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Radio Host to Hilary Swank: You're Not a 'Pretty Girl'

5/10/2011 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hilary Swank's hotness level has long been a subject of debate -- it was an entire storyline on "The Office" once -- but during a radio interview yesterday, Hilary got a brutally honest verdict from the host.

It all went down on KCRW -- when host Kim Masters tried to ask Hilary if she's finding "fewer good roles" as she gets older.   Hilary explained that aging women can still find quality work in Hollywood -- and used Meryl Streep as an example.

That's when Masters quipped, "But she's the exception ... she's not like the pretty girl ... and you're not either."

Swank jokingly replied, "Hey what are you trying to say?" ... before saying she "completely" understood Kim's point.

So, we gotta ask ... 


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Well I think that anyone would be more attractive than somebody else wearing a huge chip on their shoulder.

1259 days ago


Well, Judi Dench keeps working, and she's never been a looker. Swank does have two Oscars so even if she never works again. she's done all right. Julia Roberts and Reese Witherspoon and Hilary all have prodigious chins.....anyway, you don't need to be pretty to do "gritty" roles. Beauty is an impediment.

1259 days ago


Man, Hillary is hot. She has a cute face and smoking body. Kim looks like a poor man's tranny.

1259 days ago


Hilary has never played the "pretty girl" in movies. That is what she was saying. So as she ages in Hollywood, the place that puts value in only young talentless women she was asking if it would be hard for her to get roles. It wasn't an insult it was a reflection of society and how they view women as we grow older.

1259 days ago


Miss Masters looks like Evie Quaid & just as crazy for saying such a thing. Obviously her idea of "pretty" is skewed by her own daily reaffirmation, mirror routine! ha

1259 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

I don't think she meant in in a mean way. Hillary isn't a "pretty" type cast girl. She's an attractive talented girl, and she'll last longer than a bunch of "just pretty" girls.

1259 days ago


I think Hilary Swank is a natural beauty. She exceptionally talented too.

1259 days ago


Jealous much Kim??

1259 days ago


She has a very fit body. Her face is not beautiful, not one remarkable feature. She's not hot or sexy. But she is a very good actress in two movies (yes, only two movies) for which she won oscars. The rest of her movies are duds. How can that be ?????????

1259 days ago

Donald Ray    

This dog-faced skank-ass bitch WISHES she looked as good as Hil. She looks like one of the Beatles.

1259 days ago


No Swank has never been a bona fide beauty, and that was the point. She plays characters.
That being said has aged gracefully, and is today quite attractive.

1259 days ago

david s    

Kim Masters should take a long hard look into her mirror,

1259 days ago


what a bitch. she's not a pretty girl, she's a beautiful woman. pretty sure whatever this radio host's name is is insecure about her age and looks and is just bitter. or, wants us to be reading this right now and seeing her name across the tabloids. never heard of her.

1259 days ago


Kim Masters should look in the mirror before she opens her mouth. She's a dog compared to beautiful Hilary Swank. The winner of the interview for intelligence and tack is HILARY.

1259 days ago

bring back recent posts    

I think Hillary is a classic type beauty and a very intelligent and talented actor...this interviewer should be ashamed of talking like that..especially at her age...sooooo classless and obviously jealous of Hillary's natural beauty and um...2222222222222 OSCARS!...oh...I believe Hillary is a happy human being..compared to the cranky old fart interviewer!

1259 days ago
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