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Charlie Sheen Shows Off His Huge Wad

4/11/2011 10:45 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

While killing it at Radio City Music Hall last night, Charlie Sheen flashed a huge stash of cash after an audience member asked him for some money.


We're told the warlock wound up giving the fan $100.

See ... you CAN pay some people to see Charlie's tour.


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It's not that he GOT media attention. He DID ask for it. It's the KIND of attention that he got. Biased, sometimes unprofessional and based on his life when he was loaded and drunk and landing on some hooker every other day. Almost no interviewer, except for Piers Morgan, gave him a chance and benefit of the doubt. Eventually they all turned their backs on him, painting him in the same way, even though earlier they acted as his buddies. That's why he pretty abruptly quit giving the interviews on TV.

1288 days ago


I guess it all goes back to the old saying, "be careful what you ask for."

1288 days ago


ksis & raymond:

what is the going pay per line or per leeching/enabling hour for what you do?
such a satisfying line of employment...but I guess in this
real's a must really need the $s.

1288 days ago


I guess it all goes back to the old saying, "be careful what you ask for."

Posted at 3:16 PM on Apr 12, 2011 by Lagoon


More like be careful who you trust and please only those that deserve it and appreciate it.



1288 days ago



Posted at 3:27 PM on Apr 12, 2011 by ksis

No. Are you?

1288 days ago


It wasn't to you, Lagoon. It was to a person who earlier insulted Raymond, and now both of us. So he/she is getting the same treatment.

1288 days ago


It wasn't to you, Lagoon. It was to a person who earlier insulted Raymond, and now both of us. So he/she is getting the same treatment.

Posted at 3:42 PM on Apr 12, 2011 by ksis


1288 days ago


No. He specifically chose the distinctly vague term "throttling" to make clear that he wasn't suggesting abuse. Intentional or not.

One could rightfully throttle somebody speeding, for example.

Posted at 3:41 PM on Apr 12, 2011 by Raymond

I disagree. From

a (1) : to compress the throat of : choke (2) : to kill by such action
b : to prevent or check expression or activity of : suppress

If we go with "b", it could lessen it to psychological/emotional violence. If...

1288 days ago



If it weren't so sad, I'd think you were joking.

In the end run, this is going to be like the movie
"Groundhog Day"...the same thing...over and over...and this
is only week one. I guess your worst nightmare is when people
stop responding/posting...people have so many other things
that warrant their will all get the attention it
deserves. I, for one, have said all I care to...go ahead...have
whatever last obnoxious post you are to...leeches...

1288 days ago


Intentionally omitted, because I felt it was unrelated. To regulate is to control a person. That's not healthy; it goes back to non-physical violence.

1288 days ago


I feel sorry for his family. They are the winners.

1287 days ago

Gerry Visco    

Just an FYI: I'm Gerry Visco, the writer who wrote the New York Press article about Charlie Sheen, and I'm not a HE, I'm a SHE. Those of us who are in touch with what's going on in our world these days appreciate Charlie Sheen's meltdown and resurgence on the scene as a metaphor to what we all would like to do sometimes. Not all of us wanna take drugs, have sex with everyone in town, and behave the way Sheen sometimes does, but let's have a reality check: LOTS of people have temper outbursts and do all of the above so why is Sheen the only one being punished and criticized? And no, I don't approve of the media's continual crucifixion of Lohan, Gibson, et al. Look, there's poverty, war, murder, and all kinds of stuff so all these celeb antics pale in comparison. The reason why a lot of us applaud the Sheen of today is that he ain't gonna take it anymore. I don't know all the details of his whole life and what he did but I'm looking at NOW. Many of my ex bfs have been violent to me but that doesn't make me any more judgemental toward Sheen. The haters out there should start reading the newspaper and focus on the REAL problems in this world. I loved Sheen's show and his defiance to the moralistic boring society we've all accepted. Just my opinion!

Thanks for reading my piece. I appreciate it!

Best wishes,
Gerry Visco

A few pics I took at the show (wish I could have gotten a cloes up of Charlie but didn't have the money to pay for the "VIP" after-party meet and greet (and by the way, I had to pay for my ticket because none of the publicists I wrote to even bothered replying to me. But I HAD to see Sheen live).

1285 days ago


Charlie Sheen is going to make a great donation to the bipolar agency in Calgary . Let Charlie match yours and click to donate!

1283 days ago

Amber Sera    

This is great.....Wow, winning!!!!!!! Charlie you are the man. Great synopses Rocco, just brilliant. Charlie has more money than you could ever imagine. Of course he wants his job back. Wouldnt you if you were getting paid $2MM an episode and have expenses in the millions annually? If you think that Charlie is losing cause many are not attending his shows, you are all wrong. The loser is the promoter as Charlie has been paid up front...obviously, someone not in the industry. Thepromoter is the loser!!!! Charlie won when he signed.

1271 days ago
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