck sounding or moving like and you WILL NOT get the was a disastrous decision

1228 days ago
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