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Fake Canadian -- Worst Travel Tip Ever?

5/6/2011 1:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One frosty-tipped TMZ staffer confesses he pretends to be Canadian when traveling abroad ... and all HELL breaks loose. Brace yourself for OUTRAGE and debate in the newsroom! 050511_TV_louis_still

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Home Skillet    

Representatives from JAPAN were in Alabama at the tornado damage sites, and presented organizers with 8,000 blankets and other helpful items. JAPAN! I was completely touched by that story.

1246 days ago

Jannelle Wiens    


Amen! That was very elequently put.

1246 days ago


Hate is kind of strong. They doesn't Hate America,they just see poor issues that happen to be link to American politics and views. I carry two passports since I'm both American and Canadian. Often you are treated nicer if you use the Canadian one when outside of North America. Most of the world does have issues with America in some form or another but Canadian's are Canadian's they are viewed different as being all around nice "A".

1246 days ago


I was in Italy when one of the Desert Storms began. Everywhere you looked you would see anti-American sayings and slogans. A friend and I were walking down the street one evening and a group of teenage boys followed us singing "Yankee Doodle" in Italian. Did I feel intimidated? Yes. And if asked I would have told them that I was Canadian.

1246 days ago

Canadian and proud of it!    

This is why I LOVE being Canadian the world doesnt hate us because were not bullys and act like were more powerful then all the other countries. We might not spend every cent we have on our militay, and we might be knowen as a peacekeeping country but I would way rather be knowen as a peacefull country than a bully!!!

1246 days ago


what. a. COWARD!!! thats all there is to it.. he just needs to take his little COWARD ass and go live in canada... he's all crying and scared how others MIGHT treat him?? not once did he say or give a definite example of him being treated badly cuz he's american. boo freaking hoo!

1246 days ago


As Canadian DAX is right eveyone love us Canadians

1246 days ago


I am Canadian, and it bothers me when y'all do this. For serious. By the way, if you expect to visit a country that doesn't hate America, don't come here either.

1246 days ago


Wonderful. We now have Americans parading as Canadians. As a Canadian I really think my American neighbours should stick to the truth and show proper behavior so that you can show others that you guys are not all a bunch of ignorant racist power hungry hicks. If all the nice and polite Americans lie and say they are Canadians, the rest of the world will just keep thinking as they do now. I'm a proud Canadian and you guys should be proud of your country as well. If you aren't then maybe you all need to start making changes.

1246 days ago


It is a known fact that Americans buy Canadian t-shirts, badges and many other things in order to pretend that they are Canadian when they travel abroad. Why, you may ask? Watch this video again and there lies the answer. You can be proud of your country without being arrogant, pompous and "in your face".

1246 days ago


its true they hate americans, when i was in australlia when i would talk to the aussies i would get dirty looks sometimes untill i told them tha ti was canadian ...

the world hates you except for us canadians. sorry

1246 days ago


Dax is right, unfortunately. I'm Canadian and when I traveled abroad Canadians definitely have a better reputations than Americans do; it's common knowledge. I like the States- I have family there, I like to travel there, and I like Americans a lot, but, let's be honest, I'm glad to be a Canadian traveling abroad, especially in countries that there is a lot of aminosity towards Americans. Wherever I went people have a lot of respect for Canadians. The kind of argurement I saw on the show over this issue is exactly why Americans have the reputations they do!

1246 days ago


After travelling through 12 countries in Europe, I can certainly agree with Dax. I am Canadian, and do you know how annoying it is, every where you go, being judged first by locals who assume you're an American, and then when you say you're Canadian, their attitude towards you completely changes? I am not exaggerating at all. We ended up plastering our luggage etc. with Canadian flags just so people would know right away.

People who are saying that those that do this who are American are unpatriotic etc. and would just say 'f*ck you' if confronted as an American - you clearly have no idea how other countries can behave and are completely blinded by your crazy over the top patriotism for your country. Things may work well in the US for that, but across the world, many countries see it as arrogance.

1246 days ago


I am also from Australia and I don't understand why Dax thinks we hate Americans. Every individual has their own opinions but I don't know anyone that 'hates' Americans or are prejudice towards them for being American. It actually seems like the opposite to me, American tourists are welcomed into our country. I have also visited USA twice & never had a problem nor would I hesitate to go back.

1246 days ago


I have to agree I was in mexico one time and the one guy kept saying how stupid americans were and how he liked Canada better to me i guess he might of just been saying that cause im canaidan

1246 days ago
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