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Alleged 'Repo' Shooter -- Charged w/ Attempted Murder

4/26/2011 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man who allegedly opened fire at the "Repo Games" production team last night has been charged with attempted murder over the incident ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.


And -- we're told the alleged shooter was angry because the 'Repo' crew had parked in front of his house while taping an episode a few doors down from him.

Cops tell us ... it all went down when the "Repo" team arrived at a home in North Las Vegas to take the vehicle ... when the suspect came outside and got into a physical altercation with several crew members.

We're told the production security team intervened -- and that's when the suspect pulled out a gun and opened fire at the production crew right on the street. The man then retreated back to his home.

Cops responded to the scene and set up a perimeter around the home. During the stand-off, we're told the man threatened to kill himself.

Cops sent a K-9 unit into the home and apprehended the suspect. The man was arrested and booked for attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and obstructing a police officer.

We're told the entire incident was captured on tape by "Repo Games" -- which premieres tonight at 8:00 PM on Spike TV.


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this show is going to be a disaster.

1275 days ago


I hate this show. Bad enough someone has their car repo'd. Then to have these people storm your house for entertainment is sick. I'm not going to go as far as saying these producers deserved a head shot. I am going to say that if these guys got killed doing this they asked for it.

1275 days ago


a sad time in someones life such as getting a piece of property repo'd shouldn't be recorded for viewers entertainment on tv. certain tv producers and directors are such low lives ! just doing anything for money for themselves. very sad !

1275 days ago


I do not think repo guys should get shot. Reality show producers and camera men who aggravate this situation should be punished. Jail time and fines. I hope the show gets billed for the cost of the police work. This show directly created this situation.

1275 days ago


So wait, they know he has a gun, so they send in the K-9 to apprehend the suspect? That's cruelty to animals if you ask me! Good thing nothing happened to the dog!

1275 days ago


the chinese eat dog so whats the big deal

1275 days ago


Another immoral sh**ty show preying on the lives of poor people for pleasure.

1275 days ago

Conservatives are Cowards    

I don't really feel sorry for any of the so-called "victims." They signed up to prey on desperate people, and not only should the idea this could happen not be outside the realm of possibility, when you choose to prey on people like that, I don't really have much empathy if you have to face the "prey" biting back.

I wonder what the producers and other idiots on this show would be doing if this pathetic opportunity didn't come along...perhaps facing repossession of their own property.

Anyway, most "reality show stars" and producers would be better off dead. If this guy should be prosecuted for anything, it should be for MISSING.

1275 days ago


What a stupid show

1275 days ago


It's a sad day when we as Americans find entertainment in the true suffering of others. Especially today when good, hard working people are struggling to make ends meet, to feed their put one foot in front of the other. Not that I think anyone should get killed over a car but what do they expect when you are confronting someone at what is probably one of the lowest points in their lives and doing it for all the world to see...tragic...instead of helping someone we want to highlight their downfall. This makes me sick..TV has hit a new low

1275 days ago


I am better then most of the readers on the dumbass site

1275 days ago


Obviously what happened wasn't justified or right, but if you're going to make a TV show essentially about recovering assets from those down on their luck, or worse, it would seem coming across someone who is mentally unstable seems quite likely and foreseeable. Just waiting to happen.

1275 days ago


This show exploits hardship for profit & rating during a bad economy. The show's producers & directors need to have their **** repo'ed and taken down to the same level we all live in.. now that's reality. These people are thieves who profit on the downfall of Americans. Exploitation at it's worst. Does the show even pay their victems or is it "wham, bam, **** you mam."?

1275 days ago


this story is full of fail... We dont know what happened. Those camera guys could have been all up in this guys yard looking all suspect.

I am guessing the point is the car is repo'd then the game starts? Well then any repo agent won't want a bunch a clowns with him and he will tell them to go hide out because most areas have peaceful repo laws which mean if they cause a scene the cops can make him drop the car and leave.. also they can't take the car if the person is in it and they can't touch him. so there is no way a repo agent will want a crew right there and I bet all but one had to stay back and hide...

now where are they hiding?????? let me guess in this guys yard so at 2am he has all these people ****ing around and he doesnt know if he is going to be jacked or what...

he will be let off.. even Harvey can get this guy off.. and I will say if it wasn't a hollywood crew who buy a permit to the city to film I bet they wouldn't have done anything to anyone else and would have told them they are stupid for going in someones yard...

1275 days ago


This is such a hype for a show that will tank. Any repo is not going to announce they are on their way.

Yeah, like going to knock on the door and ask for the keys.

1275 days ago
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