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Courteney Cox:

David ALWAYS Tried To Sex Me

4/14/2011 1:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Courteney Cox just crashed the Howard Stern show this morning ... while her estranged husband David Arquette was in the studio ... and admitted there were problems with the marriage because David was so obsessed with having sex with her.

Courteney Cox

For the first time since they announced their split, Cox and Arquette gave a joint explanation about their break-up ... and Courteney explained, "Whenever I would like need consoling from David ... he could not literally put his arm around me for one second without completely getting a boner."

Howard responded, "I think I know what you're saying ... in other words, you'd like to know you're not always the sex object." Courteney agreed.

When Stern asked if the two would ever get back together -- David made it clear he WANTED to reconcile ... but Courteney insisted they were better off apart.

Courteney also told Howard she has not had sex with anyone since the split -- including her "Cougar Town" co-stars.


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Ha ha...Worst excuse ever. I bet she got a boner with Stern....ha ha....These are kind of women i feel no sorry for when their partners go out and get laid.

1252 days ago


So, she wanted to control their sex life? She wanted to tell him when it was okay to get a boner for sex and when it wasn't? She left her husband because he found her hot?! Well, I guess it's nice to know that your husnand always finding you hot is a bad thing. Besides, their problem is thatBIOTCH!!!

1252 days ago


Opposites attract, but they are too opposite. He's like a little boy in the maturity department and she's like an old Grandma in it, way too serious. A sexual appetite is great, but it's hard to want to have sex with someone and be attracted to someone that you constantly have to mother and tolerate.
He needs to mature a few decades worth and she needs to loosen the sphincter, otherwise just stay friends.

1252 days ago


maybe people will think twice about trashing David for talking about his private life when Courteney is willing to do the same as well. she's obviously a mediawhore just like him. she's willing to expose her sex life to the public. nobody needs to know or cares. how about keeping that stuff private. then again courteney and david want to make sure that Scream 4 is at the top of the box office this weekend. bunch of hollywood freaks.

1252 days ago


Just means his self-esteem is low and he needed (required) the constant reassurance that a) she loved him and b) he was desirable. Better to get it at home than somewhere else, I guess, even if the reasons are co-dependent.

1252 days ago


Wow....most women her age would kill to have a relationship in which her husband was still that attracted to her. What a ****ty person.

1252 days ago


Ugh.Thanks for sharing.Weren't they together for quite awhile before they got married? If so,didn't he act that way then? I doubt it only started after they were married.Enough with these two.

1252 days ago


It's always nice when sleezy people feel the need to not only live like human trash...but parade it up and down the street...or on the airwaves.

1252 days ago

Big Daddy    

Get over yourself lady. The only one that show you were on that was hot was the one who played the ditzy blonde. You are not unattractive, but your not all that, and should be pleased that your husband was still even interested in you sexually. Just the fact that your moderately attractive, and don't forget far from broke financially LOL will get most mens attention. Don't fool yourself.

1252 days ago


Maybe he's into freaky sh*t

1252 days ago


I like them together. I hope they can reconcile with one another. At least they are still great friends.

1252 days ago

how lame    

I would not be surprised if she's a secret Lesbian.

1252 days ago


"[David] could never put his arm around me without getting a boner."

A gentleman always rises in the presence of a lady
Especially one he admires

1252 days ago


most of you people didnt hear this interview so you're obviously taking these things out of context. don't comment on things you know nothing about.

this intervew was great for both of them and needed to be done becuase the stupid media does nothng but make sh*t up!

im not a fan of Courtney Cox at all but Stern knows how to bring out everything in a guest. the ones that call him a douschbag have obviously never listened to the show and you reeally just look like morons talking about sh*t you know nothing about.

go eat your fifth meal of the day and maybe try nad pay attention to your kids instead of ignoring them.


1252 days ago


What? I thought you got married so you COULD have sex all the time - guilt free?!!! Poor David. She should be thankful he wants to bone her!

1252 days ago
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