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Winklevoss Twins

Mark Said

He Wanted to F**k Us

4/20/2011 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are not giving up on their claim ... Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook defrauded them in settling their beef with the social network -- and they point to two damning IMs.


The Winklevosses say in new legal papers - obtained by TMZ --  Zuckerberg and Facebook intentionally withheld instant messages sent by Mark in 2004, saying, "Yeah, I'm going to f**k them ... probably in the [ear]."


In another IM, Zuckerberg told a friend, "But they [the twins] made a mistake haha.  They asked me to make it for them.  So I'm like delaying it so it won't be ready until after the facebook thing comes out."

The Winklevosses settled their dispute with Zuckerberg and Facebook for $65 million, but they've been trying to undo the settlement on grounds they were defrauded. 

The twins lost several rounds in court, but now they are asking a federal appellate court to look at the settlement again, and acknowledge the IMs are proof of fraud and therefore the settlement should be invalidated.


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Fallopia Lopez    

What a coupla DOUCHEbags. Memo to Winkevosses: Absolutely no one feels sorry for you. In fact, most people are starting to hate you. Stop now. Signed, Earth.

1247 days ago


I don't think there has been one intelligent post here... If you came up with an idea that was worth billions and then got screwed over you would be doing the exact same thing.. 65 million is good for poor chumps who post on here but it's nowhere near a billion dollars...

1247 days ago


These guys have Harvard educations, if they quit wasting their $65 million bringing even more lawsuits which probably aren't going to bring them another dime, they could be independently wealthy by now.

1247 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

I wonder how smart Zuck really is or if he's just devious? Some of the "smartest" people in the world are those without an ounce of scruples. That's what makes them so smart - no conscience. So they do things and go where no one else goes - not out of creativity but out of ruthlessness and lack of remorse. That's not smart - that's sociopathic. That kind of "intelligence" is disgusting.

Zuck OBVIOUSLY stole the idea from the twins (and the Indian dude?) It's OBVIOUSLY not his idea - all he did was code it. That's not a "coding genius" at all. The problem is that the twins (and the Indian dude) couldn't code. But trust me it doesn't take a genius to code. I should know. And the coding for FB is DEAD EASY. So what is Zuck's intellect exactly? Thievery. That's what he's good at. Yuck.

However, it couldn't happen to MORE DESERVING PEOPLE than the Winklecrud twins. They seem horrible, entitled, snobby, arrogant, smug, etc. How hilarious is it that they are wasting their money on lawsuits that will obviously go nowhere? It's fabulous and I love hearing about it.

Zuck will get his eventually, you know. He's worth a lot of money on paper only. That could all turn around. Bebo was sold for $850 million initially and then unloaded for $10 million when it eventually failed. I hope greed bites ALL these guys in their ugly pasty bottoms. They ALL disgust me. Harvard disgusts me. All the do is produce a bunch of greedy, entitled, idiotic snobs. People are ALL THE SAME.

1247 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

mac - you're an idiot. You're the dumbest person here. Because you don't realize that this whole thing is BECAUSE OF GREED. Zuck screwed them over b/c of GREED. The Winklesnots are suing b/c of GREED. Why not donate the @#$@#$@#$ money to help North Americans in need? Huh? Bunch of greedy pricks. Damn right 65$ million is enough. BILLIONS are too much and the wealth should be spread. Hope these cruds lose everything....including Zuck.

Americans are some of the most vomitous human beings I have ever encountered.

1247 days ago

Isabel Lazo    

Really IM Messages? First of all! Do you know how easy it is to make and print out a script that "looks" like IM Messages?!!! Hello!!! They can easily have put that together themselves. Or what? you are telling this "friend" still has the screen up from 2004?! Come on!!! Get over yourselves! obviously they have nothing better to do!

1247 days ago


Im so sick of hearing about this! Its obviously not about the money cause they grew up rich, its about their egos they cant stand being the super star jocks that got punked by the nerd. Get over it boys! Whats really sad is the amount of money being spent on this stupid ****e could feed a third world country!!! senseless :'(

1247 days ago


Their idea was a website to connect Harvard students online.

Zuckerberg was what - the third? - programmer they hired to write the final code to complete the site.

Their mistake was not replacing Zuckerberg back in 2003 when he continually put them off for months about finishing the programming.

They seem to think that if their ConnectU site had actually gone online, it would be worth what facebook is worth today.

Given their lack of business a***en, that's pretty optimistic of them.

1247 days ago


TO: mac who wrote:
"I don't think there has been one intelligent post here... If you came up with an idea that was worth billions and then got screwed over you would be doing the exact same thing.. 65 million is good for poor chumps who post on here but it's nowhere near a billion dollars..."


Well is wasn't us poor chumps who post on here that accepted a settlement that was nowhere near a billion dollars, it was Harvard educated Winkle-people who thought it was a good enough idea to sign their names on to that deal not realizing at the appropriate time that $65 million wasn't going to be enough to satisfy them.

That makes TWICE the Winks effed up, and you call US chumps.
Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !

1247 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Run2theHillz: Agree with everything but 3rd world countries need to stop having so many babies until they learn how to FEED THEMSELVES. Why should the rest of the world help out 3rd world countries who don't lift a finger to help themselves and make the problem worse by OVER PROCREATING. Disgusting. They should use that money to help AMERICANS in need. But they won't. Why? Because Americans are some of the most GREEDY and VOMITOUS and UNETHICAL people around. And Harvard just teaches you how to be MORE like that.

Harvard produces sociopaths.

1247 days ago


Awwww, did he also stick his tounge out at you and call you names? Oh, poow wittle babies! Why don't you take your $65 mil and shut the eff up? Most people would do anything to be that lucky. Zuckerberg did what you couldn't. GROW UP AND SHUT UP.

1247 days ago


TO: cochino who wrote:
"twin twits should sue their lawyers, and STFU."


They'd probably have a better chance doing that than they will trying to re-negotiate their settlement, especially if the Judge in the case ruled that the settlement was made and accepted "in good faith."

If the Winks had any brains, which we're not really sure about, all they have to do is start a fresh new competing website with a more clever name.

Oh no, don't tell me the Winks signed a Non-Compete Agreement as part of the settlement, promising they wouldn't try to compete with Zuck. If so, it would make the average person wonder if the Winks didn't actually sleep though all those classes at Harvard.

1247 days ago


Dudes get over it,
My sweet baby or boy wonder would never **** u all together.

1247 days ago


I'm so sick of all these idiots, go the f**k away! I wish that stupid movie was never made.

1247 days ago


Like Ivanka Trump once said- "dont get mad/get even"... I have a better idea than facebook... if interested just write

1247 days ago
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