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Amanda Bynes

Check Out My NEW PUPPY!!!!

4/11/2011 5:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Less than a week after the mysterious death of her dog Little Angel ... Amanda Bynes has finally moved on ... to an even CUTER puppy!!!

Amanda Bynes New Dog

Amanda introduced her new best friend on Twitter just moments ago ... saying, "I got another pomeranian puppy that I'd like to introduce to you, her name is Tiara :)"

So, we gotta ask ...  



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No Comment on the situation, but must say, THAT IS THE CUTEST DOG EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1200 days ago


Disgusting. Another over-priced puppy mill Pomeranian that is bound to have numerous horrible health problems. Stupid celebrities who need a fluffy accessory to neglect need to learn how to adopt dogs from shelters and learn how to care for them.

Stupid spoiled bitch.

1200 days ago


Only she can answer that question. Jeez TMZ!

1200 days ago


As a huge Amanda fan, this is so disappointing that she doesn't ADOPT a dog from a shelter. Looks like she went right back to the same breeder and got the same model....just as if she lost her handbag. So disappointing!!!!!!!!!

1200 days ago


love to see her kitty...

1200 days ago


It has been my expierence that by losing a dog and getting another one really does help with the bonding process and helps ease the pain of the loss of the pet. so to say it is too soon, thats a personal decision and NO ONE has the right to tell a person how to grieve. dogs are very emtional creatures, they tune into that grief and shower you with affection and love to help ease your pain. ANY GOOD DOG TRAINER WOULD TELL YOU THAT.

1200 days ago


Sadly this is probably a puppy mill product..shame on her.

1200 days ago


Comment NUMBER 10 said it best..............hands down!

1200 days ago


I'm sorry but she doesn't sound like a responsible dog owner. She never said her dog was was missing...then dead.

1200 days ago


I'm guessing those who voted it's too soon for her to get a new puppy have never had a pet or at least a pet that was like family. When my 18 year old cat died I got a new kitten within a week. Why? Because I was used to having a pet around the house and the house seemed empty without one. The new pet never replaces the old one but it certainly makes the hurt of losing a beloved pet a little easier to deal with.

1200 days ago


^ To AQ. You got a pet because you like pets for the right reasons. This Amanda Airhead likes pets like purses. I bet she ran it over or it suffocated in one of her purses.

1200 days ago


So many dogs out there to adopt, and she went and PURCHASED a new puppy... Not responsible at all...

Posted at 2:00 PM on Apr 11, 2011 by KellyBunny

Oh give it a rest! Yes it is wonderful to adopt from a shelter but it is not a crime to buy a new puppy. I volunteer for the SPCA and my dogs are spayed/neutured but I have no problem with buying a puppy from a pet shop so long as you ask the right questions and make sure you are buying a healthy puppy. Pet store have to be held accountable for the origin of their stock, not the buyer. Remember that crazy b!tch that walked into the home of perfectly responsible people and confiscated that dog that Ellen had found a home for? People like her are the reason nice people don't want to adopt from a rescue shelter sometimes. Also, not everyone is equipped to deal with a rescue dog. You want to nag someone? Go after people like Maria Carey who can't even be bothered to get her dog spayed. Go after the state that allows the Amish to run some of the worst puppy mills and then shoot them LEGALLY when they are about to be investigated by animal control.
Get your facts straight or STFU!

1200 days ago



1200 days ago

Loving Monterey    

This is typical Hollywood and the revolving doors.

Oooops dog dead....time to go shopping!

They chang partners, religions and their minds as often as they change underwear

(Britney or Paris not included, we know they don't use underwear)

1200 days ago


who cares if it's too soon, the question should be why she is paying for puppies instead of adopting.

1199 days ago
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