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Charlie Sheen -- Rebounds in the Big Apple

4/11/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen returned to the scene of the massacre -- Radio City Music Hall -- two days after his disastrous show. And wouldn't you know it, Charlie rebounded like a champ. Read our recap below.

7:58 PM ET -- Crowd is on its way into the theater, but tonight something is missing -- the "no hecklers" sign. Seeing as how it didn't work on Friday night, it doesn't really matter.

8:02 PM ET
-- How's this for random ... James Lipton is in the house (see below). Charlie, what's your favorite curse word?


8:11 PM ET
-- Sheen pal Simon Rex has taken the stage to inspect the crowd. No sign of Charlie yet.

8:19 PM ET
-- Sheen has taken the stage and the show is entirely different from Friday night. The crowd has been cheering Sheen on, rather than booing him. He entered to a standing ovation and told the crowd, "I don't even think I was here Friday night."

8:22 PM ET -- Sheen is taking questions from the crowd after he threw his script away. He told the crowd, "Friday night got a little f**king hijacked because I let people get into my magic f**king brain."

8:24 PM ET
-- The goddesses came out early tonight and handed out hats and t-shirts. A girl came up on stage to "audition" to be the third goddess. She left the stage to mixed reviews.

8:30 PM ET -- The crowd just broke out in a "F**k Dr. Drew" chant. Then Charlie lit up a cigarette.

8:35 PM ET -- Charlie just gave his shirt to a hot blonde in the crowd, then put on an FDNY shirt. He then offered to pay for the whole crowd to get "WINNING" tattoos.

8:38 PM ET
-- Sheen is actually up and walking around, interacting with the crowd. He didn't do anything like that on Friday.

8:43 PM ET -- Charlie just called James Lipton onto the stage. He actually did ask Charlie what his favorite curse word was. Charlie answered, "Either f**k or Denise."

8:49 PM ET
-- Even more random ... baseball legend Darryl Strawberry just came up on stage.

8:53 PM ET -- Just to give you an idea of how much better tonight's show is going compared to Friday's -- we sent the same disgruntled staffer to the show tonight and she just tweeted, "Whoa this is ridiculous. @charliesheen is killling it - huge 180 from friday! Loving it"

9:00 PM ET
-- Charlie is back from intermission and walked back down to the stage after coming down from the mezzanine. He spotted a girl he used to date and gave her a hug and kiss.

9:03 PM ET
-- Charlie: "I discovered crack and the internet in the same weekend. Thanks, Al Gore."

9:08 PM ET -- Charlie calls Jon Cryer a rock star and apologizes for calling him a troll. Hallmark makes cards for just these types of occasions.

9:11 PM ET -- Charlie once again says he would go back to "Two and a Half Men" if they asked him back and encouraged the crowd to go to Warner Bros. and ask him back. Not happening.

9:15 PM ET -- Charlie is talking about Chuck Lorre and he said he "doesn't completely suck." Charlie said "they" want him to write an apology or else he wouldn't get his job back. He said he vows to do just that.

9:20 PM ET
-- Charlie told the crowd he loved them and walked off to a standing ovation. Show's over. Charlie killed it tonight. 'Nuff said.


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Big phat phaggy Raymond's type of man

1292 days ago


Drugs and mental illness do not mix.

1292 days ago


So now the definition of a good show is not being booed????? these shows are nothing but self indulgent glimpses of a spoiled, drug addicted, porn addicted lousy father/son/EX husband who was able to deliver lines written by professional writers and therefor became very rich. Left to fend on his own he has proven that he has nothing to offer other than sad disgusting stories. I know he has to be affected by the fact that no one has come forward to give him positive reviews....oops I almost forgot Miley Cyrus gave a shout on twitter

1292 days ago



That was some blow back, directed at Raymond, but also because of Sheen and his various sex fetishes - which yes include gay porn - also a tranny wandering around his house, and his girls are bi.

Oh, and its said he has other sexual fetishes, like the time he went to Juarez (did you miss this which is a story he told to NYC friday night) about going to Juarez mexico so he could use a young 8 month pregnant mexican girl as an "on order prostitute".

Sick F*cker

1292 days ago



Posted at 5:07 PM on Apr 10, 2011 by Raymond

You mean OUR TRANNY!

Posted at 5:33 PM on Apr 10, 2011 by Lori

Oh, Lori, that was priceless.!

1292 days ago


Frankly, you don't matter neither.

Posted at 5:09 PM on Apr 10, 2011 by Raymond

I TOLD names not FRANKLY!

1292 days ago


Maybe Charlie will call James Lipton onto the stage to conduct one of his (in)famously obsequious interviews. Then again, James was born in Detroit.

1292 days ago




Estevezius! HA HA HA

1292 days ago



Posted at 5:07 PM on Apr 10, 2011 by Raymond

You mean OUR TRANNY!

Posted at 5:33 PM on Apr 10, 2011 by Lori

LMAO Lori....too funny

1292 days ago


OOOOU a FDNY t-shirt!

Charlie is going for the major talent tonight!


1292 days ago


Charlie wants to work sh*t out with Chuck and wants his old job back! ENOUGH SAID.....hypocrite loser liar... DUH

1292 days ago

Tired of Ignorance    

It would seem that most of the intelligent people gave their tickets anyone that would accept them after hearing about Friday Night's show. James Lipton is there researching his next book. Or he is there to report back to Charlies family.

1292 days ago


Doesn't anybody backstage have a watch? Why can't they seem to start on time? If I was in the audience I would find that insulting.

1292 days ago

PRO US    

Why are people saying Simon Rex is not talented? Wikipedia says Simon REx won the 1997 ANV Award, Best Gay Solo Video, for Hot Sessions #3. (Yes, Wikipedia isn't always accurate) So, that's a lot of talent for Radio City Music Hall.

1292 days ago


"Charlie just gave his shirt to a hot blonde in the crowd, then put on an FDNY shirt. He then offered to pay for the whole crowd to get "WINNING" tattoos."

I wouldn't put on his nasty shirt.

Plus, now he's trying to buy the audience by offering them "WINNING" tattoos. He's going to brand the audience then ship them off to concentration camps.

1292 days ago
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