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Kate Middleton vs. Her Sister

Who'd You Rather?

4/20/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Here's Prince William's bride-to-be Kate Middleton (left) and her younger sister Pippa Middleton (right).

Question is ... 


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Wow...Was the one on the right on the back of Gary Busey's bike on that fateful night?

1259 days ago


I guess there's an Ashley Simpson in every country.

1259 days ago


Oh stop hating on Americans Cher. Don't call American ingnorant and immature...YOU Brits are fugly and have bad teeth.

So William and Kate look old for their ages...who cares anyway? I hope they will be happy but I doubt it. The British press will turn on Kate the way they turned on Diana.

1259 days ago


either she looks like a dude or that is a terrible photo of her

1259 days ago


mo 5 hours ago

If you think these two r odd looking wait til u see the brother. They look like mix race blacks or other very odd.

Mix race kids are some of the most beautiful kids in the world.. and believe it or not MO Alias Rush Limpbaugh, you are probably without a doubt mix and like all red necks don't even know it.. Milkman kid we call your type..

1259 days ago


If you pick a hideous photo of someone, of course they won't look right or get picked. It makes these polls of TMZ's look like a joke.

1259 days ago


Ok...TMZ Max can back this up...A six pack of PBR tall boys and I'd even be seen leaving with the one on the right...Charity.

1259 days ago


Has anyone seen Kate Middletons' younger sister, she looks so ancient. I think she used to play with Moses in Pharaohs Palace!!

1258 days ago


Awww... what's the matter, Cher, did my one little criticism about the way Kate dresses offend you? Or were you just looking for any excuse to unload some of your prejudice against Americans, hoping to feel justified in doing so?

Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not even American--I happen to be Canadian--and if anyone here is "ignorant," it's YOU because you are a bigot, plain and simple!

Also, I don't disagree with you in saying that "at some point, anyone over the age of 21 needs to begin dressing appropriate rather than copying a 15 year old", but dressing appropriately for one's age does NOT require wearing dresses and skirts every single day, nor does Wearing "casual" clothes mean that T&A will be on display either. Believe it or not, it IS possible to dress casually without looking like a slut, just like it's possible to dress professionally without looking like something out of the last century. Millions of people accomplish it every single day!

Finally, YOU can keep living in your precious fantasy world of outdated fashion and princes and princesses, but the rest of us have grown up and accepted that this is a thing of the past. And to think that YOU wanted to call AMERICANS "immature"? LOL! At least they're not the ones still getting on with this BS about so-called "royalty" that doesn't actually RULE anything anymore!

Perhaps YOU ought to consider the fact that it is YOU who is ignorant and immature!

1258 days ago


I voted Pippa, she looks like she got that killer *****!

1258 days ago


Both are very beautiful, but i think this is rather a bad picture of pippa, doesnt show her beauty. TMZ could have chosen better pictures!

1258 days ago


Kte is beautiful - her sister is kind of scary looking.

1258 days ago


Kate is a little better looking idk where u got that her sister is cute because shes fugly as **** lol

1258 days ago

Diana Fetterman    

What nasty comments on this site. Most brides lose weight before their weddings, Kate is no exception, especially the stress she is under, getting married before the whole world. She is very classy, something most Americans don't get. I would like to see what some of you look like, probably you are all damn ugly.

1257 days ago


There should be one other choice... 3) Duh!

1257 days ago
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